Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!


I Just Want To Make Her Happy.
Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!

Guys, listen up! If you are interested and like a woman, know that you don't nor should you buy her gifts. Don't spend a dime inviting that woman to a fine restaurant to eat dinner, shopping buying her clothes, shoes and jewelry etc. I don't care how gorgeous that woman is, she doesn't deserve anything from you until she is officially your woman and off the market.

Girl, He Is Such A Sweet Sucka!
Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!

Many guys buy women items, give them money, pay their phone bill in hopes to fall under good graces to get access to the vagina. I'm here to tell you, you won't be getting no where near that woman's vagina for sex. That woman will give you hugs and maybe a kiss, but no kitty. You see that woman doesn't respect you; She knows what you are truly after; and she just goes along for the ride, milking you in the process for gifts, trips and money; While she laughs behind your back talking to her friend how desperate of a clown you are.

What's Wrong? It's Been A Hour, And No Reply.
Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!

Hardly anyone has their phone out of reach, if not, it's always in their hand or pocket. Believe me bro, She received your text right when you sended and heard the notification beep or vibration. The reason She didn't text you back within a reasonable time period was because She was busy sexting Josh, trying to get him off. Giving Josh a prelude on what He is about to get a taste of really soon.

You see, the dress and shoes you brought her, so that she can look good for you when you plan to take her out, but She instead canceled, claiming She had a "Headache" or was too tired from work was B.S. Josh was on her mind the whole time. And right after a nice night out of enjoyment, Josh will be the one to take off that dress you spend your money on. So remember, when you ask her why the long wait for a text reply, and She says, She was "Busy" know that she is telling the truth. She was just busy with another man, and not that B.S. lie that she will throw at you that, She was feeding the cat.

Silly Rabbit. He Really Thought He Had A Chance.
Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!

Ok, so now months and months have gone by and hundreds of Dollars spent on a woman that is still on the market. And you finally mustard the courage to tell her you like her, and desire to take things further;

But She drops a bombshell that you are nothing more than a sweet beloved friend that any woman will be so lucky to have you except her.

Hence, that woman will only see you as a stress reliever to vent all her problems and drama that's going on in her life. Because She knows you are a great simp, that's willing to lend a ear to her B.S. at a drop of dime.

Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!

When you meet a woman that you are interested in, that woman only deserves your honestly, what are your beliefs and values and vice versa to see if you both are compatiable. A nice walk around the park talking to each other should be enough. No need to spent money on gifts and expensive dates on a woman that isn't officially yours.

Once She become your woman than you can spend money on gifts, trips and vacations etc.

Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • PlacentaSalad
    I wish more guys of my generation saw this correctly. What needs to happen is men need to not put forth more effort and give her more attention than what she gives him. He needs to make her feel like she is actually the lucky one to date him, not vice versa. For whatever reason, men seem to feel so lucky whenever a woman agrees to go on a date with him, that he's then so willing to buy her gifts, pay for dinner, cater to her every expectation, plus more. If a girl goes on a date with three men who kept paying for her dinner, and then has a date with a fourth guy, she's going to expect the same treatment from him. You can see how it warps the female ego and makes her believe that she is a goddess among peasant men, and I think this is why women in general tend to have such high-standards rather than being more realistic about themselves. I've seen and met plenty of girls who are barely a 5/10 trying to go for 10/10 Calvin Klein underwear models, no doubt because a lot of men are so desperate that they basically worship women, making them feel at least 8/10 when they actually aren't.

    While I don't mind going out to eat on a date, my rule is that if a girl doesn't pay for at least ONE of three first dates, then she doesn't get anymore dates with me. A few of my friends do this as well and they've told us about how some women eventually contacted them asking what had happened, why she stopped hearing from him, so it does work. Men could easily put an end to the entitlement BS if they just worked together rather than let women control how dating works.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • RJGraveyTrain
    Honestly I've never met a guy who bought woman shit all or paid her bills without them being official other than sugar daddy stories. Lol. But yeah don't try to buy affection from anyone.
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    • Oh but real quick: sent, not > sended.

    • Met a dude when I was in college buying a chick clothes lol while the other dude didn't buy her nothing and yet he smashed. Smh

    • Darknut123

      Trust me it doesn't work, bought a girl baby shower presents hoping it would change her perception of me, she said thanks you didn't have to do that, but that was really nice of you. Took the stuff out with her (she may have even thrown it away, but at least I was happy I helped) come back in and I went to message her and I'd had been blocked so.. yeah

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  • PrincessPie
    I agree.. unless she's your girl don't let yourself be potentially used only do this for someone who is a keeper :)
  • Nyx_85
    Sorry but spend a bunch of money on something that they aren't even with is just being stupid. A guy friend of mine was into this girl and would pay for meals all the time when they hung out even though she never expressed any interest in him. If a girl wants to be with you she'll be with you.
    • Nyx_85

      I mean there are times when it's not the right time in our lives and we don't feel in the exactly right space for dating. I know what that's like but if I REALLY like someone I'll make an exception. It's very simple. People always have to overthink things. "Oh maybe she needs just to spend another year getting to know me..." No it's really not that complicated.

    • Nyx_85

      *people who spend a bunch of money on someone

      Totally dead tired.

    • Nyx_85

      *are just being stupid.

      I literally can't even type right now ugh.

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  • HoneyButterCup525
    Oh god your take was hilarious lol. But sometimes there are really really nice guys out there but girls do treat them like shit...
    • Can you please critic me on Mytake. And do you agree that man should not be giving and spending money on a woman that is not officially his?

  • LittleSally
    Buying anything for someone you don't know is literally madness...
    Don't be desperate and try to buy people into liking you. Be yourelf and see who says. Those who don't don't see you seriously and you're better without them - friends or romantic relations.
  • fabulouspancakes
    Yes, women aren't machines that you put kindness coins (or literal coins) into until sex comes out. Not sure how this would come as a surprise to anyone. If you're stupid enough to spend lots of money on a woman who has shown no sexual/romantic interest in you in hopes that she'll sleep with you, I hate to say it but you deserve being friendzoned. You can't buy someone's love or sex (unless they're a prostitute or a sugar baby).
  • Machiavelli
    This is why I no longer date, men don't believe in being nice unless he's getting laid. Get a job b***hes and focus on career. If a man wants to lay with you then you make him pay, you call it prostitution, I call it business.
    • Lopezz1999

      Does this mean we should be giving you gifts with the risk of you running off with them, wasting our money?

    • I just bought myself ice-cream, I'm so romantic.

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  • raspberry0416
    You can't buy someone's affection. But if you don't buy anything you are not likely to get someone's affection either. The trick is to find a woman who is interested in you, and then impress her with nice dates.
    Don't be the guy who is wasting his money on a woman that will never be interested in him no matter what he does.
    • I'm buying when she is officially my woman. Never before she is officially mines.

  • Iraqveteran666
    Agreed with most of it except the last part. Up until she's your wife and has your kids let her pay for her own vacations
  • Prof_Don
    That's precisely why a guy shouldn't buy a woman gifts, unless she is YOUR woman. Otherwise you're buying affection (which is manipulation), and you open yourself to being played like this.
  • Unit1
    And not a voice from the women here and neither an upvote. Did they go all quiet all of a sudden?
    SWEET PONIES! The amount of gold diggers is even much higher than I expected! This is just unbelievable!
    This is actually too true! So true and sad!
    So long there will be male sponsors (they never cease to be) there will be gold diggers.
    You know that desperate doormat, who will fund her and allows himself to fund her.

    "And right after a nice night out of enjoyment, Josh will be the one to take off that dress you spend your money on."

    This right here is even a worse feel than that feel when i have no girlfriend. A new record was set!

    So yeah! Don't be *THAT* guy! Seriously don't!

    Just what have we turned into... 🤦 We can't keep our dicks in our pants (which is more or less okay actually) and we also can't keep our cash in our pockets.
    • Unit1

      This is just insane!

      Where are all the good women?

    • You talking about no woman like the article? Lol

  • FatherJack
    Good take , she must EARN privileges first... otherwise you are just another needy simp... out of very many. Hence I advocate first dates especially be kept simple & low / no cost , this will weed out the users !
  • Lopezz1999
    I COMPLETELY agree with this myTake... I've know that even at age 17, you should never be buying women anything unless you two are partners. As far as I can see, the woman I'm going out with means nothing to me, unless she proves herself to be worthy of the money. They say men should be the ones paying to show respect, but you show respect during the date by acting mature and civilized, not catering to her food and her time just because women think it's "gentlemanlike". By paying, you are instead showing the woman that you value her before she's had the time to value you, and she looses respect, and attraction (which is hard to get back once lost). Every guy should read this myTake, stopping themselves from putting women on pedestals, and saving their money. Women do not deserve your money unless proven otherwise.
    • "By paying, you are instead showing the woman that you value her before she's had the time to value you, and she looses respect, and attraction (which is hard to get back once lost")


  • Dog19
    You know, I'm pro man. I'm thinking this take would be about gender equality and the hypocrisy of woman in the dating scene, guess I was wrong. But still, a nice take.
  • BeeNee
    To me, unless you're the gold digger sort of woman and you expect this type of behavior and you play those games, to me, it's a red flag if a guy is just constantly throwing money at you. Those types of guys tend to expect something from you like sex when they demand it or obedience specifically because they feel they are "paying for you," in the very literal sense. It's disgusting. Some of the most amazing dates I've had, have been free because it was about getting to know one another or how creative he or we were with coming up with the date and how it turned out. I love that. Anyone can just buy something or go to that one specific restaurant every other person goes to, but something creative is awesome, and I tend to respect that more.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    So if a user was to block someone, would the user stop seeing that persons posts? Asking for a friend.
  • RegularTK421
    Marriage can set you up worse actually. During the dating phase, you can easily walk away at any point. During a divorce, you can loose half of your assets and pay alimony for up to half the duration of the marriage.
    • Shadow44

      Don't forget child support on top of that if you guys happened to have children.

  • TacosRAwesome
    Pretty much agree with this. If the effort is one sided, then time to let them go.
  • realperson02
    Awesome take. But i still doubt those guys who won't learn ever. Also , the girls will keep using those guys no matter what.
  • jacquesvol
    "Don't Buy That Woman Nothing!" :D
    That's a double negation. Thus an encouragement to buy her something.

    ;) Think about it.
    • Darknut123

      Don't supposed too

    • Unit1

      I was thinking the exact same thing actually!

  • Dude_91
    I would hope this is common sense. I live by the rule of never buy a drink at the bar for the girl you just met.
    I guess this goes for dates as well, don't pay for her movie ticket or her dinner meal !
  • Midget_Hug
    I think using wealth, especially disposable wealth, instead of dedicating "time and emotions" is far more efficient. Why waste an hour staring into another human's eyes when you can just buy them a bracelet that they'll stare at for two hours?
  • independentman
    I agree also spending money and time on someone is a huge loss
  • IAmBlueThunder
    Ayy. Now these are the myTakes I love to see. Great post man.
  • JCT666
    Great take. I see some girls are in denial, like I expected.
  • lord_chilled
    on here i agree with you.
    dont spend money on what isn't yours to keep
  • Warmapplecrumble
    I kinda agree with this :-)
    • What don't you agree with?

    • Buying food for each other, I don't think food is a big deal, especially if its like a pastry or sandwich or home cooked food.

      I remember we split the bill on our first date and he bought me dinner and I bought the movie tickets.

      And my partner invited me several time to his house for dinner before we got official. We sometimes took it to the park as well , and ate the food there.

    • Food is fine. Subway taste good.

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  • MysteriousDarkness
    By saying don't bye that women nothing you are really saying to bye her something. You used a double negative.
  • Viranda
    What the... I would totally give a guy sex if he paid my phone bill xD
  • John_Doesnt
    It's a woman's fault you're broke? Yeah, I blame women for everything too.
  • Lumberman53
    Great points this is how you get to know who is a gold digger
  • Deathraider
    So buy that women something. Because double negative.
  • JoyGirl
    Mkay. '-'
    • Agree or disagree with the article?

    • JoyGirl

      Just give me the xper. ;-;

    • I'm open for criticism. Tell me what you think first.

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  • timidmale
    Why are some girls so evil?
  • Anonymous
    It's even worse spending money and time on a woman who is yours but is running around behind your back.
  • Anonymous
    Even when you are official, you should still exercise common sense about this sort of thing. In other words, don't be a simp.
  • Anonymous
    i like giving nd receving gift
  • Anonymous
    100% agree. The amount of gold diggers out there is ridiculous. I have gotten to the point I only take women out on free dates until I know they are serious.
  • Anonymous
    Expensive dates and gifts, etc. are for girlfriends--not "potential" girlfriends.
  • Anonymous
    LMAO... good luck with that!!!