My Teenage Dating Years: The Crazy Torment!

Dating has never been easy. Especially when you are young and nobody wants to teach you the reality of dating. The silly games and the heartbreak can be too much for a young boy.

But the experience and the loss of innocence can alter a young boys future forever. For what happens in his younger years will define this man actions.

I hit puberty rather early and I think my ancestors passed on genetics that promoted hairy bodies and face, because I was getting facial hair before anyone around me and at age 13 I had soft, but darker hair on my chest. Quite frankly it freaked me out so much I avoided all types of swimming.

At one stage, at age 13 we had swimming classes and I was forced to go without a top. I almost cried because a few students stared at it. Then I discovered my dad's razor. But hair would haunt me for years to come.

My first kiss was at the age of 14 and went for 15 minutes and 43 seconds, (We all timed it), and it was with my friends younger sister, Amy. Her friend, Sam, became my first proper girlfriend 6 months later. The first time we dated it was only by phone.

A year later we dated again, but could only see each other every two weeks. Our parents tried to keep us apart. Eventually they relented and allowed us a few hours every fortnight. My father didn't mind so much. In fact he encouraged me along. In his day, I found out, he was a real player. He's another story.

In between the yearlong break I dated a freckly redhead who really needed braces named Sarah. The first time we kissed I don't actually remember as I had fainted when she moved in for the kill. When I woke up she was staring at me petrified that I had died. She was a drama queen... (hang on...who fainted??).

When I dated Sam for the second time we were finally able to kiss. Yet, when we did, I didn't feel it because I was so nervous my lips went numb and paralyzed. I actually dribbled as I stepped into my mother's car. Eventually kissing became easier. We spent hours in the caravan at the side of my house. It would sit there all year until we took it to a caravan park across from 'Aslings Beach', in Eden, New South Wales.

At one stage, Sam and I had disappeared into the caravan for several hours to make-out and a huge storm hit the area. My whole family was worried for us. We were nowhere to be found. My mother drove around the neighborhood.

When the storm faded we went into the house and my mother screamed at us for disappearing like that. She wanted to know EXACTLY where we were. My hair was a mess and looked like one of those troll dolls. I answered meekly, "We went for a walk". We were bone dry. My dad laughed and walked away saying to himself "That's my boy".

A year later at age 16, a girl I saw once a year on holiday became my girlfriend. Her name was Michaela. I think I was an ok kisser by then. I would have kept it at ONLY kissing had it not been for a 19-year-old bogan girl who showed me how to finger her and gave me head on the banks of a football oval. I remember walking to that oval nervously when she stated, "We need to find a place that's quiet". Sincerely I asked, "What? So we can talk?" She replied, confused as to whether I was serious, " we can talk". I was serious. She was not.

At school I thought I'd be king with the news I had been corrupted. The police would have called it 'molested'. I don't know what I would have called it. I was simply happy I didn't faint. I found that nobody believed me at school and I was beaten more constantly.

Then, Michaela took benefit in what I had learned. My hands were down her pants and her hand on my.... It was awesome.

My father died when I turned 17, and Michaela came to the funeral. Not too long after, I lost my virginity to her. Yet I'm still debating whether I had actually put it in. She was confused too. On that fateful night, after asking her if she wanted to have sex and her reply of "yes", I went nervously limp and could not get it back up. It was only after we admitted defeat and started dressing did I come to life when the pressure was off. I had no idea what to do but my instincts told me to move my hips back and forth. It did not tell me how fast or how smooth. Simply back and forth. So, winging it, I humped her like a poodle on the leg of a house guest. Unsure whether I was in or simply hitting the base of her ass I was not going to be stopped by silly little details. This moment was very special to me. It marked the moment I became a man. I felt in love with this girl. It was her first time too. Only the two of us, the cool breeze outside and the sounds of our quick, short breaths, like two women having birthing contractions. I never came but when it was over I whispered in her ear solemnly "I love you".

That night I lost my virginity we went to my friends 18th birthday party. It was there that she hooked up with three people I barely knew while drunk on Bourbon. I had no idea it was happening until my best friend tapped me on the shoulder and said "Look what your girl is doing". I could not believe my own drunken eyes. The girl I gave my virginity to was passionately kissing other guys. She was not always by my side and those moments when I was in the bathroom or at the bar, the hounds moved in. One of the guys with his tongue down my girl's throat was the guy that always laid in the boot, Glen. It knocked me down and I would never forget this man, Satan's child.

One day I would have my chance at revenge.

The next day Michaela went home. I broke up with her by phone and I hung up to the sound of her crying voice. I thought, "Why is she crying? She was the one who cheated AND on the special night of our sexual careers".

The next day at school I was laughed at and Glen took great pleasure in telling me she was a bad kisser while knocking my school books to the ground. I would always remember Glen and this pattern of female cheating stuck with me for years to come. My special night became not so special after all.

I meeded to learn to attract women properly. I always yearned to be strong with women and have a solid relationship. I ended up learning by studying social dynamics and it lead me on a journey that took me around the world on a crazy adventure... But THAT, is another story.
My Teenage Dating Years: The Crazy Torment!
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  • downunder21
    Lol great story..i don't really understand how you can say you lost your virginity, when by the sounds of it all you did was rub yourself on her.. you would easily be able to tell if you are inside or just rubbing on her skin..

    and what is all the fuss about your virginity, and your sacred night... everyone has this picture that losing there virginity has to be perfect, when in reality it seldom is.. the only people that really care about losing their virginity are the crazy religious fanatics..
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Kattrain
    Dang, it was a funny (despite crappy fortune for the OP) story.

    The women hating should not be happening. Especially the' women are born cheaters'. That made me laugh for awhile and then feel sad for the romance/sex/optimism-less guy who must have posted it.
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  • ladysooodivine
    U don't need to be bitter towards women despite your past experiences. U just haven't found the one you're most compatible with. It seems to me that you are a nice guy with good intentions, you just attract the wrong type of women. I do agree with what "guyindisguise" said, WE are unpredictable. But you know that's why you love us girls ;p Be patient, SHE'LL come around... ;)
  • TessAshwin
    For all people who say women are born cheaters and stuff . lol. please not all of us are like that .

    but a very nice article indeed . its only thru real life experiences that we learn to grow better in life .
  • iwbym
    This just proves that even womens first times, won't mean anything to them, even though they say "it does"
  • disfabioguise
    Dude, that was funny with the first time you learned to have sex. If it wasn't for my years of watching porn, I may have done the same thing you did.
  • guyindisguise
    Man . . . women are unpredictable. they are like the depth of the deepest sea. you'd never know them fully and they like it that way. they want guys like them. both mysterious and unpredictable. just don't try to impress them or get there attention. have you seen the way little hens run away when you go after them. they are like women. just sit still and they'll come to you
  • roadkingp
    Women are born cheaters. And they call it an accident to escape.
  • Energy
    Who said I was bitter? I love women. Women are unpredictable. And yes, I believe you must be unpredicatble back. I was simply innocent. It pays to learn the art of social dynamics.

    - Greg Bilston
  • Bleep
    How did you get your revenge on satans child?
  • lovely_girl
    so freakin hilarious. Period. The End.
  • OfAfricandescent
    Very interesting story.