The Secret of Admiring Stares on Curvy Women

The Secret of Admiring Stares on Curvy Women

Slim women seem to be everywhere in the media. From models adorning glossy covers to pop-stars to the lead characters in films, this appears to be the default size-setting. In fact, it’s often stretching the imagination to describe many of the waif-like figures as slim at all; they are thin. From their gaunt expressions to their angular elbows and shoulders, they have reached a point where it’s only natural to get the impression they’ve spent so long obsessing about calories they’ve forgotten how to enjoy life.

There may be any number of euphemisms to describe females who embrace their fuller physiques: voluptuous, curvaceous, buxom, and a lot more. Let’s settle on curvy. It’s short, to-the-point and highly descriptive. Here are some of the reasons why it’s curvy women who deserve to be catching everyone’s attention, rather than the images of unhealthy-looking individuals we are far more used to having thrust in our face.

It’s in our genes

Men have certainly got used to slender women being ‘the norm’ after so much exposure to this version of femininity, but when it comes to enjoying the female form guys actually prefer the complete opposite. Genetics have programmed males to be attracted to curvy women. Surveys have confirmed men are drawn to females whose waist is 60% of the size of their hips. It’s that classic hourglass figure that will provoke an instant response and send pulses racing, rather than a woman whose shape seems not that dissimilar to a teenage boy.

It’s all down to millennia of evolution and the survival of the species. Just as females are subconsciously more interested in guys they perceive as fit, healthy and virile, males like women with larger hips who they will regard as having better potential for bearing children. Obviously, these sentiments have become far more complicated over the centuries since men graduated from wearing animal skins and carrying around clubs, but perhaps a sense of appraising potential mates on the basis of how healthy they appear to linger in our DNA.


The attributes men will drool over can be summarized in two areas of anatomy: boobs and backside. There is absolutely nothing in creation capable of hypnotizing males into dumb silence than the sight of a magnificent, ripe cleavage; a large gravity-defying chest, unsullied by silicone, rippling as a curvy woman strolls into a bar or any other venue. The rear view will similarly set pulses racing.

These attributes define sexiness more than any other aspect of the female form. If a woman possesses an abundance in either or both areas, then she will undoubtedly have grown used to being appraised on a regular basis, from immature whistles to subtly appreciative glances. Where the latter is concerned, the urge to examine the stunning subject might well have to be done surreptitiously if the person happens to be with their decidedly thinner partner at the time.

It’s one thing for a voluptuous woman to own a killer hourglass figure, but in many instances, she will decide to set temperatures rising even higher by highlighting the fact. A plunging cleavage will be accentuated with a low-cut top. Perhaps a discreet tattoo on one breast will ensure male eyes are captured even more readily.


Wherever you happen to comes across these curvy women - in clubs, in social groups, you’ll notice they often have larger-than-life personalities that compliment their fuller bodies. So these buxom ladies will have wonderful, charming, humorous passionate characters to go with their fabulous hourglass figures. Talk about a win-win scenario for their admirers!

The Secret of Admiring Stares on Curvy Women
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  • Anonymous
    The woman in the picture is not curvy she is chunk or heavy set. She has no curves and is more brick shaped. If your talking about buxom, curvy and voluptuous women you are talking about women like Kat Dennings, Kelly brook, Ariel winter and Kate upton a woman who is clearly overweight like in your picture.
    (of a woman) plump, with a full figure and large breasts.
    "a buxom blonde"
    synonyms: large-breasted, big-breasted, full-breasted, heavy-breasted, bosomy, large-bosomed, big-bosomed, full-bosomed; shapely, well covered, well padded, of ample proportions, ample, plump, rounded, well rounded, full-figured, womanly, voluptuous, curvaceous, Junoesque, Rubenesque; informalbusty, chesty, stacked, well upholstered, well endowed, curvy, pneumatic.

    having curves.
    "curvy lines"
    (of a woman's figure) shapely and voluptuous.

    (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
    synonyms: curvaceous, shapely, opulent, full-figured, well formed, well proportioned, Junoesque, ample, Rubensesque, buxom, full-bosomed, lush, luscious; seductive, alluring, sultry, sensuous, sexually attractive; informalcurvy, busty, sexy, hot, slinky, beddable; archaicwell turned, gainly, comely
    "a voluptuous girl with black hair"The Secret of Admiring Stares on Curvy WomenThe Secret of Admiring Stares on Curvy Women
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    • Anonymous

      3 downvotes from women who hate the truth.

    • iden123

      Why did you only find white women to show "curvy"?

    • Anonymous

      @iden123 I suppose I could have shown examples of every ethnic demographic.

  • Saville_Row
    I think we spend too long talking about skinny vs curvy vs fat vs everything and dedicating our lives to weight numbers. It's beyond stupid. Some people have bones structures they cannot fight. Going to the gym to move and eat as good as we can is indispensable but for HEALTH.

    No matter if you take protein or exercise all your free time. You can try to look better and achieve it but structures are out of control due genetic. Is posible you'll never be in your perfect weight or gain some curves.

    Just do your best and accept it! Stop wasting your life talking about it. People is so obssesed with weight these days.
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    • You couldn't be more right, I agree 100%!

Most Helpful Guys

  • englisc
    What you say about men preferring curvy women is true, however you're talking about overweight women, which men don't tend to prefer. There's a difference between curvy and overweight - overweight women just like to call themselves curvy because it makes a negative sound like a positive - but it's still a negative.

    When we say skinny vs curvy, this is what we mean:

    The skinny girl has no shape vs. a girl of healthy weight with an hourglass figure. Not a fat girl. Definitely not an "SSBBW".
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  • Anon-ymous1
    So... curvy means fat. You are playing a part in the ongoing cultural absurdity that says they're different.

    ... They're not different. That woman pictured above is fat. And fat isn't attractive. Sorry.
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  • Felicity_Smoak
    Men like curvy... not fat. That chick is clearly fat. A little extra weight is fine but only weirdos with no options find fatties hot
    • JDavid25

      She ain't got no big stomach, and she looks presentable.. Ain't nothin wrong wit her.. LOL..

    • LeaLee

      What a rude thing to say

    • ovoxo_

      "Only weirdos with no options find fatties hot" Facts

  • cherryphi82
    You can be skinny and have curves. The woman you just put up is clearly fat.
    • JDavid25

      She still curvy though.. If she ain't gotta fat stomach.. She all good in my eyes.. LOL..

    • @JDavid25 Look at her stomach. She has no waist.

    • JDavid25

      Hey, at least she ain't sloppy fat, or anything.. And she still don't gotta fat stomach at the end of it all..

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  • girl_with_questionz
    Sounds like an excuse for eating too much. The girl in the pic is obese plain and simple. You talk about millenia of evolution, but that lady wouldn't be outrunning any predators now would she?
    there's a middle ground between fat and anorexic, that's why fitness is defined by what you can do, not the size of your boobs or butt.
    • You're 15, what do you know about obese... god damn girl... hahahaha

    • @classickenz you're (age) what do you know about ____?

      Original af reply😒

    • iden123

      Hey, I noticed your response and after I read it, all I could think of was how young and immature you are and I'm not really surprised that a 15 yr old girl that spells questions with a z says something so ignorant. Bye and have a nice life!

  • JDavid25
    LOL.. A lot of the users that answered this question seem to think this woman is "fat".. But she is fine.. And she looks presentable.. Good take though..
  • classickenz
    It's hilarious how so many people think they know about health. It's none of their business. This girl is gorgeous.
  • Caaarl
    I hate that people keep using the word curvy as positive way to say fat. That woman is not "curvy". She's overweight.
  • Afrochick
    I really hate when people use black women for undesirable people.
    That women is a little overweight.

    Imagery, Imagery , Imagery.
    • DamnMan

      I dislike it when they use black women too, because black women are the only race that looks good in different sizes.
      I can't say that about the rest. lol.

    • Ki_Wavy

      exactly what i thought. unconscious bias.

  • yupitsmeboi
    That's true af tbh; anyways can I get MHO for absolutely no reason it would be very highly appreciated :)
  • ovoxo_
    "There may be any number of euphemisms to describe females who embrace their fuller physiques: voluptuous, curvaceous, buxom, and a lot more. Let’s settle on curvy."

    No. How about we settle on FAT.
  • MementoMori_
    "Let’s settle on curvy. It’s short, to-the-point and highly descriptive. Here are some of the reasons why it’s curvy women who deserve to be catching everyone’s attention, rather than the images of unhealthy-looking individuals we are far more used to having thrust in our face."

    Some comments on this.

    1. Just because a woman isn't thin does not mean she is curvy. Some are not curvy but fat. The woman in the picture, for example, looks more fat than curvy to me.

    2. You lost me after reading this paragraph. Attraction is an animal instinct, not a debate. And it's a matter of personal preference, not popular consensus. I don't want to be told what kind of appearance I "should be" attracted to. That's arrogant and presumptuous. I know what I like in a woman's appearance and no verbal argument is going to convince me to make believe otherwise... especially just for the purpose of being politically correct.

    I like thin women.
  • Salmon4056
    Interesting. Im not thick but I but have an hourglass figure still. A hourglass that's slim
    • Salmon4056

      The woman in the first pic is curvy a little but also fat looking. I see women like Kenya Moore, Tolu Toolz, south black African Lisa Visagie, these nigerian women like Daniella Okeke, Evia Simon, and these Ghanaian celebs like Peace Hyde and especially Princess Shyngle as the definition of what's curvy.

  • HannaD
    Thank you for this. Good to see some common sense.
  • Tomblebee
    The secret of anything is in not speaking..
  • Shakeandroll86
    Although i am not curvy, this made me smile
  • You_Cant_See_Me
    Did you know that curvy doesn’t mean fat?
    • ... Curvy means fat.

    • @Anon-ymous1 that’s what the snowflake SJWs made it mean after they hijacked the word.

    • @Anon-ymous1
      It's not supposed to. It didn't for decades until obese girls co-opted the word.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    dat hoe fat
  • DevilsAngel
    Nice take. I agree on many points you made.
  • Jayjoy
    lol how is that women in the pic curvy?
    • HannaD

      Full chest, hips, and ass.

    • Jayjoy

      @HannaD ahahahhahahah , dying

  • Revolver_
    I don't admire stares on curvy women
  • Anonymous
    Can anyone take a good guess what this woman's vital statistics are?
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    I'm model skinny... whoops...
    I just want to say, that all the curvier girls, always say thing to me like
    "omg you're so skinny" like as in it's a bad thing... and they'll call me anorexic even though I eat like a horse... and it's a little unfair. If I called a fat girl fat, so many people would get mad at me. But when everyone calls me skinny like it's a gross medical condition, everybody agrees. And I'm sorry that like everyone's gonna be mad at me, but like... sorrynotsorry
    • They're jealous. Plain and simple. All woman WISH they were thin, but most of them are not and deny it. It's basic psychology.

  • Anonymous
    Ah, curvy the sugarcoated way of saying fat.
  • Anonymous
    I'm curvy, but I don't have a protruding abdomen. My BMI is 20.