Respect Interracial Couples!

Respect Interracial Couples!

I've seen a lot of posts in this topic on this site, as well as across the internet. A lot of people seem to think interracial couples are wrong. The type of interracial couple which causes anger among some guys is Black Men with White Women. These are by far the most popular type of IR couple. But there's nothing really wrong with that.

Don't be jealous!

Some white guys seem to think that "all" or "most" white women only like black men. This is completely wrong. Most white women like and date white men. So saying that they all like black men is crazy. Even if that were true, it still leaves most white women available. Why? Because black men are minorities! For every black man in the US, there are four white women. Not to mention a lot (and I mean a lot) of white girls simply do not like black men. Maybe even most white girls say the phrase "I don't date black guys". I think black guys would agree with me in that a lot of white girls aren't interested in them.

As well as that, there are a lot of black men who like black women! And white guys, girls who date black men have and will also date white men! So there's no need to be jealous or angry. White women are yours! White women love you! While some may prefer black men and some may date black men, pretty much every white girl would date a white guy So calm down, and focus on getting a girlfriend, rather than blaming your failure of women on black men "taking" all your women. Because that's absolutely incorrect.

Interracial Dating Has Always Been A Thing!

Some people are hating, saying how IR dating is a new age Liberal agenda to make every human one race. Maybe that's true but it doesn't mean IR dating is a new thing. People have been IR dating for years and years and yet most couples are still the same race. Back in the 80's and stuff, racism was dead already. So if white women really did prefer black men, 97% of older white women wouldn't be married to white men now would they? Interracial marriage has been legal for decades and yet they still make up the small minority of overall marriages. So don't sweat it! No race is going anywhere! People's cultures aren't going anywhere because if that were true, we'd see much more older IR couples. In short, people tend to like their own race and the past has proved this.

Let People Date Who They Want

Love is uncontrollable. It's not fair to shame someone for falling in love with someone, just because of their skin color. Love has no limits so just don't be jealous! You can date whoever you want, so give others the same respect.

Thanks for reading. I hope to quench some people's angers by reading this. My first paragraph is related to that. But anyways, some people make IR dating a big deal when it isn't. Most people like their own race. Interracial couples are rare, but they should still be respected.

Respect Interracial Couples!
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  • Anonymous
    I like this post!

    It’s interesting how there are so many interracial relationships yet there are so many people who don’t approve and put their negative prejudices on to others.

    My parents have been in an interracial marriage for over thirty years and they got and still get so much grief.

    I’m in an interracial and inter-religious marriage (he’s a Chinese American Christian and I’m a mixed race Jewish Brit).

    There are a lot of people who are okay with it and are not bothered (they’re indifferent) but I become aware of it when we go somewhere like the mall and have a lot of older people stare at us with disapproving looks (some of whom have said nasty derogatory things to us). I also notice it more when we go out to a restaurant and he orders a pork meal and I order a kosher meal.

    I wish many people would be more accepting and indifferent but it seems like wishful thinking. I am hoping that when we have children, they would not have to experience such negativity and hate.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you

  • Anonymous
    You made some good points, but not sure why you’re trying to convince white men tnat, “white women are yours”. Any woman belongs to themselves and whoever they choose to share themselves with. True, worthwhile, fun, lasting relationships are blind to race. Sorry you have to put up with such idiots.
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    • Yeah that is a lie. White women hate white men and almost exclusively like black men. I don't know what he is saying but it's not true. Black men own white women now. So us whites just have to die alone I guess. It's sad how everyone wants black men to be happy but no one cares about white men.

    • Replying to your opinion: I meant that white women love white men and that most white women like white men. That is what I meant.

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, you're a whiny little loser, that's your only problem. MOST white women end up with white men and are quite happy about that.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Bluedream13
    can someone explain to me why there is wave of all these interracial takes on here? I don't recall seeing a bunch of takes slamming interracial couples, why are there so many pushing it? How about fk off and let our race stay how it is? How's that for an opinion?

    If people wanna marry someone from another race go ahead but why the fk is there this constant propaganda? It's like with the gay stuff. 'its okay to be gay, its okay to be gay, its okay to be gay' they chant into our kids ears from age 10 and up, school, sex ed, media, stupid single moms, it never fking ends.

    Just search blond tits on google images, somehow you get abunch of blonds blowing black guys...

    there's definitely an agenda at play here and I know I'm gunna get flack for this but I don't care. It's always black men and white women too... and how do black women feel about this?

    pretty fking bad, that's how. Go ask a black women 'how do you feel that so many black men are choosing white women over blacks?'
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    • I just googled it and there was nothing of the sort. Porn is porn. Black man white women porn is made by white men and is watched by white men. White men like to feel ashamed at "bbc superiority" and stuff. That's all bullshit in real life. Most white women do not "blow black guys". A huge percentage of white women "don't date black guys". Many do but a lot of them are trashy, fat or ugly. A few high quality white women date black men - but WIll Smith type black men. And even so, pretty much every white woman who has dated black men has also dated whites. There is a push in the media for interracial couples in the past but I think that phase is coming to an end. It's less common in TV now and actually I see a lot of white men with black women in TV. Oh by the way white men with black women is very common. But in short most people date their own race.

    • Afrochick

      'how do you feel that so many black men are choosing white women over blacks?'

      Pretty sweet. They can go abuse and leave another race of women single mothers.

    • @Afrochick and this fixes the problem how? Black women are the least desired of any race so if their own race doesn't want em they are pretty boned. Single black women is a bigger problem than single women of any other race. I don't know how to fix this but all ur men fking white women ain't the answer

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  • NineBreaker
    Why is "race mixing" even a valid term? The overwhelming majority of people on the planet are the product of mixed races. People are people, and what we call "race" in the modern sense is merely a description of various populations that have shared ancestry and therefore share many basic phenotypic traits. The reality is, we're all cousins of varying distance. The person you're least related to is probably your 40th cousin.

    I'm not against people preserving their own culture, or wanting to date/marry people who belong to (or don't belong to) their "race" or ethnic group. It's their choice at the end of the day. What I find problematic is when other people who deny others the freedom to choose their spouses or significant others just because they're against "race-mixing".

    Let me be clear: You want to be with someone who belongs to your "race" or ethnic group? Go for it! You want to be with someone who doesn't? Have at it! It's none of my business or anyone else's.
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    • I agree but I am against the agenda to brainwash and force interracial couples.

    • HereIbe

      Nobody is brainwashing anyone. However, crybabies and bitches believe such an agenda exists.

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  • ScaryCool
    I didn't know black men and white women were the only interracial couples lol

    Is this really "Respect interracial couples" or just "respect black men dating white women"?

    I respect all couples the exact same. None more. None less.
    • Black men and white women are BY FAR the most popular type of IR couple. Black men love white women and white women love black men.

  • vishna
    Lmao, some people are going in on the comments and I'm living for it XD

    Uhm, yea, let adults date who they want to. I'm the product of an interracial relationship, and since I've never dated a fellow biracial person, I've always been in interracial relationships : p
  • AriesMan
    Thomas Jefferson had a black mistress! Cleopatra was the lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Yes, interracial couples are nothing new! In fifth grade in public school in the city, I realized I was attracted to some black girls and I won't try to hide it in public when I can't help to start gawking at their bodies! I love their curly hair and I love how in appearance they are exotic and desirable to me, I won't fight it!
    • HereIbe

      Cleopatra was Greek in ancestry.

  • Juxtapose
    People who are against racial couples are just primitive tribals. Do yourself a favor and ignore them, you'll thank me later.
    • Some people have excuses though. I know a lot of white guys who are depressed and thinking of suicide because they can't date white women - because white women like black men. So I wouldn't insult them like that as one of them is even considering suicide. It's not funny.

  • ThisDudeHere
    What is it with this modern trend of people demanding respect for these awfully trivial things.

    Respect interracial couples. Respect women. Respect trans people.


    Respect is earned, not given or demanded.
    • DinaM

      So what do you to to earn respect?

    • @DinaM what do you mean? Each person has a different treshold to which they give out respect.

    • DinaM

      Yeah, so what do you do to earn respect from them?

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  • sleepycabin
    It's actually better for genetics in general to be mixed
  • CharlieUnicorn
    I got no problems with the reasoning, but then I want it to ultimatelly apply in ALL constellations, no exceptions.

    Some "progressives" are complete hypocrites. They'd applaud this even though it's just a couple, like any other couple.
    But they'd side eye and be ultra sceptical about a white man with a thai or ukrainian wife.
    • It is a problem when every white girl loves black men.

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, you are nothing but a loser. The reason that white women don't like you is because NO WOMEN AT ALL like you. Why? Because you are a LOSER!

    • @HereIbe can you guys stop fighting in comments

  • Eternallylucky
    no big deal until people gawk and start to notice the typical stereotypical couple of a young pubescent Asian girl and a toadskin white man aged over 80 years of age.
    • vishna

      This will be my ex in 55 years. bet

  • Madkeyra00
    I think love is blind. It doesn’t matter the nationality of the person only the person itself. We need to move past color and realize we’re all people.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    Great take.
    People are people they can date who they want #FREEDOM
  • zagor
    I saw a black man with a white woman when I was at lunch today. When I left, I immediately saw a white guy holding hands with a black woman. People like who they like, and other people should quit whining about it.
    • Every black man is dating a white woman. White women hate white men and only like black.

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, did your mama reproduce with her brother? Is that your problem?

    • @PurpleApple are u sain?

  • AuroraRoseat
    Nice common sense Take. People should date whoever they want.
    • Yeah they should. And everyone can except white men. White women hate white men. They only like black men so what's the point? Everyone can date "whoever" they want EXCEPT white men. If we want a white girl it's not gonna work out as they only like black men. I guess everyone can be happy but us right?

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, you are a loser, a loser, a loser, a loser, and a loser. That's your problem. I've gotten plenty of action from white women in my day.

    • Some white women don't want white men. That's part of dating who they want.

      White men can date whoever they want as well.

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  • Zefram
    I'm a white German-Canadian man dating a black Nigerian-Canadian woman and I can pretty accurately say it's tough. Tougher than a safe, normal relationship just dating in-race. There a lot of dicks out there, lotta assholes.
    But then, I wouldn't be able to make fun of her for being Wakandan. And she wouldn't be able to make fun of me for being a colonizer and conqueror. So all balances out.
    Plus my kids will be gods. The best of both worlds. They'll lead millions. Willingly... or as slaves (and not just 'cause German).
    • Afrochick

      Hmmmm, must be your province.
      Toronto, Ontario is pretty chill about interracial couples.

    • Zefram

      @Afrochick I've had bad experiences in Toronto with her too.

  • DinaM
    Better that two people of different races love each other than hate each other, I say.
    • Heritage not hate

    • DinaM

      Love, not heritage.

    • Supercontinent. Nope

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  • ZeussLightningBolt
    From my experience it's actually not a big deal to white people.
    I noticed it's other races who teach their daughters not to date outside her race. Especially in Asian countries.
    • vishna

      All my white best friends in high school were told not to date black people. People from different economic statuses : p There are still hella prejudiced white parents out there.

    • @vishna I've notice that parents of every race don't want their daughters to date black men.
      But since black men commit the most domestic violence, I'm not surprised. But I live in a redneck town, and there were quite a few white girls dating black men in my high school.

    • vishna

      I doubt it has much to do with domestic violence statistics XD? If so, people would tell their daughters to simply not get into relationships. Black people, men in particular, have been portrayed as animals and lesser than for most of history and that idea was shipped out across the world.

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  • degrassielilover
    I'm a white girl who is super into Hispanic men.. so I say it's okay.
    • Of course. Every white girl hates white men. Most only like black men. I guess everyone else can be happy but us?

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, do you know how I know you're a TOTAL LOSER?

    • @HereIbe multiple women saying you suck on here probably like your real life

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  • Salmon4056
    I respect them. And they don't deserve to be hated. I just wouldn't do it.
  • ImSoSquishy
    most of the people in this world is already mixed, people who are actually 100% pure breed of a specific race are minorities compared to how many people is currently in the world. as a species-- most of us aren't even 100% homosapiens, because there are more or less some neanderthal variants that can be traced in all of our dna. i'm pretty sure in a few thousand years, if the world didn't turn into shit by then with some apocalypse, then americans and maybe even other people in other first world countries will be no different than filipinos because we'll be so mixed with so many races in the country.
  • NatashaJ
    If you trying to stop someone who doesn't want to date you then just means your nuts and you think they are a object that belongs to you. Usually telling them to shut the fuck up and calling them idiots usually clears up these idiots because they realize they being dumb. Ex had the nerve try to tell me I am cheating on him when I start dating another guy even thou we broke up he broke up with me! yet I can't date someone months after the relationship. I call him a idiot right there then and his excuse was "I let my feelings get the best of me sorry" yeah right lol you try to act I am your property when I am not I am my own person I can date whoever I want.
  • I'm 100% against it. I 100% believe in preserving identity and heritage not washing it away.
    • Jackblue

      Galatians 3:28-29

    • @Jackblue: Galatians 3:28-29 has nothing to do with interracial acting or marriage, but simply there is no distinction between jews and gentiles before God in Christ to be saved, so don't take or twist scriptures to fit your narrative.

      I stand by my original comment.

    • Jackblue

      What I believe that it is saying is that being a Christian defines a person more than their bloodline and that Christians should identify themselves as Christians instead of being too concerned about nation.

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  • JDavid25
    Well, you always have to factor in the "Black" men who are teens, and "Black" boys, "Black" gay men, the "Black" men who are incarcerated, and the "Black" who don't like "White" women, or only want "Black" women, and the pool of available "Black" men is not that big for "White" women.. Most "White" women couldn't date "Black" men.. Also I don't really care for the term "interracial"... As I don't see "race" as a biological component to really label us Humans.. "Interracial" bondin has been goin on since humans existed.. It's just 2 humans likin each other, who happen to be of a different physical variation..
  • Marinepilot
    I've been in IR relationships. Try it in the 70's and 80's in the Deep South.
    We necessarily had to be stronger.
  • RationalMale
    I say, diversity is worth defending. Whether you're an evolutionist and you recognize that there are no real morals, only that which helps your genes, and by extension those genes similar to yours to survive, or whether you're a Christian and you recognize that God himself created diversity by scattering all the peoples and separating them--indeed, the Bible tells is that at the end times, it will be the Anti-Christ who brings all peoples together on earth.

  • tslavmane
    How about not telling other people what to do? That's respectful behavior.
  • Dchrls78104
    Barack Hussein Obama was the product of an interracial relationship/marriage.
  • HereIbe
    Racial purity is a form of inbreeding. Inbreeding is a form of incest.
  • AdmiralBailey
    Umm. This fun and gay and all but who has the Xanis?
  • BossBossCross
    I come from one
  • VixenRach
    Interracial couples are awesome 😍
  • ColdHeartedxxx
    Race mixing isn't cool. Sorry not sorry.
    • Race mixing isn't cool

    • DinaM

      Race mixing is the coolest.

    • God made us different for reasons beyond my knowledge. But I trust thete were indeed reasons

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  • LeaLee
    Great Take!
    • Not really. I guess everyone can be happy except white guys right? Blacks can all date out women we'll just die alone. It's what people want anyways.

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, you're just a whiny little butthurt loser who can't get any. Boo fucking hoo for yooooooooo! I'm white. I'm a fucking NERD! I still got plenty of yumyums from the white ladies. Why? Because I'm not a LOSER.

    • @HereIbe PREACH

  • jaraulio
    Haters gonna hate.
  • JamesDuncan
    A 56% and a 37%
  • clampfan101
    If it’s a man and a woman, it’s all good with me.
  • jacquesvol
    I certainly respect them.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Respect same race couples. :...
  • LegateLanius
  • simoncross
    no one cares
  • TheNephilim
    Interesting myTake.
  • gothmoth
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this take!!!
  • Anonymous
    How can we respect a couple committing white genocide? It should be made law in the west banning white women from dating outside their race. I don't care about the other races they can create mutts for all I care.
  • Anonymous
    Are you people mentally ill or what? what's up with so many interracial couples? It's sad that in this day you still need to label or judge people based on their skin color or their facial traits. I will pray for you, poor mofos
  • Anonymous
    You’ve made some good points. I don't know why some people don’t like interracial relationships but that’s just offensive. This world is diverted so we can date anyone we want. I’m a Filipina and the last person I liked is half Turkish-half Polish but my friends who are also Filipinos said that I should only date people in my race becuz it’s weird and the culture. Well fuck culture. Idc about it cuz it shouldn’t affect the relationship between a couple who r in different race from each other.
  • Anonymous
    Great myTake
    • Yeah whatever. It's great for every other race of man but white men. We all just have to die alone right?

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, no, only the total losers who don't deserve women have to die alone.

    • @HereIbe I'm giving you to much attention little guy have a bitter loser day

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  • Anonymous
    I suspect one reason why interracial dating bothers some people is that its effects are not evenly distributed, e. g., a white man who doesn't make much money and lives in an area in the southern US where he is in the minority, is going to be more affected by white women of the same social class dating interracially than one who is a high earner in a mostly white area. The first guy lkely isn't an attractive partner to white women in his area who are well-educated and make good money, so his perspective is very different and one can understand that maybe he isn't so happy about interracial dating.
    • Yeah but those kinds of white women in trashy kinda neighborhoods still date/have dated white men. There's very very few white who ONLY date black men. The ones that have dated black men also have dated white men.

  • Anonymous
    Couldn't agree more. There's a lot of hysterical hype over this.
  • Anonymous
    Most IR couples including the IR relationships I've seen/been in in real life weren't done out of some agenda. IR couples I've seen and been in came from two people having a lot in common and falling in love with each other.

    I just find it weird why other people will care about who others decide to date especially while it's not hurting them. If a white women that some white man was interested in wasn't dating a black man then it doesn't mean she'd be dating him.

    If some people are so concerned about racial purity they could go and date and have children within their own race. I mean in some cases odd cases I could see why a person might want to support racial purity, though even then they shouldn't care if other people don't.
    • White women naturally want black men. The Liberal agenda has encouraged white women to hate black men and now they do. White women like black men.

    • HereIbe

      @PurpleApple, no, they don't, you whiny little crybaby. White women want MEN, not whiny little crybabies like you. They want MEN, not losers like you.

    • @HereIbe they only like black men. I accept I will never be happy. There's only one thing to do.

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  • Anonymous
    I've found that women are much more picky about dating outside of their race then men while hypocritically acting more PC on the surface.
    • No actually white women dating black men is very common. Women (at least white) are very pro-ir dating.

    • HereIbe

      White women dating black men is uncommon. Most white women date only white men. Check the data.

    • @HereIbe actually (not defending this guy) but white women with black men is very common, at least here in the US. They're everywhere.

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