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Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review


Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review
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*Disclaimer: The following is a review based on my own experiences and is not a paid endorsement. I am not affiliated with Bumble in anyway.

So I've been back on the dating scene for a while now (yes, I will spare you the sob-story of how this came to be, but if you really must know, you can read about it in one of my previous myTakes, here). Since then, I've dabbled in a few different dating apps, with varying degrees of success. One app that I have had the most success with is Bumble affectionately nicknamed the "Feminist Tinder". To find out more about Bumble and what its all about, lets compare it to a similar dating app, Tinder:

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review
Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

Bumble Pros & Cons

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

Women are in control

Bumble isn't nicknamed the "feminist Tinder" for nothing. Unlike traditional dating apps, with Bumble, Women are in control. When you swipe right and a match is created, Women have 24-hours to make the first move and initiate the conversation. For women, this means no more unwanted (and often lewd or creepy) messages from dozens of men. For men, this means not having to deal with feelings of rejection that result from sending many messages and not getting any responses in return. To me, that's a win-win.

As a side-note, it is also interesting to note that unlike most other dating apps, Bumble is reported to have a relatively balanced male-to-female ratio (55% to 45%, respectively).

Matches are specific

Unlike some dating apps that include every Tom, Dick and Harry within a thousand miles, Bumble lets you narrow your potential matches by distance. Likewise, Bumble lets you narrow your search even further by age-range, so you don't need to worry about people too old or too young matching with you.

Unlimited swiping

Unlike Tinder, Bumble's free version offers unlimited swiping. With many potential matches appearing everyday, you can swipe until your hearts content!...Until you run out of matches for the day. The great thing is that, when you run out of potential daily matches, you can simply widen the search distance parameters to include more men/women.

Its Free

Like Tinder, the basic features of Bumble are free. With the exception of features like SuperSwipe (lets a potential match know you are interested before they swipe) and re-matching with expired matches, which are available under a paid subscription (called BumbleBoost), the basic version is honestly sufficient enough.

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

A limited time to respond to matches

Once you have matched with someone on Bumble, Women only have 24 hours to respond to their matches, and once they have, guys only have 24 hours to reply in turn. After 24 hours are up, the connection is lost forever (or until you happen to swipe across them again or subscribe to BumbleBoost). Although this time-limit encourages women to use the site more often and respond to their matches, this time-limit is unrealistic for people with busy lives and who are not on the app every day. Fortunately, Bumble gives both male and female users the Busy Bee option, which allows you to extend one match a day for another 24-hours.

Visually based

Like Tinder, Bumble is a visual-based dating app, that focuses more on appearance through profile photos rather than personality and other important characteristics (although, to be fair, most online dating is visually-focused). Furthermore, Bumble only lets you give a very brief "About Me" blurb, with a 300-character limit (versus Tinder's 500-character limit). As a result, users must be creative with their profiles in order to catch the attention of potential matches. Because pictures are the focus of this app (you can upload up to 6), it is important to make them count. After all, they say a picture is worth 1000-words.

Search criteria not specific enough

Although matches can be narrowed down by gender, age and location, which may not be specific enough for some people. As a result, other important search criteria, such as wanting/not wanting children or smoking/drinking habits are not available. If you are the picky-choosy type looking for specific attributes in potential matches, then this app may not be for you.

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

More Than Just A Dating App

Bumble is primarily a dating app, but you may be surprised to hear that Bumble is not just for dating! Bumble can also be used to make new friends and professional business connections through two new features available through the same app: bumblebff and bumblebizz.

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

Bumble BFF

Like dating, making new friends when you are an adult can be difficult. Bumble BFF allows you to find new friends or just meet new people in your area who are the same gender. whether its a new work-out buddy or wing-man/woman, you'll be sure to find someone who shares similar interests as you. It may be a little strange and unconventional finding friends via an online dating platform, but it is great for people who want to try a new approach to meeting friends.

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

Bumble Bizz

Another new feature on Bumble, which premiered earlier this year, is Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz offers a professional networking platform in order to make potential business connections. Although this feature is only in its infancy, and is currently only available in select countries (The US, Canada, The UK, France, and Germany), it may just help boost your career or next business venture.

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

The Final Verdict

I personally prefer Bumble over other dating apps for the very reason that it is a different and novel approach to online dating. Overall, it has great value for the price (you can't argue with free), it is easy to use, and seems to have a higher quality of members than other sites. Like many other online dating apps (or online dating in general), Bumble has its pros and cons. But for those of you who are tired of conventional dating apps, Bumble is definitely worth a try.

Want to give it a try? Download the Bumble App here

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review

Happy Bumbling!

Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hidden_P
    *women fight for equality*

    *fail to see superiority when it slaps them in the face*
    Is this still revelant?
    • CT_CD

      I agree. Men are superior

Most Helpful Guy

  • Love your MyTake... I think Bumble is a great app and more people should use it.
    Is this still revelant?
    • MandyRuth

      Thank you. Its nice to see a guy on here have an open mind for once.

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  • Wwwyzzerdd
    This fails to factor several cons into it:

    Women, while in control of responding, often are so lazy that conversations expire. That is, if they can be bothered to start a conversation at all.

    Women expect men to carry the conversation EVEN though women are supposed to be the ones in control.

    Men are underrepresented on the site. There are no benefits to being a man on Bumble, expect worse treatment than on other platforms since women often can't be bothered to match or respond.

    The site doesn't encourage real world interactions. None of the messages I ever sent led to real world dates.

    I consider Bumble to be a useless platform created by an offended Tinder developer that brought the worst aspects of online dating to Bumble. The platform sucks and does nothing to aid in matching people, in my opinion hinders it.

    Want to meet someone? Go out into the real world. You won't find them on Bumble.Bumble, The Feminist Tinder: A Woman's Review
    • MandyRuth

      I think your grievance is with online dating in general. A lot of men and women seem to have good experiences on Bumble. On the other hand, there are quite a few individuals that don't like online dating in general and that's okay, its just not for them.

    • Maury says it all right there.

    • MandyRuth

      @Anon-ymous1 Again, that is online dating in general. There are always going to be people who lie, just like there will always be people who catfish and ghost.

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  • RandomBritishGuy94
    I get why this exists if women get as many "dick pics" as people seem to claim but honestly this might be worth a try for men as well. Takes the pressure off of having to message first on a site like POF or tinder where women never do anything to start a conversation.

    I wouldn't say it was a Feminist Tinder though. In theory you only get messages on there once you have both matched. This just adds a lock for men and forces women to take some initiative.
    • MandyRuth

      I agree, its definitely a different approach to dating for both men and women. As for the nickname "Feminist Tinder", it is misleading.


  • Kuraj
    Bumble is abysmal.
    Biased algorithms, worst match rates of any app out there, based on possibly the dumbest and most counter intuitive idea a dating app could ever come up with.

    I'm truly surprised it hasn't gone bankrupt by now.
    • MandyRuth

      Again, just because you don't like it doesn't mean others can't like it.

  • QCpress
    O_o hmm ok I never online dating before but I don't think I would ever use bumble because it's not even made for me. Like a lot of the pro features you talk about weren't made to help me just keep me in the dark so that sucks.
    • MandyRuth

      What do you mean its not made for you? And what features are you referring to?

    • QCpress

      Women are in control
      Bumble isn't nicknamed the "feminist Tinder" for nothing. Unlike traditional dating apps, with Bumble, Women are in control. When you swipe right and a match is created, Women have 24-hours to make the first move and initiate the conversation. For women, this means no more unwanted (and often lewd or creepy) messages from dozens of men.

      I always hate wait for something. If I want to do something I always do it. So sending a match and sitting there waiting for someone who might just maybe swipe back would be horrible. It like sitting in the dark not knowing anything.

      xD I got to lewd, comments that you said girls get too. I always just troll them back. They would try and sweet talk me and I would be like show me a picture of your dick with your face in it or GTFO. :( sadly, they never do it, I always wondered why :P

  • FatherJack
    " Feminist Tinder "... hmmmm , why would a feminist date a male? They consider males inferior untermensch and the enemy , perhaps not the best description !! Interesting review , never done online or any other form of dating since ditching my ex... being a single dad means staying single , but the fact women are not bombarded with idiotic and thirsty messages is a good thing.

    Bottom line on or offline is... women are in demand from men much more than men are from women , a large percentage of single women choose to be single , an average woman has far more options than her male equivalent... Bateman's Principle at work. The gender ratio also reflects the actual world gender ratio , there are significantly more males than females worldwide , esp in younger age groups , considerably more boys are born than girls , an often overlooked point.
    • MandyRuth

      Again, it is just a nickname. It really has nothing to do with Feminism.

  • TripleAce
    this is pretty much the worst situation for any guy...
    girls have told me so often that after a few talks even though she may not have been interested initially... she became interested later on

    dating sites already are appearance driven.. and men generally drop their standards on dating apps... meaning with a normal app where men can respond first, not only are we taking that chance away to influence her but now we are also promoting her to become more appearance driven and more fussy about who she picks...

    obviously she will respond to the most attractive man she gets, and most likely he will have many many responses too...
    how does that help anyone?
    it doesn't.

    online dating has a pool of a very peculiar crowd
    thats coming from a guy that's had great experiences from girls
    but still I say that

    we need to get off behind the computer and get out there to find your love... not scroll through images like you're buying a chair at Ikea...
    • TripleAce

      and I know women like it... you get a shit ton of attention on it
      it's unrealitistc and false because that wouldn't happen in real life... so women get strange and false projections of themselves...

    • It's just about hook-ups bro.

    • MandyRuth

      As stated before, that is online dating in general. Some people like it, others don't. I agree that it is not the same as meeting someone in real life. I look at it as a tool to meet people.

  • Cosytoasty
    An app designed to give women the first move... is based on looks and guys can’t be picky about single mothers or smokers 😱. Haha it’s nickname is deserved.

    It does seem to make sense though to prevent all the thirsty guys from messaging first.

    • Oh brother we can still be, and should be, picky about single mother, smokers, and chicks who are overweight... if she isn't honest in her profile about all that stuff, and mentions none of it, simply say "next" and just thank her for her time but say you're not interested. Simple.

    • bubble_tea

      Why can't guys be picky about single mothers or smokers? Do you only see their profile after the match? You could simply not reply.

    • Cosytoasty

      @bubble_tea I think it’s more the point that there is so little info beyond just pictures you can't automatically swipe away a pretty looking girl right? You would have to waste time messaging and talking to her before she drops the bombshell on you.

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  • Kiran04
    "Women are in control".

    Women have always been in control in online dating because they're the minority. They bitch and moan that they get unwanted messages, but the men come to them. Not the other way around. That means they're in control. They get to pick and choose who they want to return messages to. Men essentially have to messages 20-30 women to get even a few responses. They have to do the hard work, which is messaging a complete stranger and trying to impress them. Women just have to respond.
    • MandyRuth

      Its just another approach to dating. It also sounds like you have issues with dating and women. Don't bash something you have never tried but has been successful for other men and women. Here's an idea: don't do online dating. Simple.

    • Kiran04

      You have no idea what I have issues with or what I don't have issues with. You also completely missed the point and went for a lame personal attack. Pathetic. My point was acting the idea that women haven't been in control in online dating is total non-sense. It's an illusion. They've always been in control. If they realized that they'd be much more successful.

    • MandyRuth

      Well obviously if you didn't have an issue, you wouldn't have a problem with online dating. You don't here the men who are successful with online dating complaining. And I wouldn't expect you to understand why Bumble is appealing to women.

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  • 10dsw
    Yea tbh bumble is actually a really awesome app. I've had dates off it within 2 days of starting it.

    The only thing I hate is that it doesn't send you a ring tone when you get a message or notification. So you're left having to check your phone every 5 minutes to see if you got a message, which is REALLY annoying.
  • MusicMayhem
    When guys heard that women message first on bumble they all excitedly downloaded the app.

    When all the msgs from women were 'hey/hi/hows it going?' those same men sighed in disappointment knowing they would have to be the ones to say something amazing to carry the conversation just like tinder if they were to avoid being unmatched immediately and so proceeded to uninstall the app.

    This app just makes men have to wait for that first message that more often than not doesn't come which makes them depressed seeing the 24hours tick over until they lose a match. Plus makes women respect them less because they're using an app that makes women the ones to initiate so that women think guys are lazy or too pussy to show interest in a girl first.
    • MandyRuth

      Again, just because you don't like it or it doesn't work for you, doesn't mean other people can't like it.

    • Didn't actually say I don't like it, was just pointing out the things they failed to see when designing the app.

  • ChaseLonnergan
    I hate it. Personally, I would support an app that blocks women from seeing my picture at all until a certain number of messages have been sent. That would level the playing field for me a bit.
  • Coconut_Man
    What are the success rate of these dating apps? I think the whole concept of dating apps are flawed, because the most important thing that you need when meeting someone is chemistry. That is something these apps can't seem to provide.

    If it works for people then cool. But personally, I wouldn't use it.

    Good luck and I hope you succeed 👍👍
    • Developer here (mostly AI). Tell me how would you even define chemistry?
      Black Mirror actually did an interesting take on this with "Hang the DJ". It got me thinking but I don't know how to mathematically represent that for a real app. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD:

      The approach was similar to something called Reinforcement Learning BUT doing that with people is impossible. And making the kind of things used in that episode is impossible because it is supposed to just be math but Black Mirror, of course, used something else.

  • DamnMan
    That's a good review.
    You should do more on more services.
    You can make a living off of stuff like this.
    Good job and good luck.
    • MandyRuth

      Thanks :)
      Haha, I've only been on several others, but that is definitely a good idea.

    • DamnMan

      Yeah, do it.
      Do more review on stuff, preferably cheap to free.
      Post it on your own website
      Use said website as a portfolio
      Maybe land a spot on blog column for pay
      get lots of TRAFFIC that allows you to use ad revenue, and get paid that way!!!

      Try it out.

  • sawno
    So its a dating app that removes the burden of the guy to initiate a fun conversation? Not sure why that is an advantage for the girls but that sounds like an interesting twist for once.
    • englisc

      No, most likely they'll jut send a short message to the guy and expect him to carry the conversation still, which is all they usually do on other sites when they first message a guy.

    • sawno

      @englisc Doesn't that defeat the point of the app?

  • Guanfei
    Women are in control on every dating app. Most dating app have special treatement to attact women, because more women attract more men, and men are the ones who will pay for the service. Look at AdoptAGuy for exemple.
    Not only that, but giving women more privileges and a better treatement make them extremely picky, the number of girls i've seen acting like spoiled princess, asking for many things in men they wouldn't accept the said men to ask about women, is incredible.
    To sum it up: that app is just making the girl more selfish, picky, and vain. Which in the end will scare the men away because they don't want to handle spoiled brats, and then women will complain about how men are only interested in appareance and top models.
    • MandyRuth

      Its just a different approach to dating. I personally like it because I'm not bombarded with hundreds on messages from guys I have no interest in. Men like it because it takes the pressure off of making the first move. Its not for everyone, but some people like it.

  • englisc
    "Feminist tinder"

    "Women are in control"

    Sounds about right.
  • manpower61
    Feminism nowadays means that women are in control. Welcome to equality. #femaleSupramacy
  • TheUglyMonk
    Pretty nice move, the thing I like about it the most is the time limit, it teaches many women to make the first move quickly.
    Online dating isn't my thing, I prefer doing everything in person but good job with the review.
  • bubble_tea
    Bumble is such a cute name! I don't get the critics. Yes, women might be more careful with their swipes, but do men prefer to get hundreds of matches, but the women won't even reply to a hi?
    • MandyRuth

      I know, I think the criticisms are mostly from men who are bitter because they can't get a girlfriend or literally no women ever reply to them through apps like this. But apparently its a horrible thing to give women more control on dating sites.

    • bubble_tea

      I've never used tinder, so I don't understand the more control part. Why are there no more unwanted messages from men. Isn't the rule that nobody could message you unless there was a match?

  • blondfrog
    What? C'mon that's a bunch of crap, women are always in control in the dating world.
    • How many women have you approached in the last week? If you approach 5-10 girls per day, you could have at least 2-3 new numbers per week to pick and choose from who you date.

    • blondfrog

      @MusicMayhem 99% of the time. And that really depends on the guy doing it. Good looking guys even get rejected, and that's the rate a man would get rejected and accepted. For a average looking guy its much lower, and if you are below average forget about it. Not even fat overweight women with a butterface will want you.

    • You didn't answer my question. If you're going out regularly meeting women and getting numbers, you'll have options.

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  • Charleslvajr
    It seems to me your standard answer to any male critic is to assail their mmasculinity, social stability or mental faculties. It's possible they just don't like this shit.
  • QuestionMan
    Bumble Bizz actually sounds really cool.
  • front2back
    I've used both, but decidedly Bumble is worse in my opinion for these reasons:
    (1.) While the women are in control, this does not mean they WANT to be in control. Many women do not like making the first move or message, so only confident women take advantage of this feature properly. For a guy, it usually means getting a match and 80% of the time she won't say anything (expiring) or just say "Hey".
    (2.) Bumble and Tinder both share this bug, but not deleting/hiding inactive accounts enough. I saw a girl I knew on Bumble, asked her about it, and she said she deleted the app from her phone months ago (you have to physically delete your account in-app).
    (3.) Lower population. Tinder has a large population, there is plenty to choose from. Bumble does not. While the users on Bumble tend to be a bit more serious, the amount of users is still too low. You have to increase distance settings much higher on Bumble to find matches.
  • NightOwl_23
    What if a guy is too ugly to get any matches? Like me :(
    • Then either stop considering yourself ugly and get some confidence
      Or... do a makeover.

  • doctorwhofan23
    Sounds fun, I actually have never matched unfortunately.
  • SouthpawPablo
    trash have not had one woman speak to me all fucking female bots or stuck up bitches
  • CaptainSmartass
    It would probably be quite humiliating for a guy to get matches, but no women actually contact him.

    • MandyRuth

      That's a risk some guys are willing to take.

    • Good for them. I personally don't get involved in the whole dating thing.

    • Kuraj

      According to statistics, that is apparently what happens to staggering 75% of male users on Bumble.

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  • butvolca
    Brilliant take. I sure think if we look wisely, we can learn a lot of things from these apps.
  • momo770
    Are u a Bumble employee?
    • MandyRuth

      No, as I said in my disclaimer, I have no affiliation with them. I just like this app over others that I have tried.

    • momo770

      Ok ty

  • LegateLanius
    I might, if i ever decide to again.
  • Halucinator
  • DanFlingwing
    never heard of it
  • Anonymous
    "Visually based

    Like Tinder, Bumble is a visual-based dating app, that focuses more on appearance through profile photos rather than personality"

    So basically I'm equally screwed on Bumble too? As you mentioned all online dating anway.
  • Anonymous
    I suck so bad even on Bumble I don't get any messages or matches.
  • Anonymous
    I didn't know about bumble, i heard about Hey Nina, or something like that for making female friends but i haven't used it either
  • Anonymous
    "Feminist tinder" HA so it's an app where emasculated males can go to look for ball busting women that will use them for free meals and then falsely accuse them of some sex crime?

    Just an FYI, women are in "control" with almost EVERY dating app. Except for a few nonsense ones like POF. It's how dating apps make money. Women get the control and men are expected to pay to speak with them.
    I also don't know of a dating app that doesn't let you narrow criteria by distance and age.
    This app doesn't look or seem any different except for the feminist toxin being injected into it.
    • MandyRuth

      Well you are being very hypocritical if you've actually never tried it. Men don't need to pay to speak to women on Bumble. I've met a lot of guys who have great success on it. Its just another approach to dating, some people like it, others don't. The ones who don't seem to have issues with women or can't get dates.

    • Anonymous

      Even if it is free... trying to meet "feminist" for dating is like going into the woods looking for bears to cuddle with.

    • MandyRuth

      Its not for feminists, is just a nickname. Guys are getting all bent out of shape because of the name.

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  • Anonymous
    Sounds like yet another thing that is great for women but shit for men.

    So if women wanted to message. first then why do 99.999% of women on tinder do not? Why do they wade through an ocean of dickpicks (as they would like us to believe) looking for that one guy they will hope will be the one?

    Why is it in every other dating opportunity they wait for the guy to make all the moves? (Cue up girl to scream “I approached a guy once... so clearly women do it all the time)
    You already have guys commenting that although girls message. first it’s just a ‘hi’ then they sit back and expect the guy to carry things.

    It’s just more tripe where girls are stroked for being girls and guys are shown to be less valuable.

    Hey ladies, tired of being rude to guys who (gasp) attempt to talk to you in public? Here’s a dating app for you: image driven, you can take your chances with strangers that have a photo. If he looks good- he’s bound to be a great guy and not at all like being relatively deaf and mute and trying to find a soulmate just by pointing at some guy on the street but, and here’s the beauty, you can do it in your own home while you lose your ability to socially interact effectively and guys can go to great lengths to hide their real selfs.
    • MandyRuth

      Sounds like you have a lot of personal issues with women and dating. Please get professional help instead of bashing something you have never personally tried and actually has been successful for a lot of men and women.

    • 8string

      Actually everything he said was true

    • MandyRuth

      @8string Again, Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people can't like it.

  • Anonymous
    I liked your take more than I thought I would. I don't do the online dating thing (never really tried it), but I'm not closed off to it. I also like that it puts effort on women to message first. I think that's great for one because they won't be getting a bunch of dick pics and it weeds out women who don't put much effort into online dating to begin with (so guys won't put time and effort into messaging women who just don't care or aren't interested).

    The only con about it I would say is the 24 hour response, I'd put it at 48 or 36 because sometimes people have busy days or things happen but I guess that's what some of the add on features are for. I guess the pro to it is that if she messages first and get a dick pic she never has to message that guy again or get any more messages from him.

    I also thing that calling it the "feminist tinder" is a bit misleading too but I do think it's a good system.
    • MandyRuth

      Thanks. I agree, the time limit is a major downside to the app. And, yes, "feminist tinder" is misleading... they should have nicknamed it "tinder for women".

    • Anonymous

      No problem, and I mean depending on the type of feminist you are "feminist tinder" could work but "feminism" means something different for everyone. Thou yeah good take overall

  • Anonymous
    Interesting take!
  • Anonymous
    Seems a sexist app
    • MandyRuth

      How is it sexist?

    • Anonymous

      Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender.

    • MandyRuth

      Its just another approach to dating and only a nickname. If you don't like it, don't use it.

  • Anonymous
    I would never give a cent of my money to Bumble, and I would never date a woman who did.

    Bumble is a classic example of feminist "equality". That is, it demonstrates the fact that feminism is not about equality at all. It's just one more example of how feminism seeks to give women advantages.
    • Anonymous

      @MandyRuth No, it is not the nickname that offends people at all. The nickname is very fitting. It is the fact that women are given artificial control in the name of "equality", which is exactly like feminism and exactly why the nickname fits so well. Tinder IS equality. Women just don't take advantage of it, just like in real life, but then they blame "sexism". SO they feel they need sexism to have control. Bullshit... women just need to man up, on Tinder and in real life. That's all in the world there is to it.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I was never bothered by bumble in principle, but the fact that you call it the feminist tinder puts a whole different spin on it. If that's how people push it then that's very... interesting.
  • Anonymous
    I do like the message first option with bumble. Dates are much more likely to happen if a woman initiates conversation (I read 3X times more likely somewhere).

    But I get far fewer matches on bumble for some reason. Women don't like the pressure of reaching out first.

    Also please don't call it "feminist" tinder. Feminism doesn't give off a good vibe to most guys.
    • MandyRuth

      Again, it is just a nickname.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I know. But if there is a word "feminism" in there is going scare off lots of guys lol