Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)


My DM's on GAG are ridiculous. I have so many guys asking me basic questions and I constantly find myself digging for old opinions that I've posted trying to help out. I figured I'd just write another take.

By no means are my tips and methods the absolute right way of doing things for everyone. I'm simply suggesting what has worked for me in the past. These are just some general tips to help some guys out who are younger and/or might be a little more inexperienced. I'm focusing on the group of men on this website who are between the ages of 18-24. I could certainly add more and will most likely extend on this take in the future.

1) Stop putting her on the pedestal.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

Get all of this bullshit out of your head about being a gentleman if you're between the ages of 18-24. The only time that I would open the door for a girl is if I was going to slap her ass on the way inside. Acting like this respectful gentleman will absolutely work against you for the fact that the dynamic within our generation is much different today than what it once was.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

If you want to sit here on your high moral throne and tell me I'm a douchebag because of this, then do it because I genuinely do not care. Using some basic logic, I'll tell you that you're going to be alone and bored out of your mind if you act like an upstanding gentleman at all times between the ages of 18-24.

Let's talk about women. Women are by no means to be treated in the sense of praise. If you do this, you're essentially setting yourself up for failure. What you have to remember is that women are the more selective sex at this age. An attractive young girl has plenty of options. They have the ability to pick and choose with absolutely no effort what so ever.

Do you want to know how generic a chicks DM's look like?

"You're beautiful"

"Hey there sexy"

"You're amazing and I'd love to take you out".

Don't slide her DM's like this...

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

My girlfriend gets messages like these all the time and I cringe at half of them because they guys don't have a fucking clue as to what they are doing.

Women are not amazing. They are human beings who shit and piss just like us. Sometimes they shit and piss at the same time. A lot of them piss themselves a little every time they laugh. So let's get this fucking mindset of them being perfect out the door because they are just as disgusting and sloppy as us. They are not to be praised as goddesses and you will not be winning any girl over like this.

Her choice of whether or not she wants to date you will be dependent your value. If you're constantly praising her as if she is an amazing goddess, you are essentially telling her that she is of higher value than you. Treat women like human beings. You treat women with the same amount of respect as a guy. She has to work to impress you as well. Remember that you have value to offer.

2) Be genuine with who you are.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

What you have to remember is that women are much more perceptive to certain things than us men are. If you're a guy constantly striving to make himself appear as something he is not in an attempt to score women, you will ultimately fail because that kind of bullshit is transparent to women. Women will assume that you're lying about everything even if you're telling the truth when you first meet them. Deception is very unattractive.

By acting like something you're not, you're telling her that you yourself are not good enough to win her over. So as a result, you have to manipulate her into liking you. She see's it and it turns her pussy dry. No confident and self-assured man has to resort to acting like something he is not in an attempt to score women.

Being genuine within yourself is not only attractive to women but in professional relationships as well. There are certain vibes that you get from someone when they are just genuinely real and raw. It makes you feel at ease and comfortable with them. It makes you feel as if they are human and that within itself opens a lot of doors of communication. If you do the opposite, it will leave people feeling tensed up and filled with anxiety when speaking to you.

No one is perfect and we all realize that no one is perfect. I'm an open steroid user who slept around with a ton of women without even using a condom half of the time. I openly call myself crazy. I have ADHD and make fun of myself for having it literally all the time. That's not to say my flaws define who I am, but I have absolutely no issues admitting who I am whether it's going to be perceived as right or wrong to that other person. This eliminates the anxiety factor when meeting new women as well since there is much less pressure when thinking in this mindset. I'm not talking about this kind of bullshit either.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

If the woman doesn't like what you're about, then it's better to clear that up right away instead of prolonging it. Guys... I've been rejected so many times it's not even funny. I always got back on my feet though and I've been with more women than most guys my age. So considering that, what does this tell you? My approach works.

If I were to sit there and tell women that I oppose steroids and crude humor, then I'd be lying through my fucking teeth and that serves absolutely no benefit. What that would end up doing is creating this weird vibe for the fact that I'm acting like something I'm not. Conversation flows much easier when you're true to who you are.

Eventually, she will discover and find out what I'm about, and if she doesn't like it, then she's gone. What was the point of that? Now I'm left in the dust and feeling bitter and rejected because I put so much effort into this. It's much more pleasurable to sit there and find a woman who completely digs you for who you are right off the bat. So cut through that bullshit by being genuine.

If you have the ability to convey a genuine attitude towards women in regards to who you are and what you're about, it will result in women becoming more comfortable to the extent of it opening multiple doors of potential. If you do the opposite and try to appear as something you're not, it will repel women and they will instantly turn cold on you. Remember that women are a lot more perceptive to these things than you most likely think.

3) Stop placing too much emphasis about where you're at in life.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

Something I always see on here is bullshit excuses. It's as if the GAGs default mindset is I have to be in this place in my life or have X amount of money or have this car. Only then will I be able to date and have money. Fuck that shit.

Women are not perfect goddesses and I already explained this. Women are dealing with just as many issues in life as you are. They are not perfect and making 6 figures out of high school either. They might be struggling with university or getting on their feet. They might have insecurities that hold them back from a lot of things in life. They might have anxiety or some type of mental illness just as you might have.

You have no idea what they are going through but they are by no means perfect. Considering that, why would you have to be perfect? News flash, you actually don't have to be perfect at all. In fact, perfect would be boring and actually hinder your chances at meeting a girl with whom you can form a genuine and real emotional connection with. We're all human beings going through life and we all have our setbacks and flaws. You don't need to be Mr. Perfect with a fancy car, money, and huge dick to get laid and meet women. That's so far from the truth. Part of forming a relationship with a girl is growing together. If you're already at the top, then you can't experience life and go through these things together.

4) Be a man on a mission.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

Stop putting others needs before yourself and that includes women. Never prioritize a woman before yourself unless you're are in a fully committed relationship or married. 18-24 is the time to be selfish with your needs and establish yourself.

The most attractive demeanor a man can project is to be a man focused on his mission. You know where you want to go in life, and you're not letting anything hold you back. Women will appreciate that drive and they will resent you if you put them before yourself. The moment you start sacrificing your drive and your mission for her, she will resent you. You're going to a university that's further away than expected and it has a much better reputation than the one closer to her? Are you considering moving closer to her? Nope, you go that university that's going to benefit you more because you're determined to make your story a success by any means possible. You're not letting anything get in the way of that for your success is your priority.

5) Stop taking life so seriously and have a sense of humor.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

This sort of correlates with authenticity and being genuine as I discussed above. We all have our flaws and I think it's important to own up to them. It's okay to laugh at your flaws or just laugh at yourself in general. From the ages to 18-24, life is not meant to be taken so seriously. Yes, you're establishing yourself and your future career, but at the same time, you need to have a sense of humor. Work hard and play hard has always been my what I lived by. If you're one of these younger guys that say that he doesn't like to party because it's just so beyond you, wake up. You're full of shit. Stop taking yourself so seriously and go have a damn drink with your friends and act like an idiot once in a while.

This will actually work to your benefit in every way when it comes to attracting women. Women don't want a robotic GI Joe with absolutely no feelings or a sense of humor. They want a well-balanced man with who they can vibe with and relate to on a personal level.

I come off as pretty intimidating to a lot of people because of my appearance and demeanor. I recognize that and I've learned how to actually use it towards my benefit. I quickly learned that women don't like a GI Joe robot with no emotions or sense of humor and that's the vibe I naturally give off sometimes. It repels most women because those guys are not fun to most women.

I've learned how to laugh at myself and one thing I've always done was downplay my masculinity to a sense of where it might come off as embarrassing to me at surface level. It's just so edgy and out there that it makes them laugh. I have the balls to sit there and laugh at my masculinity by telling women I watch the notebook and twilight in my free time as a joke. I'll have them think I'm serious about it for a little just for fun as well.

One thing I always told girls before I'd sleep with them was that my penis was tiny. I had a specific number of inches that I told women my penis was, and that number was 2.3 inches. I'd legitimately tell women that I have a 2.3-inch penis before I slept with them.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

I pulled it off well and brought them to a ridiculous awkward moment right before sex. That's about the time I grabbed her hand on my cock and watched her face instantly light up with a smile. They would instantly start busting up laughing with a sense of relief. I know that every woman I did this with told her friends about this little story and they were probably laughing at it as well. It separated me from the other guys. I was so self-assured in myself that I could actually laugh at the one thing guys worry about the most... penis size.

This whole concept conveys an attitude that I simply don't give a shit about what you think about me. This is simply me and you can take it or leave it. Make fun of me all you want and I'll most likely laugh along. Guys who give too many fucks are the ones who sit there and try to cockfish taking dick pics at these weird ass angles in an attempt to make it look bigger. Dude... just stop it. Stop acting like you care about what people think about it. It's much more appealing to be around a careless attitude.

6) Have the ability to be genuinely interested in other people's lives.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

This not only applies to women, but to relationships in general with other people as well. What you have to remember is that we are very ego driven by nature and the most important person in our life is us. If you have the ability to be genuinely interested in what someone is saying, then you will make them feel important and special. You will give off good vibes and they will be more willing to talk to you in the future.

Actually get into the conversation. Ask questions if you don't understand and try and relate it to things that you know or experiences you have been through. Compare them and try and relate to that person. Far too many people try and win others over by trying to impress them with their own lives.

With women, it's best to let your success speak for itself. It's so much more attractive when a girl learns about your success in a way of you not having to directly tell her in a formal conversation. Let her talk about herself. Watch her want to talk to you again and again.


One thing I wanted to mention on here is to stop being brainwashed by these delusional men in their mid to late twenties who have these weird distorted views on dating and women in general. This website is a damn cesspool filled with pathetic men like this. These types of men hate me on here for the fact that I call them out on their bullshit every time. Radical beliefs is never a rational solution to anything. A lot of the guys on here have radical views on women and dating.

So having said all this, take your advice on here with a grain of salt. I say that in regards to my advice as well. Take what you can and consider the advice in your own format. Meaning, take the advice and contour it to you and who you are.

Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)
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  • frozenhorizon
    This is actually a good post, the thing about telling them your penis is 2 inches is hilarious. I kind of want to try it now just because it would be hilarious but I don't think I could do it with a straight face.

    One thing is that I'm just NOT interested in other people that much, except certain ones. So I think if I try to do #6 to some extent I'm going against what you sad in #2. I'm genuinely mostly interested in nerdy things and don't feel like talking to a lot of people about what they like talking about. I feel like it's better for me to just accept that though
    Is this still revelant?
    • Chico_brah

      Look at society today. Most of us live sedentary lives compared than that of what we once did. Most people all have an inner nerd to them. I play world of warcraft with my girlfriend. Do I look like the type? Probably not lol. I think being interested in others should come naturally through practice. If it's not interesting, then go ahead and ask questions to where you make it interested and appealing to you. Introversion isn't to be synonymously correlated as a death wish in dating. I have plenty of introverted nerdy friends that I've met in engineering that still get girls.

      Like if a girl was a high school cheerleader and even did that through college, it's okay to tell her that you usually never talk to women like her. It's okay to tell her that your lifestyle is completely different. If you come across as insecure when you say that, then of course she will look at negatively. Ask her questions about her life that you're interested in and compare it to yours.

    • I agree and I think you're right, I didn't explain myself that well. I suppose what I meant is that if you're an introvert, it's better not to pretend to enjoy loud, busy places and be able to laugh at yourself about it instead of feeling bad and trying to act like an extravert because you think girls want that. :D

    • I don't think your point #6 was actually incompatible with #2, I meant to make that into more of a joke haha but I forgot to make it sound like one

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Most Helpful Girl

  • RJGraveyTrain
    Is this still revelant?
    • I didn't read his question... its to long and I'm to lazy

    • @scorpioDude It's not a question, it's a mytake.

    • haha righttt... but the guy on the treadmill loool

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  • dragonfly6516
    *slow clap* Completely agree 100%.

    Want to add, some of us came here for advice; the rest of us came to advise. Those seeking help are going to come off as pathetic, immature, or clueless a lot of the time. That's why we need more guys like you around here.

    You've pissed me off a few times, but I have much respect for your method, and your attitude!!
  • Machiavelli
    lmao your tips are gonna ruin all their lives and rake in or create some women with low self esteem. Also I don't piss myself when I laugh, my pelvic floor is strong and tight, let's wait till I'm about 50 for that, smh.
    • The girl that downvoted me pees herself when she laughs, I'm sorry but that is not normal. Must be why she agrees with this chauvinistic post. I've always said that women who obsess over having a man has issues and very often fewer or no redeemable qualities. Chico Brah is dissing you chickens and you are defending it, pathetic. I might have flirted with him but it's quite sad to see so many girls agreeing, hopeless. He described you in the post, not I. I am a delicate little flower with a clean apartment, I am great at everything and a prize, also don't piss myself when I laugh.

    • Chico_brah

      I bet you want me to respond for ulterior motives lol

    • No darling I really do this it's unfortunate you have these views of girls, you sure haven't met the right one, and the women agreeing shows that everything about them is blah. I could never work so hard on me to have someone not acknowledge or at least act as if I am nothing, unless I think I'm nothing. Anyway gonna lay down now, and I don't piss myself when I laugh every time I see ads like that I cringe, they have weak pelvic floors from childbirth or old age. if I were them I'd go do my kegels instead of kissing dude's ass online. Ego stroking doesn't last long, he gets fed up and then go cheat with someone who gets the job done, and she doesn't have to kiss his ass for him to like her.

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  • yunali
    You're a king!
    Hell some of this advice could be given to women as well. Love how this is based on reality, and wasn't concocted in a fantasy world behind a computer screen.
  • FatherJack
    Wise words & very accurate... younger men need to... in British Army speak " Listen In !! " Be a man on a mission , do not give a fuck what " society " thinks... men are demonized for merely existing in the West , just remember. I always did best with the ladies on nights out when I was NOT looking to " pull a bird " & just have a laugh with a IDGAF attitude.
  • guy532
    Just skimmed through it, but I agree with all the points made. I laughed at the tiny penis part, I do the same shit hahaha. I tell them that I have a micro penis (I don't actually have a micro-penis) so they're just going to have to wait... makes them want it even more.
  • DooMguy
  • DiegoO
    A lot of what you said is true. I had to learn it the hard way, "never put a woman in a pedestal, don't leave your goals aside for a woman, be true to yourself", all of those things are necesary to have a respectable relationship, however the cultural context makes it relative. What you do in your country to have a successful date might not work in European, Asian country's or even Latin American countrys. Some advices you gave are universal tough. Congrats!! It was a good take.
  • SarahsSummer
    I started off with the idea this mytake would be more fucktardery, but not bad. Not bad at all. cheers.
    • Hymenowner

      Lol yes. I always read my takes and I can guess by the title what should be the content. But like you I thought he was going to give some ads advice but no. Although I disagree with Number 1 advice. That won't work for me.

    • @Hymenowner true. I don't need to be praised but mutual respect should at least be present. And in my book a guy can never go wrong with chivalry.

    • Hymenowner

      Chivalry is one of the thinh that makes a man mature. Some guys have got laid by treating women like objects or objectifying them and hence they think if you want to get a woman then be an asshole. It is sad to know that women who have been abused love such guys.

  • Lynx122
    I agree with you. :)
    I don't put women on a pedestal but I still treat a girl I like well I just like to do it but only if they respect me and care about me ^^ Otherwise it's not gonna work out lol.

  • Pomegranate139
    Good take. It was Very a informative and rational read for me while shitting and pissing myself simultaneously 😄
  • TripleAce
    true true

    dont put the pussy on a pedestal
    Bradley cooper - sniper I think... that was a great movie... prolly going to watch it again soon
    make her laugh... yes agree

    yup works...
  • Warmapplecrumble
    I like some parts to this mytake.

    However, I like men being gentlemen: opening doors, jars, etc.

    I like being pampered, showered with love and being put on a pedestal.
  • DizzyAster
    I agree with your assessment and you should add 7. Add kino in interactions.
    It works. I've changed nothing about myself (for I am already awesome), and using that, was able to score a date in GameStop, like the most geekiest of places. lol.
  • BronzedAdonis
  • 10dsw
    Agreed with this 100%. This is amazingly well written.

  • Lopezz1999
    Why is it that the opinions that agree with you get a ton of downvotes? This is so accurate and detailed, it's scary! Never put her on a pedestal!
  • JustRollTheDice
    1) I like my pedestal but your right this generation is completely different, back home (uni is in a different province) it's culturally English and the honestly the guys aren't gentleman (which is fine) but in my uni area it's aren't different culture where they do put womanwoman pedestals and it makes you feel as if you're either incompetent or too pathetic to do anything yourself.

    2) Really accurate

    3) Perfection is overrated (prefer it when people are their absolute and utterly complete self)

    4) Accurate (again)

    5) Looks fade, personality and a sense of humour can last a life time (unless they change then they're both gone)

    6) Honestly hate people that couldn't care less or keep up with an actual conversation and help continue with the flow of it.

    Don't know why I commented like this or to all the questions.
    • And its a good mytake for the guys on this site and out there (but the disclaimer does apply 😂)

    • ''I like my pedestal''... arrogant af.. I bet you think you are better than other people.

  • fauchelevent
    I assumed that this whole thing would just be trolling but actually surprisingly amazing advice, it was great :P
  • karahiri
    To cockfish or not to cockfish? that is question.

    Hmm. I would advise women to follow this advice too, I think it largely applies.
    • Women don't put men on pedestals though they put them self above them. Unless they are unattractive i suppose.

    • @TheUsername27 I beg to differ about women not putting men on pedestals. As extremely rare as it is, it does happen.

  • Coconutpie
    You go girl! This is a really good mytake, I hope guys will learn from this.
    • RedVulcan

      The mytake was written by a guy.
      It's so amazing you thought a girl had written it, right? I had that same feeling.

  • fueledbythc
    I hope every guy on this site reads this. This isn't so much dating advice but how not to creep out women.
  • D_Bone_Steak
    Didn't read the whole take... just what was in bold... I generally agree. I did bother with the last bit and I agree... too many crazy shit head ideas about women from dudes that should take note from #1 of your list here. She's not special, and if she is, you need to start paying attention.

    On top of all that I can't stand all these PUA dudes and their beta male followers turning women into objects of manipulation. They are human too and not some alien that must be manipulated for vagina rights. Just chill out and don't be a salesman... a product that sells itself doesn't need a salesman to sell it.
  • scorpioDude
    So I been doing it wrong my whole life... lol by the way the dude running on the treadmill.. was funny asf
  • Z-100
    ChicoBrah, I want to be famous like you, show me your ways
  • RolandCuthbert

    7. What about choosing to date nice, honest caring women?

  • Wwwyzzerdd
    How to stop putting pussy on a pedastal 101:
  • John_Doesnt
    I can't get a woman until my penis pills come in the mail.
  • TheUsername27
    I have disagreed with some of the posts you have made in the past. But this one is so spot on. There was a girl at school who was literally regarding the fittest in the year. She for me seemed so out of reach when she came up to me and chatted i literally sat their sort of (not in a nasty way) took the piss out of baby names she was coming up with... not sure why she was chatting about that but yeah. As the bell went she asked me to walk her home. Like literally earlier in the day she said hi to me and i unintentionally said 'hi' back in a really dull bored voice, some of my friends laughed because i seemed so uninterested.
  • lord_chilled
    that number 1 tough.
    i think a lot of guys did it at some time.
    i had to see other guys doing it to realize how stupid it was...
  • Browneye57
    TLDR, but YES. You're on to it.
    Always remember, YOU are the PRIZE!
  • Phoenix98
    For some reason I feel like your trolling lol, maybe I'm just to use to your trolling.
  • sp33d
    Well, I have to admit, I wouldn't have expected something like this from you :D

    Though, have you actually witnessed your woman taking a dump? :o
    • Chico_brah

      Yeah lmao plenty of times. She thinks that shit is cute.

    • ebbyeb

      Hahaaa that "shit" 🙌🏼✨

  • backtoblackkkk
    Haha love this!
  • TonyRyanAgain
    I feel like this is common sense and most of these n00bz SHOULD already know this shit, lol.
  • uglylooksmaxxer
    what a waste of a thread. If ur young, get the surgeries to fix ur face. Thats the only dating tip u need as a man.
  • imhungry2234
    you starting to look like osama bin laden its time for a trim
  • FakeName123
    Or in short: Be a confident man.
  • Giacomanzo
    "Stop putting others needs before yourself and that includes women. Never prioritize a woman before yourself unless you're are in a fully committed relationship or married. 18-24 is the time to be selfish with your needs and establish yourself."
    Aside for this part, which I cannot agree with, I'm with you. Before you ask, I want to answer that there simply are some very, maybe too much empathetic persons (and I am SADLY one of them) who are not happy unless everyone else around him/her are happy and who feel the weight of the world on the shoulders. Even though IT IS a wrong behaviour, I think it would be more insane to do not act like yourself just because things are not working well for you.
  • Impregnator511
    Of course this is all common sense. A few of us just needed reminding.
  • Lmfao but what if I want to be on a pedestal?
    • Chico_brah

      Then you'll attract plenty of guys on this website that will bend over backward for you lol.

    • Lmao I was kidding... Jesus that's a lot of downvotes. Guys that will bend over? Bahahaha Gay!😏😂

    • Because there are girls on here who actually think what you just wrote. I mean one girl above said she enjoyed her pedestal (as an example of this).

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  • Xoxoxooo123
    great advice!
  • CT_CD
    This will change my life. Thank you
  • MakingMeHiiiigh
    Nailed it cunt
  • player0696
    Nice tips brother
  • Anonymous
    The whole small dick thing has happened to me and I had the same reaction! Little liar! Nice take bro.
  • Anonymous
    So, you get laid solely on your physique cause it's not your personality obviously.
  • Anonymous
    Very accurate. You are mostly right and I agree with everything you said.
  • Anonymous
    Wait so if I am on a date with a girl, I shouldn't open the door for her and instead go in first?
  • Anonymous
    good tips
  • Anonymous
    lol doesn't help when you're the ugly one of the group either tho fam, if we go out im the only bro who ends up without a girl for the night, and I'm the most popular guy in the group, and I seem to already follow steps 1-5 of yours already without knowing it