Examples of Women I Consider Curvy

There seems to be a huge "curvy" debate here on GAG. The truth is, the term curvy to some degree is subjective. I think curvy is a body shape, not a size. So yes, this means a girl can be thin, and curvy. Yes, a girl can be obese and curvy. I always define curvy as a girl with a significant difference between her hips, and her waist. If a girl has a large bust, small waist, but also small hips, I could argue that's curvy as well.

With that being said, I compiled some videos of internet vixens I've found whom I consider curvy. I can't guarantee they are natural(They may have had surgery for all I know), but I picked ones who appear to be curvy to me.

1. Instagram user @curvykristina

"Curvy Kristina" is a Russian dancer with some serious hips, and a small tummy.

2. Olivia Jensen(She has no social networking websites).

Olivia is a "plus size" fashion model, and I live in the same metro area as her, and have seen her in real life a handful of times. The video below is when she was in her prime(P.S. Her REAL last name is not Jensen). She's not as curvy as she used to be, but this was back when her waist to hip ratio was breath-taking.

3. Instagram user @love.randalin

Randalin is an example of a girl who is overweight, and curvy. She still has a significantly smaller waist than her bottom half.

4. Instagram user @_gobaby

Bria isn't as curvy as she used to be, but she's still a fashion model, and is still somewhat curvy. This video was back when she was in her prime.

5. Instagram user @frenchrosebud2

Rosee Divine is a retired French model, who is also not near as curvy as she used to be, but once again,, the video shows her when she was in her prime.

6. Instagram user @alexandra.uchi

Alexandra is a three way mix of Puerto Rican, Native American, and Japanese, and was born in Japan. She is an internet vixen as well.

7. Instagram user @Avi___berri

Avi is a Puerto Rican urban model from New York City, and also stands at six feet, two inches tall.

8. Mal Malloy(She no longer has any social networking sites).

I know for a fact her real last name is not Malloy(I don't know what it is though). Anyway, Mal is from Kennewick, Washington, and began with making Youtube weight loss videos, but soon turned into an internet vixen once males started watching her videos by the millions. She is currently in hiatus.

9. Anja Dee(She no longer has any social networking sites)

Anja was an Instagram sensation that seemed to die off. Little is known about her.

10. Instagram user @persiannbaddiee

Out of every girl I'm posting, this is the one I'm the most skeptical about how "natural" she is, but here is she, originally from Iran.

11. Instagram user @watchdiamonddoll

"Diamond Doll" is an internet vixen from Toronto, Ontario. She's not in her prime like she was in this video, but she used to be very curvy.

12. Instagram user @only1jshea

Jenna Shea is an urban model out of Los Angeles, California. She has literally posted content every day for about seven consecutive years now.

13. Instagram user @bigbottombehavior

"Big Bottom Behavior" is an Instagram sensation, and she showcases her variety of exercises. She's a Mexican from California.

Closing Statements: I am not expecting a majority of girls to look like this. You also don't have to be this extreme to qualify as curvy in my book. I'm just showcasing ideal examples of what I consider curvy. If you disagree, I could care less.

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  • Well, everyone has a different opinion on what is curvy... But yeah, let's just say this: if you have wide hips and nice-sized boobs, you are curvy, weather overweight or a healthy weight.



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  • You have unrealistic expectations to what curvy looks like. I'm pretty sure all of them had some sort of plastic surgery or injections. Number 5 is totally fake there's no way she could be that big and curvy with such a tiny waist naturally. (Just saying)

    • "Closing Statements: I am not expecting a majority of girls to look like this. You also don't have to be this extreme to qualify as curvy in my book. I'm just showcasing ideal examples of what I consider curvy. If you disagree, I could care less."

      I wrote that at the end of this "MyTake." I didn't EXPECT any girls to look like this.

  • All gorgeous! Great examples!

  • These girls are curvier than any girl I know in real life. Either they are just highly blessed with good genes or its surgery. I dont trust the modeling industry no more smh

    • Right, and like I said, this would be the IDEAL versions of curvy girls. It's not common to see girls built THIS curvy in real life.

      I do think a lot of them have surgery to enhance themselves.

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    • But yeah. Did you know only 8.4% of women on America are a true hourglass figure. Before it was more common. Increase of fat intake and sugar has upped our average waist size. Ashame we dont get to decide where our fat goes.

    • I think it's a small percentage, but I don't believe most statistics anyway (That's almost impossible to find an accurate statistic for that).

      I do see a lot of bottom heavy girls though, but not so much large busted.

  • All this seems to me is you like girls with big asses.

  • Only guys tell me I'm curvy. My waist is 24.5 inches and my hips are 45.5 inches

  • for me they r fat

    • The term "fat" is really simple-minded. Technically speaking, all of us are "Fat"-If not, we would be dead.

      I'm not sure what their body fat percentages are, but even if they are over the recommended amount, the fat is being deposited in the places which are appealing to me.

    • yeah u r right i guess the term curvy changes person to person

  • I'm size 8 in UK dress size. I'm only 5 foot 3 and I'm an hourglass figure

  • those r some fat cows

    • Well, this is your opinion. Each to their own.

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    • In your dreams, nobody loves you, stop lying bitch

    • @Hemlock lol, I am not fat and short, so the marriage is in ur dreams , fat cunt

  • You must have really low standards, I guess that means I'm curvy! XD I thought all fat people were ugly, but I guess some people think differently. I consider myself fat, but my friends say I have curves since my stomach isn't that fat and I have pretty big hips... my bmi is like 25

    • I'm not as big as these people though. My frame is a bit smaller.

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    • Oh lol! Then I guess you will get girls with great personality! XD

    • I don't care about a girl's personality much-I just go after looks. And for me, they only have to be a 5/10 in looks (maybe even lower). I'm just not picky at all. I would say 80 percent, or more girls in my age group are dateable.

  • They are all very curvy but : how can they find pants? I know that where I live in France it'll be impossible to find pants to their size except maybe leggings

    • It's interesting you mention that, Rosee Divine (The French model) says she only wore leggings in France. She also said French people detest big butts.

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    • Oh, I'm not denying that. I'm just saying people are ignorant for making an assumption about people they don't even know.

    • Oh ok I doesn't really get what you were meaning

What Guys Said 7

  • Yes,! love thickness!!! hot

  • Agree except on the 3rd one.

  • Oliva Jensen was thick, but got fat. And that Randallin chick, to be brutally honest, is just plain deformed.

    Personally speaking, I don't care about the term curvy. I like 'em thick, so if your waist is small and your stomach is flat while the rest fills out, you're thick and I find that the ideal, even if the women come in different weight classes. Body shape is more important than body size.

    And I find it way more ridiculous that the scrawny rectangles from Victoria Secret are being called curvy. Now that's some straight up BS.

    I think this popular cosplaying chick named Enji Night (Google her name since I can't post any pictures yet) got the perfect ratios in the sense of pleasing the most men, because us black and hispanic brothers don't mind our women bigger as long as they remain thick.

  • Sorry dude but most of them look like elephants lol ! :D

  • I love a girl with a chubby tummy

  • Fat or chubby or curvy femininity more

  • those girls aren't curvey. they're closer to chunky.

    • For some of them, this is true.

      Keep in mind, you can be chunky, AND curvy. Curvy is a body shape.

    • that first girl is pear shaped whereas curvy is an hourglass shape.