Women can't be cool!

My theory on this is that there is possibly some truth to it. The cool energy that men give off comes from the fact that we males deep down know we are expendable and you ladies aren't. That relaxed chill vibe, that charm, that risk taking some men have is a masculine force.

Women can't be cool!

Now I know people are gonna say but but but what about that lady from Aliens. No, just no. She ACTS and LOOKS like a dude which is why she did seem interesting.

Women can't be cool!

Even then she doesn't have that raw masculine coolness like the Rock.

Women can't be cool!

Men by nature are creatures of the cool and masculine. (Male power)

Women can't be cool!

Women are creatures of reproduction and sex. (Female power)

Women can't be cool!
Women can't be cool!
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  • ObscuredBeyond

    Coolness is a broad concept. But there is a point to it: the path to it for a woman is usually different than the path a man takes. Women who try to hard to act like men, only to fail, are an embarrassment for men and women alike.

    For a woman, it's finding that balance between being self-sufficient and witty enough to not be completely helpless; yet still kind, sweet, and humble enough to let the man take the lead when he is able. Such, that she can be the hero in a scene when no one else can; but doesn't believe she has to "prove" herself by way of stealing thunder from anyone else.

    This is evident in film, even recently. Alita works; because she has it all. And yet, she has it all for reasons that are completely justified all throughout the film. Yet, the male leads still have what they have. Both their talents and their limitations have perfectly fair explanations that make sense.

    Captain Marvel doesn't work... because she doesn't have it all. She has a zero-sum Mary Sue mindset. Everything is simply given to her; but she doesn't truly earn it. She never grows as a character, other than to obtain a larger set of arbitrary abilities. She's never humble, never sweet, and is way too proud to ever take a backseat to anyone.

    When put in the field with Nick Fury, who is a bit more experienced with things and would know more about what to tell her regarding what to do next, all his training, experience, and Sam Jackson coolness is suddenly arbitrarily nerfed; because the writers couldn't figure out how to make her look more awesome without making Sam Jackson suck.

    That, and the stupid twist with the badly-CGI'd cat thing. Thus, the Russos had to come up with the most arbitrary cop-outs to keep the Mary Sue Brigade from destroying their Endgame film.

    This is why Alita was able to win over fans that weren't won over to Captain Marvel. Women can be well-written; but you have to write her differently than you would a man. And still make both behave somewhat believably.

    I don't so much mind a woman that has some glory to her; but I can't stand when it feels like she only has it because she stole it from a man, and is merely robing herself in his outfit. It feels disingenuous, and is born of a mindset all to common a plague in today's world: the fallacy of zero-sum economics.

    Here's how that translates:

    1. A male figure is cool.
    2. Crybabies whine that it's not "fair," because women don't have the same level of cool on some arbitrary pie graph.
    3. The pie graph becomes their god.
    4. Women need their "turn," because men have held the mantle for thousands of years. Waaaaaah!
    5. SJWs are too uncreative to make a woman that is cool by reasonable feminine standards; and insist only the masculine form is valid. Any film or book or anything that proves them wrong "doesn't count," because they say so (and because they weren't the ones who came up with it, hence, another reason it "doesn't count.")
    6. Poof! We get some "new" thing - that is almost 100% identical to something we already have; except a woman is wearing a man's clothing and a man's swagger of "cool." And looking totally disingenuous while doing so. But hey! The lead got a last-minute gender-swap; so that makes everything "better," and therefore, it's a "totally original" work! Never mind it all plays out like absolutely awful fanfiction of the original work! THE PIE GRAPH, DAMMIT! These never-grown-up mental toddlers insist that they're making it "equal," and therefore, "fair," and that makes them "virtuous," so nothing else they say or do matters.

    Such immaturity and lack of nuance regarding why gender matters is stemmed in the fatherlessness epidemic of our times. Without a dad at home in far too many families (or a sub-par stepdad figure being the closest a kid gets,) the mom usually has to do the work of both - and is strained to the limit on account of it. So kids don't know up from down.

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  • dantetheexplorer

    You're certainly entitled to your "theory".
    That's your prerogative and no one can take that away from you.

    I, however, beg to differ:

    Jeon Ji Hyun as Otonashi Saya in Blood: The Last Vampire:

    Women can't be cool!

    Nanao as Kijima Matoko:

    Women can't be cool!

    Liu Yifei as Mulan:

    Women can't be cool!

    Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow:

    Women can't be cool!

    Kate Beckinsale as Selene:

    Women can't be cool!

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    • * Kijima Matako

    • All examples of coolness in women done right. Glad you left Tank Girl and Captain Marvel off the list. Because they are wannabes.

    • @ObscuredBeyond I was thinking of putting Hit-Girl.

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  • Staiby

    "That relaxed chill vibe, that charm, that risk taking some men have is a masculine force" wtf. why is a relaxed-chill vibe, charm and risk taking considered masculine? does the relaxed-chill vibe and charm come directly out of the dick and balls? risk taking? the brain is responsible for decision making, not the dick and balls. and women have brains. why does risk taking belong to men?

    Women are creatures of sex and reproduction... and men aren't creatures of sex and reproduction? Men friggin love sex. Stereotypes say that men are the horniest gender and I bet that's accurate. Men are fertile 24/7 until the day they die. Women are fertile for a few days of the month until their 40s. Why are men not the creatures of sex and reproduction.

    In other words, what is wrong with you?

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    • Men actually take more risks than women. It's psychologically proven that in a situation of stress, they'd take the more dangerous option if desperate whereas women try to find the risks even then.

      The relaxed, chill vibe isn't exclusively men but there's a reason for this. Women are more emotionally driven than men are. This isn't to say that they hold more emotions than men, but women are proved to have more emotion-based decisions. Men tend to take it upon themselves to deal with. Women are also more social because they seek out help more times than men do.

      Men are creatures of sex, not reproduction. But please don't put those stereotypes that men are really horny all the time. It's not about being fertile, it's about your sex drive. Men take more risks to achieve something than women do, so men who rape are taking the risk of having sex without consent. Men aren't the creatures of reproduction because they can't reproduce, women can.

    • Staiby


      Well women aren't received well when they express the same emotion and the same amount of emotion as a man, who is received well. www.huffingtonpost.com.au/.../people-reward-angry-men-but-punish-angry-women-study-suggests_n_561fb57be4b050c6c4a47743

      I didn't put out that stereotype that men are really horny all the time. I said that men are the horniest gender I was clear about it being a stereotype. But yes I did say I'm willing to bet that it's accurate. quick google search: A 2001 review found that, on average, men have a higher desire for sex than women. So I win my bet.

      Men CAN reproduce. What are you talking about? In fact there's really no limit to the amount of children a man can father www.theguardian.com/.../sperm-donor-man-who-fathered-200-children

      Men are fertile 24/7 until the day they die. Women are fertile for approximately 1600 days in their life times if she beings menstruating at 13 and enters menopause at 45. Men are far more fertile than women so why are men not creatures of reproduction?

    • @Staiby
      Sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot about this site for a while lol.

      Yes, they aren't, but that's because the more expressive and emotionally attached you are (in actions), the more confusing you can get. Men aren't that emotionally attached when it comes to decision making, and psychologically proved that they are less expressive, but not lacking. So I still stand by this.

      By reproducing, I meant making the babies through pregnancy but it can go both ways. Like women have reproductive organs that can make children, not men.

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  • Anonymous

    Okay so you are simply extremely ignorant and dumb. c: If you think females was created for reproduction only then you are a douchebag and I hope you’ll never get a girl because you don’t deserve one a single bit.

    But yeah what you’re saying is that since I’m a girl, all I’m dreaming of is to get in bed and have a ton of children. YEAH that’s the only thing that’s in my head! Absolutely. And all you males are cool. Wow soooo cool. Especially guys like you. Wow. Ignorant dumbass if you seriously think this then think again because you’re a jerk. I hope this question is a troll cause otherwise you need help.

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  • ChronicThinker


    That is all.

  • tenukitanuki

    Literally almost every single horror movie features a badass female protagonist that overcomes an insane murdering force that's torn through everyone else.

    You are the lowest rent Christopher Hitchens I've seen and we're not even in a fucking bar, mang. The archetype of deadly cool women mostly comes from Scythian (amazons), Slavic, and Nordic communities; Artemis down to Kali-- I'm sure if you tried you could find more. Please don't give them a reason to write another fucking book about a god damn chinese female pirate or something. Just accept that shit has always been wild and some Arya Stark type of bitch makes it through just like that one crazy dude in the stories.

    And like a horror film, or even Stark, they must go through Hell itself just like men are tested in a crucible of anguish. Want to hear my theory about people that have clearly never gone through some shit? They're always yelping for attention but never much to add, they just want the conversation... like they're baiting

  • All I will say to this ignorance is 'acting' and 'looking' like a dude is just phrases that were created through the time of sexism and gender roles. So you're a traditionalist. How boring can one be! 😂

  • SSam23

    Idc about your opinion it means nothing to me it's like a waste of time for you to try to get this out there and we aren't just those 2. I also don't care about the opinions of this who agree with you. You don't phase me ha! This is petty and quite silly frankly. I'm just going to even act as if I didn't see this garbage, in my mind it's been deleted!

    • SSam23


    • Cruizer

      Haha. Like I don't agree with OP and I think it's a stupid post. However I can't believe you put the time into responding to it 😂. Especially with this garbage.

    • SSam23

      @Cruizer yeah, watch me not respond after this💁‍♀️I can really care less I’ve said all that I had to haha

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  • Porcelaine

    What? Ask everyone what a cool person is and they will all give you a different answer to that. We all see coolness in our own way just like beauty. So I guess this is your opinion. I think women can be cool. What you described as ''cool'' is very hollywood and overused haha. So many guys try to adapt it, it's no longer cool.

  • interesting, you are onto something there... I did think some women were cool, but not in that word, like a teacher, wonder woman, and the above alien ass kicker. but it's more of a "hot cool":) dudes are cool. Maybe this is more about vantage point of male/female. Like do females see it the same as us studs do... ahemmm..

  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa

    I see that you may not like the way this lady looks. She's not pretty and feminine as you would like all women should be. Well, in the movie, it shows a realistic possibility as if in real situations. Women who work among men, they have to be aware of men's sexual desire. To protect themselves, being sexy is risky. As well as for their jobs.

    Personally, I work with lots of men. Sometimes it's only me as a woman when I had to be a part of my team in a remote place. It's my responsibility to behave well, not dressing too revealing, not to smile flirty to all men around me because it could be a cause of unfairness and so on. Some men are more emotional than you think. I am aware of those too.

    However, most of the time, it's men who tell me I am cool and calm. I think it depends on how hormones play in our bodies. I never have my blood checked, I'm interested that maybe I have the testoterone level higher than some men. The way our brains process things differ too.

    In short, we all are different. Every individual has a unique character. I recommend this documentary to you:

    The Secrets of Sexes

    It explains why some men are masculine, some are not; why some women are feminine, some are not. (Quite old but very useful)

    Hope you enjoy it. 😊

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    It's true that some men possess a certain masculine charisma and presence which women can't replicate.

    But then, I can't imagine most women would want to imitate men's version of 'cool'.

    There's some truly bad-ass women out there (hell, there are women who spend their life hunting down and killing ISIS members, let's see Dwayne Johnson one-up that lol).

    Thing is, the popular media for the most part has no idea how to produce "cool" warrior-type female characters. They get hung up on the "anything you can do, I can do better" aspect, which kinda just reinforces how much cooler their comparative male leads are (The Ghostbusters reboot succeeded in making Bill Murray seem cool again...).

    Hollywood writers in general seem to struggle with writing cool female characters. Some of the independent filmmakers and fiction novelists fare much better in this regard.

    Personally I find some of the coolest female characters to be the more "femme fatale" types who use their feminine sexuality and presence to get what they want, rather than try to compete with the boys.

    And of course, the story itself can create an expectation of who is "cool" and who isn't. In Breaking Bad, Walter White goes from bumbling, submissive nobody to fearless criminal kingpin. The viewer in turn finds this transformation "cool" while also growing in eventual disgust at the character's developing amorality. That contradiction makes the character more interesting than if they casted Dwayne Johnson and said "just do the Dwayne Johnson badass shtick".

    Walter's wife Skyler, meanwhile, was near-universally despised, even though she was just caught in the reaction to her husband's criminal actions. But the story portrayed her as a nag and a drain on her husband's newfound virility. So it's taken as implicit that no matter how "badass" she tries to be like her husband (setting up a money laundering front and crushing it), she will never have that effortless "cool".

    The Sopranos was similar in this regard: a 'complicated' and dangerous but inherently chill/ confident/ alpha male lead (Tony Soprano) overshadows his increasingly-distant wife, only for the audience to eventually turn against him because of his increasing sociopathy.

    It seems like that symbolic male "coolness" is often linked implicitly with 'danger'. These men are cool because they can face dangerous situations, and actually come out MORE composed and confident and undeterred (Walter White: "I am not IN danger, I AM the danger").

    This speaks to the modern male, the majority of whom lead average, comfortable, dangerless lives. But we men still seek that danger on a primal level. We want to go slay a lion out on the savannah but most won't give up their comfortable modern lifestyle to do so.

    So we play out symbolic analogues, living vicariously through the Dwayne Johnsons and Walter Whites portrayed in the media as fearless badasses.

    Women don't really share this desire to seek out and overcome danger, since in evolution terms they were the home-carers and child-bearers-- much of the "danger" was outsourced to the men (although women would still defend the nest from attackers if required).

    But they are nonetheless attracted to those male sex icons who encompass that masculine ability to face danger and laugh in its face.

  • SteveSmith1985

    I know a whole bunch of girls who are cool as hell. The chick from aliens isn't all that cool she's just masculine.

    I think your problem is your definition of cool is basically just the masculine stereotype of tough.

    Some of your views are quite messed up. Not just this post, but in general.

  • natasha3012

    Sounds like a guy who has been through plenty of rejection. You'll get better honey don't worry. Also what guy talks about being cool and is named Jennifer? Lmao

  • BattleKitten77

    I agree. Not in the same way anyway. I hate bitches eho try to act like men. Hollyweird needs to stop putting women in men roles. Bring real men and women back people

    • So any girl that shows some masculine/tomboyish behavior is a bitch now?

      Let's keep old traditional roles in their graves that they belong. This is 2019 and we don't tolerate judgmental people.

    • Inquisidor

      God bless this woman, we need more like her: #BattleKitten77

    • @CubsterShura you don't tolerate? So you're a bigot, huh?

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  • Kookie00

    That's just a personal opinion. Women can be cool and sexy at the same time. Some men might not like it, while others may love it.

  • KeyannaStyles

    Is this a damn joke? Half the men today are gay or transexual wanna bes

    • Yeah we must be cool, so cool that a lot of them have pussy envy and want to turn into us or penetrated like one.. so... mmmmm

    • Half the men you see walking the street want to duck dick because the simple minded fucks know they got no gloat except on a gay pride float. Fuck a man.

    • I went to check to see if you were from the USA and course you are! Yes a lot of men there are women transexual wanna bes.

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  • Damn someone's got badly rejected by the cool girl 😂 dude stop, you will never reach the level of coolness that plenty of women got out there. Heck, you will never get to the level of coolness that some female historical women had, or even the level of coolness that some of my own female best friends got. 🤷

    Lemme bomb down the truth. Cool women exist. The media never portrays the female lead or the sexy woman as cool because that's not what YOU GUYS are looking for. It's because they portray an image that will get the most audience. If men don't prefer the 'cool' traits in a woman, it's ok, ain't nobody forcing you to like it. But don't just come up and say women ain't cool because of friggin' Cardio B!! The heck 🤦🤦🤦

  • LuWe22

    Nobody could be cooler than Vanessa Van Helsing and Wynonna Earp. Your argument is invalid. They are clearly feminine and don´t act like they dudes and are still cool and strong ladies.

    • Cuppo_Mode

      That's a lie, I know some one cooler then, erm, who ever does people are, The queen of England, she is epic.

    • LuWe22

      @Cuppo_Mode True. She will outlive us all

  • ShadowofRegret

    I don't know about that...

    I think some women look really cool, especially those adult, womanly types.

    Being cool is not exclusively masculine, men and women can be cool, a confident and classy woman looks certainly looks more so than someone who constantly posts online about how horrible he thinks women are everyday.

  • CassMi

    I do not agree with this. I have a good few female friends that I consider really cool and awesome. Women are not just a sex symbol, I have a lot of respect for my female friends and probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for them

  • Ellie-V

    I feel like my definition of cool and your definition of cool does not correlate in the slightest 😂
    To each is own dude 👍🏾

  • IceCastles

    I've had guys and girls tell me I'm cool, cool to hang with, cool clothes or whatever. I've had girls say it too but I give off that vibe. I like being cool be cause it has served me well. I'm not masculine or anything, just laid back cool. There's no grey area with me, you either like it or you don't.

  • gumbydafish

    I love how in the comments she tries to dis everyone, saying that she could car less what we think, and yet SHE posted the question SO THAT she could know our opinions. On top of that she replies "yeah, watch me not respond after this. I can really care less I've said all that I had to haha." *Cough* Petty, actually cares a lot, easily angered, and such improper use of grammar it makes cringe. *Cough*

  • BrittBratt2416

    mm Interesting cause I'm always seeing guys talking about "why can't women just be cool and chill, stop all that extra bullshit". And 9/10 the "popular/sexy" chick that you wanted in school or in your group of friends is the girl who is considered to be cool to most people, so I think you're wrong sir.

  • Shutupman

    I’d say a cool guy often times also is attractive/sexy they are linked. Someone that is unattractive won’t be considered cool either. Same goes for women though I agree most women don’t have the cool vibe women like the black widow (scarlet Johansson) is sexy but also cool.

  • WalmartFlipFlop

    Hey I think this guy is just trying to piss people off, so like, probably shouldn’t feed him. I mean, anyone who actually thinks this probably has never actually met a woman before so you probably shouldn’t give him the time of day.

  • Sensmind

    That is a bit unfair there are some "Cool" females out there in real life and in fiction - Lisbeth Salander in the Dragon Tattoo series is the coolest fictional character for me, they are some others granted maybe in fiction there are more "Cool" men in the action sense.
    Your opening line theory is interesting - It might have some evolutionary substance to it but these days the influence of evolution/nature are receding possibly a female with the right gadgets could be as powerful as any man

  • Ok but what do you find cool? Masculinity? Good for you. You should marry a guy. Because that's not what everyone else find cool. It's all subjective. Because there are also people who think they're cool but actually they're cringy AF.

    • *there are also people who think of themselves as cool but actually they are cringy AF.

    • These are for those who got the wrong idea like those who downvotes. Or they're just salty

  • Definitely

    What the fuck? Are you really just talking about movies or reality, because I'm confuscius. What does gender has to do with any of this?

  • ThisIsMyOpinion

    I don't agree with you, but honestly I am here just to see the amount of hate you are about to get! OMG dude you are going to have many angry girls reacting to this! Look at the things they are commenting so far! This is priceless! xD

  • WhiteMageDende

    Im sorry but have you seen resident evil? That chick is not just cool but sexy as well. What about the female Israeli fighter pilots fighting insurgents overseas. Seems pretty badass to me. Or the russian women who take on bears

  • pinkhoodie53

    Every guy and girl I’ve met thinks I’m cool and I act like a lady. They think I’m cool because I’m smart and trust me, it’s not just the nerds. It’s those mysterious assholes who act cocky and act like they’ve got a tooth they want removed. You don’t have to be a guy to be cool I know handfuls of guys who aren’t. Just like I know handfuls of women who are.

  • MilkiiStrawberriis

    If your way of cool is masculine and strong then you do you. Just don't enforce the stereotype on others and pressure them into fitting those standards!

  • Thatsamazing

    This post is stupid and, tragically, it's likely you are too. Also, 1) who the hell doesn't know that the name of Sigourney Weaver's character in "Alien" is Ripley? Are you retarded? Or do you just live under a rock? "that lady" wow. 2) That chick you posted under "female power" isn't attractive; her ass is too big and her hips are too wide.

    Triple fail.

  • thonglover90

    Women not cool? You're so full of shit.

    Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Patti Smith, Grace Jones, Shirley Manson, Chrissie Hynde, Siouxsie Sioux, Brody Dalle, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks.. To name a few

    • Yeah but you forgot Chrissie Hynde. Oh wait...

  • MarkRet

    Women CAN be cool. Gil Gadot doesn't just portray Wonderwoman, she's personally in top shape and toughness. Hitomi Tanaka, even though she's a porn star, is a smart business woman, and has a black belt in karate. Jennifer Lawrence, although she's kind of klutzy, sounds like a really fun person to hang around with, and has a different type of 'coolness'.

  • I-C3_ME

    U are gonna so much shit for this hahaha

    by the way u do realise that reproduction & sex (in this context) is the same thing but in different stages

    Woman can't be cool, u say? Have u ever watch kickass? Fast & furious? Guardians of the galaxy? Sure u can have your own opinion but like I said... So many people will give u shit for this (i agree with them)

  • LaBrownEyes

    If it's because of some "deep down knowing" then why is that only exclusive to men and not anyone with some confidence? Your examples are men in fictional movies? If they're cool because they also have big muscles and guns well news flash such women exist too. Far as the "chill vibe" anyone can be chill... I'm just going to say women and men can be cool in their own way. Like seriously what was the point of this post? Lmao. P. S. the Rock is corny with a topping of super cheesy.

  • purpleplug

    Sexy girls are sexier when they are funny. Funny girls are funnier when they are sexy. What is cool about women is when they are hot and they know it and they are proud of it and they show it. So womens coolness is based on their hotness and no, women can't be cool.

  • Cuppo_Mode

    Look at Susie from Kirby robo bot, she's Kool, and erm, let's see... Blaze, from sonic, she is pretty cool, Samus from Metroid, bounty Hunter and stuff, erm... The queen of England, pretty epic If I do say so my self, erm... Lois from family guy... Oof... My hot Roblox girl friend, cool Pokemon that can be female. So a lot of them.

  • D_Bone_Steak

    100% agree with this analysis... it's like asking if women are funny...

    ,,, no... they just are not funny. Even when they crack a joke, the laughs they produce is with gritted teeth. Moreso cringey than funny.

    • Fuck you you stupid kunt that gave me the down vote. You're just not funny. Kunt. lolz

      Just kidding you're the best kunt.

  • Such a hater, also what you said at the end is creepy.

    • I know right? Like women could reproduce with no male... er... input.

  • The guy in the first pic looks like a sissy douche bag. Just because a woman has a short haircut doesn’t make her any less woman. This myTake is so lame.

    Women are not for reproduction and sex. We live longer because we don’t do dumb shit.

    by the way the Rock isn’t cool because he’s masculine, he’s cool because he’s a great actor, funny, and a genuinely nice person.

    Men are cool in their own way, women are cool in their own way that isn't relates to sex and reproduction. My roommate drives the Mars rover and is a collaborator for the next mission to Mars. She’s a badass. Way cooler than any guy I know

    I have a feeling that this opinion comes from someone who doesn’t respect the opposite sex very much or has some issues with women.

    • Vviinnyy

      Thank u

    • SSam23

      Well said and normally I would've said something similar to myself but for me at his point it was just too ridiculous to feed energy off to someone who's already made up their mind…which means they are more likely to be closed minded and stubborn.. which then leads to not being able to open the mind and be capable of learning differ things from a differ perspective and that leads you to be dumb in conclusion :)

    • SSam23

      Not you as in you by the way, I meant you as in the asker

  • MissGeorgia

    Would you like fries with the attention you ordered?

  • MajesticTwelve

    I think the problem is that now if they want a girl to look "cool" they depict her with a bunch of male qualities, but shocker, we aren't men, and that comes off as disingenuous. I don't want to be a man. I think guys have a super hard life, and society treats them as disposable people and that's entirely unfair to them.
    The coolest a girl can be these days is to actually be a girl. There's nothing wrong with it! Be a partner to your man, take care of him, support him through thick and thin, and he'll do the same for you. Then you'll be a cool couple!

    TL;DR, Don't look to Hollywood to tell you what's cool.

  • Kezzz

    I believe women have the edge here on men because they get to decide when they want to be cool or sexy. Its all in the way they dress. Women are always cool. It's simple. The tighter they dress, the sexier they get😉

  • shizumanai

    no. tf does gender have to do with anything. just because girls have boobs and a vagina doesn't mean they can't do anything or be anything that a man can. its 2019 honey, catch up

  • cinderelli

    you're attracted towards men and it's completely fine, no need to drag the other gender in this crap.

  • Garlan

    the only thing I can say is that this kind of shit is the reason we have feminists in the world. This needs to stop or else they will keep multiplying.

  • vvaleria

    Oh.. kay.. Jennifer!
    No, there is no truth to it. It is your's and it is nothing but an opinion.

  • Dolemite510

    Patrice said it best 😂 https://youtu.be/ahW-0jYgxG8

    If u cry when ur upset and sit down to pee ur just not cool 🤣

  • boombapbasterd

    Guys think cool girls are hot, which turns the likability factor to something sexual and in response, demotes the coolness. Same goes for girls and cool guys

  • Levin

    The definition of cool is the average Aussie female.

    Your take, with the greatest of respect, is a load of hare bollocks.