What I Find Attractive...

What I Find Attractive...

Hi guys, I was nominated to do this by @SketchForger and I accept because I mean why not and nobody ever nominates me for anything on GAG lol.

I doubt I'm gonna get many reads due to so many of these being up, but hey, that never stopped me from doing a myTake before. So let's get into this. I'm going to be very neutral when I speak since I'm bisexual lol.

This goes for both genders. Some a little more towards men though since I'm more likely to get in a relationship with one.

Of course, literally as always, enjoy or not, Both are welcomed.

1. Intelligence, Intelligence, I'm In Love Again.

What I Find Attractive...

Me personally, I really adore intelligence. I don't care what you're more gifted in this category. General practical thinking and a highly aware mind is my weakness. To me not just knowledge but wisdom with it is power. And I have a thing for that. A man with his head on straight is just the best quality ever. Especially when the person knows -

The More You Know, The More You Know You Don't Know -Aristotle

Really, this sums up 50% of my interest in someone lmao.

2. Etiquette And Dignity

Because as you all know-

Manners Maketh Man- Harry, Kingsman

What I Find Attractive...

All playing aside, I really agree with this though lol. It was instilled in me, so I naturally really like when respect and value are returned when it comes to how a person carries themselves and treats others. I'm sort of a fiend for people who treat others with respect. I find that extremely attractive...

3. Mysterious, "Onion" Complex

What I Find Attractive...

I really love a person who is mysterious and has a lot of intriguing levels to them. The opinion process where you have to peel back layer after layer to find out more about them. It's a refreshing feeling for me because I love learning about my person of interest. Mental stimulation is what attracts me the most.

4. A Little Fucked Up In the Head; Flawful

I have a thing for people with a certain amount of demons and flaws. I'm really big on embracing them and learning to grow in a healthy way from them. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to break down a person's darkness and make their heart shine like a star in the dar of night. It interests me and I feel it adds depth to a person. We can both be a little nutty together, I don't mind.

What I Find Attractive...

5. Charming & Confident

I really love someone who is sure of themselves and what they have to offer. Self-worth is a quality that's really attractive to me. As well as quick-witted people. That's charming to me, the ability to keep up in conversation with me with ease and give funny/intelligent remarks.

What I Find Attractive...

6. Caring, Empathic, And Passionate

Before growing as a person and getting to know a little about myself, I probably would have sped past thing with a shrug. But this is something I really really need and adore in a partner now. For them to be caring and empathic. Also, passionate. It's kind of a must, I find it not only attractive but securing. Because I have trust issues-

What I Find Attractive...

And when in doubt that keeps me from calling it quits.

7. Eh...Kind Of Aggressive

As I said, I have a power thing. No idea why, but it's probably because I grew up in a dictator kind of environment with my mother.

Anyway, I think that bled into my choices with partners. Of course, I don't want them to be abusive or anything. Or even dictate my life. But I like dominant people (Mainly men) because being submissive/vulnerable is my thing when it comes to my relationship dynamics. I'm sort of a minor masochist.

What I Find Attractive...

8. Humor, It's No Rumor That I Like Humor ;)

What I Find Attractive...

I simply love funny people. I'm honestly really goofy and light-hearted myself so having that be returned is always fun. Taking all of life too serious can be a drag. It's okay to let loose and be yourself without so much discipline in place. I personally like someone who's wacky and silly. We'd fit perfect together. Especially since I'm always that way. We'd be perfect together-

What I Find Attractive...

9. Ambition

I'm very into doing things with my life. I have big dreams and goals I work towards every day, and it's what brings wonder and happiness into my life quite often. A man who has goals and dreams he is working towards as well, it's attractive to me. I like seeing the hungry and dedication n someone's eyes for something. I like the bravery it takes to go with something you love despite it not being easy. I like fearlessness and strength like that.

What I Find Attractive...

10. Versatile Appearance And Good Health

The reason I didn't talk too much about appearances and body is that even though those matter to me of course. It's not really the biggest things that attract me to anyone in the slightest. You could look like a living fish and I'd probably still date you depending on who you are as a person.

That's just the type of woman I am.

I genuinely fit in with many crowds and I like a bunch of things and people with every kind of appearance. Sometimes I like awkward people.

What I Find Attractive...

Or "Model" types.

What I Find Attractive...
What I Find Attractive...

And regular people. (Even though she's pretty much model type to me lol.)

What I Find Attractive...

As long as you're healthy you can be and look however you want. I just like the things I listed above and not all of them are necessities. My attractions vary. These are just some main ones.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. Love you GAG, have a good one.

What I Find Attractive...

I nominate @JDavid25 To do one.

What I Find Attractive...
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  • JDavid25

    Awww man.. You nominated me, I'm like you I never get nominated for anything.. I guess I'mma have to do one even though it would be super late.. But good take.. I figure most of those things about you.. :)

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  • Prankster13

    Great take. 😊
    6&1/2 out of 10 ain't bad lol. And all those seem like good things to be looking for any how. Good list good take. 👍

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  • Anonymous

    I'm most of them, but not that much confident tbh. I expect my good looks cover that up lol.

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