Don't Be Logical Around Women

Don't Be Logical Around Women

It's clearly evidenced here that logic and women don't mix when it comes to their social lives. The reasons for this are mysterious. It could be that girls generally learn socializing as a non-linear not structured process, while boys generally learn to socialize as a necessary evil that requires quick thinking and problem solving. In other words, we generally learn to play games while they learn to communicate and create relationships. Of course, both boys and girls eventually learn the same things but the focus is different. Again, this is just a theory but not the reason for not being logical around women.

The reality is most women don't want to hear your theories on dating. They don't want to be confined to "black and white" thinking on anything at all. Even talking about the evils of nazism will sometimes be met with "well there's more than one way of looking at it" or "the germans weren't the only ones" or "i don't think hitler had any political reasoning ability behind it, i think he was just evil." This can frustrate a guy. I think because the guy feels a little rejected. Here is he is presenting a political philosophy and here she is saying he's wrong or he's being too narrow rather than engaging with him and thinking about it as well.

The reality is she isn't interested in being logical with you on a date or really even when you're just talking casually as friends or acquaintances. While it seems like she's rejecting the part of you that is intellectual, she's actually just trying to steer the conversation in a more open, fluid direction without structure or purpose. On a foundational level, socializing to many girls is done for the sake of itself rather than to achieve an outside motive. You don't call a girl to ask when to hangout, but simply "to have fun talking." If an interesting point occasional shows up that she vibes with that's great but it shouldn't be a meeting of the minds.

And when it comes to dating and seducing and all that. You can't logically convince her of anything. She's responding to passion behind what you're saying not to how right you actually are. that's why it seems like some guys can convince some girls of anything no matter how potential stupid or dangerous while some of the smartest men fail to convince their wives that they're "real men."

So switch gears and relax your mind. When you're talking to a female friend or acquaintance you don't have to be a comedy act but don't try to get to know her initially. Don't "try" for anything. Have no purpose for talking to her. Simply enjoy the action of conversation and the rest will take care of itself.

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    First of all I can't believe the audacity a lot of guys seem to have to think they are the only ones capable of thinking logically.

    Second of all, great example you've made there about bringing up the Holocaust on date. Probably an early date. Happened to me a few times that a guy did that specifically or some other tragedy. And while I'm not saying you can't discuss politics in a relationship, genocide is a bit rough for a first date.
    So he'll talk about it. Tell you some "fun facts" that you may or may not care about. So what is that you want us to say then? -- "OK" ? So a lot of girls will try to soften the topic and try to move to a different one by saying "they weren't all bad" or "the germans are not the only ones".
    Which is all 100% accurate by the way

    " I think because the guy feels a little rejected" ya well take a hint

    • lol you're a very sad human being. you're lucky you have a vagina or no one would care that you exist.

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