Can curvy be attractive?


You will notice this is not so much a question as a mytake :) I really like curvy girls myself. In fact this picture is one of the best that shows the kind of body I like.

Can curvy be attractive?

I could go even a little more too but that's just perfect for me. Now I don't think I will be able to find a girl looking that perfect so I have understood that she might have a little extra weight and that's because that is still attractive to me. But I have posted a question recently where guys and girls are saying.

I think a body like that is...

"disgusting" "gross" and "hideous"

In fact, with that idea you might think... man can anyone ever like a girl like that.... would anyone ever WANT to be with a girl that big? Well let's see....

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

Wait... They must be big too right? and not look good themselves.. that is the only explanation! huh... one of them is skinny... one has muscles and one is a cute guy... wait a second hold on... this is not right... those bodies are suppose to be disgusting gross and hideous.... why are men showing affection? wait I know... it ends in public... behind closed doors they don't go any further.

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

A wait a second! NO this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! They are suppose to be disgusting gross and hideous..... why is this happening...…

Surely modern fashion has to be more reasonable... I mean they know what real beauty is right?

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

What is this....? How is this possible...? it's like they have an eye for plus size women

Can curvy be attractive?

.... are they attractive? Can they be attractive... ?

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

Did that magazine call a plus size model so hot....? well maybe it's just a thing.. surely they can't base an entire magazine on plus size women...

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

Wait.... They made a magazine just for girls like that... why would anyone read it if they were supposed to be disgusting gross and hideous..... maybe there is something more to this... maybe they are attractive to some :)

Can curvy be attractive?
Can curvy be attractive?

Going full circle, Do you remember that girl I mentioned at the beginning? Well apparently she is a model.

Ashley Alexiss

Can curvy be attractive?

And while Ashley Graham is probably in quite a few of the pics that I posted :) Ashley Alexiss has been noted as being her follow up

"Plus-size model dubbed the new Ashley Graham wins her first lingerie campaign (and she even shares the same name as the Vogue cover star)"

She even has her own fashion line now... as the article describes

Can curvy be attractive?

And that is how I would like to end this. Beauty is not a size. Just because one person does not like it. It does not mean that other people don't and clearly this shows that plus size models exist and are promoted and that curvy women go on to find relationships and get married. Attraction is not one size fits all.

Can curvy be attractive?
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  • DanaeAdam5
    Lol agreed! As a bisexual I get WAY too turned on by curvy gurls!
    Also for the people who say that their "fat":Bruh if u get turned on by/or are a skinny girl good for u. But these women look FUCKING GORGEOUS! And as long as they dont have any health problem ur an asshole for judging them👍
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    • Boppy

      Why are you offended by the word 'fat' if you think people like that are gorgeous?
      It seems like hiding behind a euphemism, but I don't really understand enough.

    • Sis these girls are fat.

    • nelly83

      @Boppy Some people find thicker curvy girls attractive. Its just the reality you need to accept.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ManOnFire
    Dude! Of course curvy is attractive! Here are some of my favorites:
    k_pocket_poker (Instagram)
    k_pocket_poker (Instagram)
    roza_vasilishina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    roza_vasilishina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    anouk_ddlgxlo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    anouk_ddlgxlo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    • Jjpayne

      Now that's what I'm talking about!

    • ManOnFire

      Especially Roza and Anouk, man. I wanna tittyfuck them so bad.

    • No offense but your black so it's obvious that you like curves

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  • AshViper
    Most of these girls aren't curvy, they're overweight. Obese even for at least one or two.

    The 1st, 2nd, 2nd to last, 3rd to last, Curvy Magazine & Belle Curves are really the only legitimately not excessively overweight - nearing obesity - curvy women.

    Take it from a naturally curving woman with a classic hourglass figure that certainly doesn't lack in compliments.
    • shane85

      Agree.. None is curvy... Look more like meat market... Real Curves are seductive indeed

  • xKaytie
    Stop using curvy as a new word for overweight, a skinny girl can be curvy.

    I have no issue with women that are a bit overweight but stop calling them “curvy” because they put more in their bodies.

    Curvy usually comes from a lot of muscle tone and exercise
    • Chase7777

      Curvy does not come from muscles. It comes from bone structure and genetically predisposed fat storage. You can definitely alter it some with training though. Lots of girls think they are overweight when they are in a perfectly healthy weight.

    • Voluptuous used to be the word instead of 'Curvy'. It was used for a woman who definitely had the hourglass shape. Larger than average breasts. The waist was still defined (not a gut hanging out). The hips and butt were definitely around the 38 inch measurement. It was very sexy. Many now try to substitute the word 'curvy' when they have folds of skins and protruding guts. This is definitely obese - not curvy - and it is not healthy or attractive (my opinion).

    • xKaytie

      Do you find a 38 inch waist attractive? That’s actually quite big

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  • Sarahr123
    That’s not curvy that’s fat. Curvy is Salma Hayek, Shweta Tiwari, Tara Sutaria, Mahlaga Jaberi. They have teeny tiny waists but they have wide hips and big boobs. Curvy means having a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 meaning something like a 24 inch waist and a 34 inch bust and hip measurement. I think the ideal waist size is 23-25 and the ideal bust and hip is 34-36. A 24 inch waist with a 32DD bra size and a 34 inch hip is an absolute Godess. That is a divine form.
  • CubsterShura
    People only like those curvy women who still fit into the generic beauty standards: structured slim face, significant waist-to-hip ratio with cinched waist, not too much belly sticking out, little to no cellulite.

    In reality, most curvy women, even at healthy bodyweight just come with those 'flaws' that can't be Photoshopped in person.
    • Unfortunately true. Also, some curvy girls and women are objectified more frequently than "normal" girls in my opinion.

  • rubyrose83
    Curvy is not supposed to be a synonym for fat and people should stop using it that way. Actual curves can be quite attractive. To each their own but being unhealthy and being complacent about it should never be encouraged.
  • HomoFuge
    These women would definitely be attractive for many men but for me personally I don’t find it attractive. A body like Shakira’s will always be the sexiest for me.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Sorry... To me, the curves of an obese and/or heavily overweight woman or man are not positively attractive.
    • artemis77

      really who can resist a bit thick love a bit of meat on the bone

    • @artemis77: A "bit" is NOT THE SAME as "obese" and "heavily" and "overweight" which I had experienced for at least 10 years of my life. Being obese and/or heavily overweight is also unhealthy.

    • artemis77

      true not over top just enough thick to make them curvaciously curvy

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  • bannacookies
    I consider this curvy, but most of the girls in these pictures here to be overweight, not really curvy. I think Bebe Rexha's (what I think of as curvy,) figure is attractive.Can curvy be attractive?
    • rubyrose83

      I agree! Even though some idiots still call her fat, smh. She's gorgeous!

    • artemis77

      not fat thick there is a difference

    • rubyrose83

      @artemis77 People have called Bebe fat. Designers have refused to dress her.

      And I disagree. Thick is just a term guys use when they like fat girls. The same 'thick' girl would be called fat by a guy that didn't like it.

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  • tiajoka
    That first girl is curvy but also like, photo-shopped lol.
    Personally I hate it. Its hard for me to lose weight and I envy those plus sized women with flat stomachs. I have a lot of medical issues hormonal and stomach wise so I'm constantly dealing with painful bloating. I'm not as heavy as most those women but because my stomach protrudes it looks less attractive on me.
    • Jjpayne

      There is the sports illustrated picture. While a flat stomach is nice, in bed that stomach must feel so nice to be intimate with

    • Jjpayne

      But a less intimate example. Is simply cuddling.

  • HoratioCaine
    we're saying it's gross, disgusting, ugly etc. becase our preference is not that. it's just not attractive t me and even more unattractive when fat obese men think they can hit on smaller girls. it sucks if you can't wrap your legs around the other person and theyre crushing you not because theyre heavy but because theyre soooo wide
  • TheUniqueOne96

    I'll be honest, I didn't really read the myTake or anything, but I would like to say that curvy doesn't always mean fat, like it's just the way a body is, like you can be skinny and be noticeably bigger around certain areas and you can be a fat version of that shape, so I think there's two types of it.

    As for it being attractive, it depends, because we all have different tastes, but to me personally, yes, but it does depend on how big one is and I do think I am attracted to some that many would consider fat, when I think of body types on a woman and what looks attractive, I mostly think of the sexual parts, like the ass and tits and have a bit of fat in that area can make them look bigger, something that I generally find more sexually appealing, as opposed to just skinny or none-existent ones, though I'm not generally too fussed when it comes to body types.

    For me, body type doesn't always impact your face, at least not significantly, unless you're really fat, in which case your face can look really fat and not so attractive to me and if one is skinny too.

    I'm not trying to encourage anyone to be unhealthy, but at the same time, I'm not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat and make them feel bad for looking a certain way, because we all have our own struggles and even if a person is harming themselves as a result of a poor diet, they aren't doing it to others, but I would say that the main thing, is to be healthy.

    That's where diet comes in, because it plays like the biggest part in what your body looks like and I would say, just eat in a way in which you can do so for life and don't develop any health problems.

    Regardless, people like what they like and I think we need to understand that, so don't complain if people aren't attracted to the same body type that someone else is, because not everyone likes the same thing, so people need to get over it and having a different preference doesn't make someone right or wrong.
  • AngelLily
    I don't know what anybody in the comment section is saying it's clear the people who are saying these women are fat are blind most of the women shown are curvy to chubby to plus size it's like people these days really don't even know what fat/skinny/ looks like anymore. All these women look perfect and soft❣️
    • AngelLily

      Also the same idiots in the comment section saying these women are fat are probably also the same people who would see pictures of slimmer women and say there to thin🙄

    • Guanfei

      These women ARE fat. Just because you say they're not doesn't mean it's true. They're fat, and that's the reality. What's next, will we call 500lbs girls curvy too?

    • AngelLily

      @Guanfei Non of these women are even close to 500 most of them arnt even close to 400 90% of the women shown have no rolls for backs and big guts

  • archiz
    I still don't find someone very overweight attractive.
    To each their preference though, a mytake isn't going to change that🤷🏿‍♀️
  • lunawolf1127
    Well I don't know what to say other than, I'm a plus sized girl and I find it hard to find guys who find me attractive, but personality I think it is wonderful when guys aren't judgmental, also thank you, you have helped me with a bit of the insecurities I face as a plus-size girl it bothers me to think that people don't think that we are beautiful but everyone's human and we are all beautiful creatures
    • Joshyjay95

      Same think for me as a male not fat but short measuring 5.5ft so imagine lol

    • I'm not judgement about body type

    • Bensbrie

      @Joshyjay95 short guys are cool too! I'm sure some girl will definitely find you appealing! I know a couple short guys who are married and they are nice.

  • Kurαȷ
    Yes curvy can come across as attractive, to poor and promiscuous men.
    Because heavier women have the highest reproductive chances by themselves, so they are ideal for men who either don't plan on providing for them or are straight-up incapable of doing so.
  • Maraneva
    The very first two pictures and then, one or two pictures below are the only ones that'd qualify as curvy. They look plenty attractive indeed.
    The others are just fat. Period. The unattractiveness around fat comes from instinct. Having excess fat in and around the body is unhealthy and is not feasible for longevity and the body knows that. Our bodies instinctively know it's not a good way to go, same way as our faces scrunch up when we see a person with all bones jutting out.
    To any person who's fat out there, if you're fat from some disease or something, sorry about that buddy, I hope you get proper treatment for it and reduce the fat soon so that you'll live a longer, healthier life. But if you're just eating too much and sitting on the couch, you get no sympathy. Chuck your laziness out of the window. Now!
    Before I get the infamous "You know nothing about me. I have this work, that work etc." Please, I coach people at work and they all make time somehow. I finish an 8 AM to 6PM day job, hit the gym till 7.30 PM, coach people there, workout myself and then come home, play musical instruments, write, cook, eat and I manage it everyday. You have a lot of time in a day. Just manage it properly.
  • nelly83
    I think you just sound naïve, immature and inexperienced. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you don't find something attractive, it doesn't mean that nobody else does. Grow up. And plus, the first photo is likely to be photoshopped or retouched. 95% of the female population do not have a body like that. So if you're only willing to date women with that kinda body, you're gonna be single for a long long time.
    • Hunter7754

      "95% of the female population do not have a body like that."

      That should tell you something, it should tell you that people need to start eating healthier.

    • nelly83

      @Hunter7754 Eating healthier is not gonna give you that kinda body either. Learn something about genetics.

    • Hunter7754

      Yeah it will. If you are on a caloric deficit, you WILL lose weight. Its just how the body works.

      Also genetics only play a small factor when it comes to weight management. Many people that are out of shape are out of shape because they either don't know what good nutrition is, or they don't care.

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  • Warmapplecrumble
    I think they are very attractive and kinda jealous of them at times 😂 but I'd consider myself curvy too but I don't get considered curvy by people even though my ratios are of a hour glass figure
  • pleasestopthis
    Those women look very attractive indeed, but most curvy women don't look like that. Most have cellulite and flabby arms and jiggly tummy, that's in no way attractive.
  • kymberz
    holy crap! i'm in love with all of those women! but man you would die over my bestest girlfriend - she's 6ft tall and looks just like them! booby, hippy, booty - she has it all going on! and if i could look like anyone - it would be her - she is all that and a bag of chips! and we call her Xena and we call me Gabriel (from that old tv show? i never watched it but she loved it!). and once more - those girls are gorgeous but so is my girlfriend and i am glad that you enjoy women who look like women are supposed to look and not girls who look like 14yr old boys!
    • yea start shaming skinnies just to prove your point of how "attractive" women are. you need validation, we get it dyke.

    • kymberz

      @HoratioCaine that is really rude! why would you say something like that? you don't even know me and dude i weigh 100lbs soaking wet! so please have a nice day and go jump off a tall cliff? ya like that!

    • DianaWest

      i think slim thick women are the hottest. in other words, they are thin, but with a nice, curvy ass and nice hip to waist ratio. they are the body type i want to have and i find ideal.

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  • curvy can and in most cases is attractive. but the term curvy seems to have multiple means. in truth it seems like there are 3 main views of curvy. slim build curvy / average build curvy and plus size build curvy. all can be attractive in there own way. but truly depends on how the person carries the weight they have and the dimensions of there body.
  • Sensmind
    Very good take - One of the things a fair person must accept is everyone has different tastes and just because it is not to your taste does not makes it bad - In fact it does society a favour we have people with all sorts of preferences mixing it up so we probably end up with maybe 70% plus ending up in a happy relationship - What would the figures be if there was a very narrow male and female ideal with so many falling outside the range.
  • Agem123
    Those photos are edited and touched a lot. Real curvy girls don't look like that. I mean, where's the cellulite and stomach rolls?
    • shyapples2

      The sports illustrated one looks a little edited

    • Agem123

      All of them are edited. No stretch marks, no nothing. Come on😂

    • shyapples2

      Yeah, your probably right lol but they do a really good job

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  • akihon
    He'll yeah it can it's not always about the size but the person behind it.

    Having said that it becomes extremely unattractive when I'm told I have to stay in great shape, but the person saying it is anything but in even good shape.

    It becomes extremely unattractive when I'm told that I don't measure up but those saying it haven taken any measurements in years
  • wingattebaby16
    curvy is sexy.

    when she has rolls and back boobs, then she is not curvy.
    • Avenoma

      lol,..,"its all in the hips""its all in the hips""its all in the hips"

    • artemis77

      as shakira says the hips don't lie mmm.. shakira

  • DorkVader
    Thanks for showing love to curvy girls! Good MyTake
  • CT_CD
    I think curvy is considered the most attractive body type by most guys. Not plus size but an hourglass figure. Wider hips and bust with a defined waist. Can curvy be attractive?Can curvy be attractive?
    • roland77

      Is she considered as "curvy"? I guess this was called slim.

    • Lliam

      THAT'S what I call curvy!

    • roland77

      @Lliam Very nice!

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  • BeanieCoatman
    curvy is already attractive... that jus means a nice butt n boobs,
    but the girls in ur pics are more than jus curvy... they are fat... there's a difference... lose em a couple stone and yes they will be hot
  • Dchrls78104
    Define "curvy". Some seem to have used it to include obese women. The truth is that obesity is neither attractive nor healthy. Some say a "curvy" woman is not slender but not fat either, i. e, thick or heavy set. This can be attractive (though not to me) and nothing is wrong with it.
  • Bensbrie
    This is so sweet. My husband is around 130 lbs and 6ft tall. I'm 5' 5' and curvy. 😋
    • Bensbrie

      What is there to dislike about my comment? Its sheer fact, but oh well.

  • liburnia
    Many man can, and many man do. Otherwise there would be a lot of single people in the world
    • roland77

      Yes, obesity has increased a lot. I guess because of unhealthy life-style like always watching TV, not going out much and eating greasy foot or fast-food. I stopped eating #kebab and already eat very rarely meat, now I'm full vegetarian, still to much noodles, I guess.

    • roland77

      I was 70-60-90 (cm, chest-waist-butt) in circumference when I was young. Now my butt is 100. :-(

    • liburnia

      Yes, unfortunately men and women are growing like a yeast. Although I must say that I do like to see some meat on the bones in both.

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  • Some like tall, some like short
    Some like blonde, some like brunette
    Some like long hair, some like short hair
    Some like shy, some like extroverted
    Some like independent women, some like docile women
    Some like skinny, some like plump
    Some like big boobs, some like small boobs
    Some like big butts, some like small butts
    Some like tattoos, some like no tattoos
    Some like kinky, some like vanilla

    Whatever configuration a woman may have, there is a guy somewhere who seeks such a woman. I am not attracted to plump women and that's okay, because you are. There is balance in the universe!
  • claryy
    Curvy girls can be sexy too, I think that Ashley Graham is a goddess she is so beautiful. I think that when we talk about beauty size doesn't matter.
  • PielDeMiel
    In some cultures being fat is equated to having more wealth because food costs money, so that was a desirable feature.
    • Some African cultures find that putting large disks in women’s ears is extremely attractive.

      So that was a desirable feature

    • PielDeMiel

      @Thomas__Shelby another fine point.

    • roland77

      @Thomas__Shelby Yes, true. I found that very wrong, while being a bit curvy is totally. My girlfriend is average build.

  • babywerewoof
    Ya know whats NOT sexy? Diabetes at 40. While all that extra weight accentuates curves and sex appeal in SOME women, not most, SOME with gifted genetics, (The rest wear corsets and spanx to force that shape) Its still not healthy and it won't look like that forever. When your arteries are clogged and limbs start falling off due to poor circulation and no exercise, thats not sexy its horrifying.

    I know its easy for me, someone who has never been fat to say "quit being fat."
    But its as simple as stop eating more calories than you consume. Period. Simple isn't always easy, but it is that simple and your body will thank you.
    • *Consuming more calories than you need, herpa derp😋😂

    • This is kind of an ignorant statement and I'll attribute it to your age. I'm a healthcare professional and not everyone who has a little extra weight is going to get diabetes or have a heart attack. There are plenty of thin people whose blood is so lipemic it looks like a strawberry milk shake.. it's called being "skinny fat", while "over weight" patients labs come back with flying colors.

    • Chase7777

      Most girls think they are overweight when they are at a perfectly healthy weight. Women are supposed to have higher body fat.
      Higher body fat in the thighs protects from cardio vascular disease and is correlated with better blood fat values.

      Diabetes comes from your diet, which is together with lack of exercise the main factor for health issues, not body fat percentage.

      Why do you even feel the need to tell other how to live?
      Quit being dumb, I know it's easy to say for someone who has never been dumb.

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  • bolverk
    Most guy's if asked candidly would prefer women who have a classical hourglass figure, as the bust-waist-hip ratio is one of the subconscious triggers of good health we have when we are looking for a partner, not what is being classed as 'plus size' at the moment.
  • D_Bone_Steak
    They've always had appeal otherwise natural selection would've deselected them thousands of years ago.

    Gay men and women judging beauty... super skinny, taller than most men, manly features... I'm glad it's dying but it kind of sucks they're trying to place those body standards on all the guys that were fucking these girls.
  • _gigi18
    There is a difference between unhealthy and overweight and being "thicc" or curvy. All women are beautiful in their own way and they should embrace their body type. If they're healthy and take care of themselves then what else is there to discuss?
  • Crose228
    These women are all FAT and unattractive to me. FAT people need to be shamed. They ate their selves in, they can walk their way out. There are so many FAT women in America, I'm 98% sure I'm marrying someone outside of the USA because of this and a few other reasons unrelated to this topic.
  • Bribree18
    This is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I loved the ending. Truly well written.
    • Bensbrie

      Your name is bri? So is mine lol

    • Bribree18

      @Bensbrie my name is Brianna but I go by Bri a lot lol

    • Bensbrie

      My name is Briana but I go by Brie haha. Probably just a difference in pronunciation, but nickname still the same lol

  • Porcelaine
    The guys who speak of curvy women in degrading ways are usually insecure and pathetic in many ways. They don't have to like them, that is fine there's plenty of skinny women around, but I don't understand why they care if some men prefer it this way. I mean less competition for the thin ones right? And also girls don't have to feel bad if they are naturally curvier, because some men just love it and it's just their type. Thanks for this take. Girls need to see this and guys too, we should all accept eachother preference
    • roland77

      There is also the middle group, called average build. :-) I was slim as any woman would almost dream of: 70-60-90 (centimeters, chest-waist-butt). Now my butt is 100 and my girlfriend finds that okay, too.

    • Porcelaine

      @roland77 I know there is middle group :) but noone could agree on what middle is, for some it's still skinny, for some it's already chubby

    • roland77

      @Porcelaine Yes, true. I found myself average built and my girlfriend finds herself average build, too. I don't see any chubby part in her, breasts are a little bigger but that is okay.

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    The woman shown in the first photo is ideal in every way that is visible in the photo. I like a variety of body shapes and sizes and I certainly like some chubby shapes, full bosomed... I have a limit on how overweight a women can be for me to be attracted to them but its not about weight on a scale because muscle weighs twice as much as fat. It is about their shape and fertility
  • Browneye57
    I married one. I call her my renaissance girl. She's curvy with huge tits.
    But you went from curvy to just plain fat. There's a very real difference.

    Q. How do you make love to a fat lady?
    A. Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.
  • MuffinBoi
    Curvy != Fat

    Basically, curvy is when a woman is shapely (their butt and breasts stand out compared to their figure). If a woman is fat, attaining that 'curvy' shape will naturally be harder. These women are lucky and in this case, it's quite appealing to the eye.

    BUT, many women may not posses curves that stand out, especially when on the heavier side. This is why many associate fatness with unattractiveness I think.

    So to answer your question, yes curvy can be attractive, but isn't very easy to achieve... but then of course, I could be wrong. Feel free to destroy me with evidence :)
    • I can see what you're saying. Curvy means hourglass shaped. I hate describing myself as "curvy" because I feel like it now has a negative connotation. But I have a defined waist and I have tits and ass haha. I hit the gym regularly and eat healthy. Achieving the hourglass shape is difficult because you have to have the bone structure to support it. Someone who is naturally thin can not make themselves be "curvy" without surgery. You can squat and leg press to your hearts desire.. but that's not going to help your tits.

    • Or make your hips wider.

  • MarkusCopeland
    Most of those models are just extremely unhealthy. There's nothing attractive about that whatsoever.

    This is doing a disservice to women who keep themselves at a healthy weight and are actually curvy - not obese.
    • Have you ever actually seen the workouts Ashley Graham does? She works out harder than most men. She works out to keep her hourglass shape. It doesn't happen naturally. She just so happens to also eat whatever she wants.

    • @whatsupbuttercup Then my point still stands.

    • @markuscopeland eating whatever you want sometimes doesn't make you "unhealthy". I see plenty of patients with clear blood workups who aren't societies ideal. It's all about balance.

  • Tomsta
    Of course they can. I love a curvy lady contray to what magazines and social media would say most people find curvy women far more sexy than skinny women
    • roland77

      I found both worlds okay, unless it is the extreme. I'm not into over-weight or super-slim women, both is unhealthy.

    Beauty is in conditioning. Personally I think only 1 body type looks good with more weight. Those girls can be sexy. And rather that body type is petite or thicc it looks good. For other body types the same it not true. I think most if not all the women you showed were the "other" body types..
  • omgrey
    I can't understand why they called them disgusting. I mean I love happy girls, girls who love themselves, their bodies, curvy or skinny, girls who eat their favorite food and then work out for their healthy bodies. They are beautiful.
  • HiFity
    Question; Can not liking people because they are "fat", "obese" or "skinny", "anorexic" be considered a form of something like racism.

    Growing up I was called fat and black, all in one sentence. Being called fat hurt worse... I was built different, with more curves then some, (no butt at all, lol), but I could run faster, swim better, march while playing my clarinet better and volley better than most of my classmates.
    I was healthy with curves, but it was not accepted.
  • DWornock
    Depends on if curvy is actually curvy or based on the perverted definition which means fat. If by curvy you mean fat, that is not attractive. However, the accurate definition of curvy is an hour-glass figure and a characteristic of all beautiful girls and none that are fat, that is very attractive.