Do I Have Preferences in Women?




So today It is a bit personal topic, I have been asked to do this challenge #WhatIFindAttractiveChallenge by the Editor of the month, Ms. @AngelicSin. It is a tough one, much harder than the beard challenge I did a while ago! Why? Because I find it hard to be picky since I never really got to know the difference in women, because I've never actually dated!

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Now I am as you know, a man with good eyes, I see many things that would attract me in a woman, that no one can see, which is kinda of a problem to me. I have a good taste, don't get me wrong, but in looks, I can find many amazing things in someone who is normal!

So I will look deep into my soul, and try to be as selfish and as shallow as I can, because I am a man of my word and I accepted the challenge:

1. Brunettes or blondes?

Brunette : More elegance and mystic
Brunette : More elegance and mystic

Generally I like brunettes over blondes, I don't know it is just something that is automatic but mind you that I have seen some really gorgeous blondes out there!

Literally, I am writing this and my heart is like, man you love both!!!

2. What about skin tone ?

I like white, pale, normal dark brown ...etc lolz

But I think I prefer medium skin tone like this one (Olive skin tone, I don't know what that is but that is what google said lol)

This one is gorgeous !!
This one is gorgeous !!

3. Tall, short, or medium height?

This might be the only thing that I care about to some extent, I mean, I am not a tall guy (175 Cm) but I would go for a bit of a taller girl (180 Cm). If the girl is right, I might go after her, tall girls can be really attractive, as for shorter I don't mind anything above 140 Cm.

Both looks great, but this time I would go for the tall one !
Both looks great, but this time I would go for the tall one !

4. Fit or not?

To be fair, I only care if she is healthy or not, I am not going to deny that I want a fit girl as I worked so hard to be fit and look good (I am not asking for a six pack, at least just a bit of definition), mind you I would never ask a girl change or refuse a girl because she is out of shape, but I think I would love to have a girl that can keep up with me in life and health so we can do all the stuff I like, and yup, many times I find myself looking at muscular girls at the gym! Don't ask me why I like the body type, ask my eyes!

Look good !
Look good !

5. Elegance

An elegant lady is what I wish for, mature and polite with all the right prestige. I find that amazing, now this is more of an age thing, I love it when a girl acts as her age. Young girls are full of life and like to have fun and I like that, but I prefer elegance.

I mean look at that <3
I mean look at that <3

There you go folks, I have gotten as shallow as a puddle, but here is my final word to you and it is not just words, nope, it is something based on past experience:

I would never reject a woman based on my preferences. Sure, looks matter, but in the end as I have in the past done, gone out of my way and asked a blonde, red toned girl out. She was really out of my preferences in many ways, why? I was attracted to her in every way, it is something more than just preferences, it is something the eyes, mind, and the heart can't resist. (BTW, it didn't work out!)

In the end, I thank my friend @AngelicSin I knew you were going to get editor of the month, as you were working hard and put your heart in it, congrats again!

I nominate for this challenge :







Peace upon you all

Do I Have Preferences in Women?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • ErzasCheesecake
    I feel a lot of the girls her have gotten mildly upsetted by your take lol. I think it was great! Very fairly and peacefully presented, and you have some interesting tastes. I wish you good luck on your mission to find the right kind-hearted, olive toned, brunette haired, tall, athlete!
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    • AbdKilani

      When she is right , all of this ( olive toned, brunette haired, tall, athlete!) would mean nothing to me :)
      and I don't see any upset girls here hehe
      Thanks :)

  • Hapinus
    Sort of sad that I wasn’t nominated for this challenge 😔
    But it’s okay I will get over it
    Sort of surprised you would like a girl to be taller than you but the rest of it seems pretty normal ☺️
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    • AngelicSin

      I challenge you.

    • AbdKilani

      look again
      And by the way I don't mind if the girl taller or shorter xd

    • Hapinus

      Yay I was challenged ☺️

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Jack_L_andTurn
    Nice list.

    For me:

    1. Don't care
    2. Don't care
    3. Don't care
    4. Prefer fit, or at least active, because I am a runner (25 miles per week)
    5. I actually prefer the "Plain Jane" girl-next-door type.
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  • PrettyRegular
    I have really much similar views. Even that height thing. If I would date a 180cm girl, I would still be 15cm taller. ☺ I don't mind to be tall. I like it.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Literally everyone has preferences. Those who say they don't are either lying or forgetting about something.
    • AbdKilani

      I don't mind not having what I want , sometimes you get better things than what you wanted

  • Brunette: my hair's indigo thanks to Manic Panic
    Olive skin tone: nope, I'm deathly pale
    Tall: yep!
    Fit: nah i'm underweight and not fit at all
    elegant: yeah
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • Femdomina
    Interesting, I hope you'll find the right girl, very nice MyTake :)
    • AbdKilani

      Well thank you
      I hope too :)

    • Femdomina

      You're welcome, I wish you a good luck in your search ;)

    • AbdKilani

      AW thanks a lot <3
      I hope I got luck when it comes to women, but I won't give up :)

  • VaIiant
    LOL, This'll be difficult for me given I don't have a type. Thanks, Abd :P
    • AbdKilani

      I am your type :p
      You know how hard this was on me, now I trust you can do it , and if you need help , I will :)

  • JDavid25
    I'm the same.. I don't have much of a preference for specifics at least.. I just want a cute girl.. Good take...
    • AbdKilani

      hope you get one soon

    • JDavid25

      Of course.. 8).. And yeah I will one day... When the time is right.. LOL..

    • AbdKilani

      yeah :)
      best of luck man

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  • howlyz
  • cinderelli
    I know these are pretty general preferences.. but I'm all of those xD
    • AbdKilani

      Wow are amazing TBH
      I like your look :)
      Even if you don't have any of those preferences

    • cinderelli

      Thank You <3

    • AbdKilani

      You are welcome <3
      okay , now I just have to think , you look beautiful xd
      sorry , I have to say , your face is really nice :)

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  • LegateLanius
    Kind of surprised you didn't follow suit and challenged others to do the same.
    • AbdKilani

      oh I forgot to nonmilitant some !

    • Lol. I didn't notice. I'll answer either today or tomorrow. I'm heading to see Mission Impossible Fallout

    • AbdKilani

      Okay bro
      Waiting for your take on this

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  • clampfan101
    I agree with most of that. I’m a redhead/ginger fanatic, but brunette is my second favorite. lol
    • AbdKilani

      I like all XD

    • If a girl is kind hearted, fun loving, has some brains and humor, is healthy,(including no smoking and drinking), and most importantly is Christian, I’ll go out with her any time.

    • AbdKilani


  • Queen-of-Hearts
    Nice! That's not too shallow.
    • AbdKilani

      I know , but for me It is as shallow as I could get xd

  • CherryRoseChampange
    Dead, lol I'm like none of this haha.
    • AbdKilani

      How so?
      Like literally I said I don't care about these preferences , they are just extras XD

    • I know I was just mentioning how I didn't fit any of them. Wel maybe being tall and fit enough. I'm 5'6. Pretty curvy/busty though. I weigh like 145. I'm tan, brown skin (this is a doll in my profile picture.) My natural hair is like a tan brown but I dyed it black (Sometimes red) a lot. So it's that for now. I do have elegance but I'm also very versatile and fit a lot of crowds. At the end of the day, I still carry myself well though. So there's that lol

    • AbdKilani

      As you describe your self , I am saying you must look really pretty XD
      TBH , all of that above doesn't matter to me , as much as a good heart and kind soul does :)
      And I like short girls lolz
      I might have wrote this too fast xd

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  • QueenofCups
    I'm impressed.
  • Penelope_
    I like this!
  • Iron_Man
    Tall beautiful slender brunettes or blondes
  • Clarke498
    What a peaceful answer to the question.
  • tslavmane
    Yeah I like them beautiful and out of reach
  • Anonymous
    im sure black girls would get angry reading this lol
    • AbdKilani

      Lol why?

    • Anonymous

      no pic of black girls lol

    • AbdKilani

      Hehe man, I don't really think about race that much
      I just don't see it, back white, red even green (hulk) we are all humans, expect for the hulk 😅

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  • Anonymous
    Dude, blondes and brunettes are not the only hair colors on girls, what about raven-haired girls (with black hair), or redheads?

    • AbdKilani

      Oh my I love redheads too <3
      They are rare to find

  • Anonymous
    Yet your Arab ass is still single.

  • Anonymous
    Is it me you are looking for? holy shit lmao
    • AbdKilani

      Okay it is you ;)
      lets get married hehe

    • Anonymous

      lol im kidding. I have every trait those girls have minus their nice tits. I am part of the itty bitty tiddy committee.

    • AbdKilani

      Bo hoo
      When did I talk about chest size?
      That is really not important to me TBH

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  • Anonymous
    Nice one
  • Anonymous
    I love girls
  • Anonymous
    Good job *applause*