Guys that Don't Shower; WAKE UP!

Guys that Don't Shower; WAKE UP!

Recently my boyfriend and I who live together, got into a major argument. He has been feeling "depressed and down" and for the past month, he typically showers once every week or so. I keep telling him to shower and that he smells of body odor. Instead of taking this as helpful advice, he gets upset that I am "telling" him what to do.

So here are a few things that men who don't enjoy showers need to keep in mind:

1. Your girlfriend will leave you

After a month of smelling the bad odor, and being too disgusted to be intimate, I really had no choice but to move out. My boyfriend not showering really has nothing to do with me trying to control him. The purpose of being together is to enjoy each others' company and this is not the case.

2. It will affect how people see you, your work, relationships

I won't and cannot be affectionate with my boyfriend when he smells like this. Alternatively, I can only imagine how other people look at my boyfriend when they smell what they smell. It is almost impossible to not detect it.

3. Just because you're down doesn't mean you stop showering

Just because a person is sad doesn't mean that they should forget about what showering is. You still need to upkeep yourself. Sure maybe you've had a rough week, but a rough month with no stop in sight it certainly a big issue.

4. It is unsanitary

Think about all the bacteria that is living on your body. You allow it to accumulate on you, and it can cause break outs, and skin conditions. Honestly, doesn't everyone feel better after a shower?

5. Sometimes people have to do things they don't want

Just because I don't want to go to work doesn't mean that I don't have to. I still need to be a member of society and pay my bills. Alternatively, just because a guy doesn't want to shower doesn't mean that he doesn't have to, while other people have to live with him and smell the bad odor.


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  • "Instead of taking this as helpful advice, he gets upset that I am "telling" him what to do."

    Well, after reading this take I can understand why he's depressed. No man likes a condescending, controlling bitch who acts like his mother.


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  • So what your people's mom now. Don't like how I smell. Each me! Don't forget the crotch. Just jokin. Anyway sad you gotta bring this to people attention. I take the train and people be smelling like wet dog and fredos.

  • Girls that Don't Shower; WAKE UP!
    Your boyfriend may leave you 😂


  • If your boyfriend dont even listen to you , let alone random stranger of internet , lol


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