Why I Don't Use Dating Websites/Apps or Take Them Seriously


I use a few of dating websites and apps and what I got is no result. From those no results, it's because of multiple problems. I used Tinder and dating websites such as POF and I decided to stop using them. Here are my reasons.

1) It's based on luck.

I swear I have to look up on youtube if I am using Tinder wrong. I've been swiping left and right 1000 times and I got no match. According to the tinder master, "Both you and the partner must swipe right." Oh man, winning a lottery seems to have a better chance. The chance of a girl you have swipe right also have to swipe right on you, thats 1 out of 1000000000000000 chance.

2) You have to pay money to get a better result.

I see it as a lose-lose situation on this one. Let's say you find someone all because you have paid $10 per month. If it didn't work out and guess what, you lost $10 and time. I am not investing money on dating sites to get close to no changes of the result.

Why I Don't Use Dating Websites/Apps or Take Them Seriously

3) Girls are taken for some reason.

I manage to talk to some of the girls but what sucks is that the girls are taken already. I am confused, very confused. Is there no mechanic or a tool that the girls are already taken from the dating site? It's almost as bad as cat-fishing, this gets you nowhere. Even if they are taken beforehand, why the heck did you sign up on a dating site?

Why I Don't Use Dating Websites/Apps or Take Them Seriously

4) Many girls are not attractive most of the time.

I have preferences and they are picky(?). One of my top priories is a girl must be healthy. I don't care if you are really fit or have muscle, I care that you take care of your body and your BMI should be healthy. No offense but obesity isn't healthy. Thus, I don't find them attractive. I have been seeing those kind of girls on dating websites A LOT. Being friends is fine but I would not go further into dating them.

Why I Don't Use Dating Websites/Apps or Take Them Seriously

5) Girls don't take dating sites seriously.

I did three types of messages. A comical greeting, a normal greeting, and a borderline creepy message. From all those messages, I get no response. There are times they haven't used the site for months. I can't tell if they are not interested or don't care using the dating site or app. But in the end, they didn't bother using the site all.

Why I Don't Use Dating Websites/Apps or Take Them Seriously
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  • TrixiePooch

    Lots of the people on dating sites are mostly there just to chat, not really date unless someone really stands out, and no telling what that may be. Some are also dating someone but leave their profiles up while shopping or in case someone doesn't work out. And some sites do not delete inactive accounts, like eHarmony, so you may message a lot of people for these accounts but you never get an answer so you think you are rejected. In reality, no one is there to read them. And then you have the fact that a lot of people have no idea what to say on their profile so seem uninteresting and get passed over. So there is a little shove, and a little pull on a dating site. You just gotta know how to play the game there which you can only know by being on one for awhile.

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  • Logorithim

    I met my current girlfriend online (she lives on a different continent), but, yeah, all of These criticisms are accurate, plus all of the scams and fake accounts.

    I only recommend Dating sites/apps for People that want to meet someone in another Country.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    Finding someone outside the app is based on luck. You usually have to pay money to get better results with these girls in real life too. And some of them feel no shame wasting your time and money. So the site feels no shame extorting you for cash.

    Women lie and cheat all the time as well, so why would they be honest on the web if they can't be honest in real life? There's no benchmark of character.

    And yes, a lot of them are severely disabled, used up, single moms with five different baby daddies, or judge you to your face with their profile descriptions before you even have a chance to defend yourself. They go out of their way to describe you as nasty over this or that presupposition, and can't see how rotten their own attitudes are. Usually, these are divorcees.

    One flat-out wrote: "You must not be ugly, be fresh out of prison, or emotionally unavailable. (And if you're too stupid to know what that means, don't bother messaging.")

    Which tells me that girl only made her profile out of hatred of her ex. And yet, she's gonna accuse me, who only looked at her profile, of being the trashy one? Pass!

    I'm getting better luck now with a gal from church that walked back into my life recently, after having previously walked out of it (she wasn't ready for me back then, had some growing up to do, and I think went to therapy for a while as well.)

    POF? I don't know how much longer I'll keep it. Spam, catfish, single moms, and vindictive hags, the lot of it. The single moms wouldn't be so bad, if not for the fact that many of them from their profiles are quite obviously just looking for an ATM.

    And when they find out you're not rich? They shoo you away, and try to sic the police on you "just in case," meaning they don't understand what the purpose of police actually is. Doesn't take long to figure out why they're still single!

    Believe me, I feel your frustration. Of course, some of them whine that they only get replies from guys that want to send them dick pics. The most active men on there are freaks and weirdos, so the good girls stay off the apps to avoid them. And then other guys get the leftovers who aren't afraid to get nasty to the pervs - but who fail to be nice for the good guys afterward.

  • demonics

    Women use dating sites as emotional validation mostly. I used to wonder why my female friends would never respond to messages on Facebook, cdn.mamamia.com.au/.../2016-04-07_20-11-49.jpg
    You look at their screens and all of them look like this^

    That would drive me nuts, and its rude AF, especially if YOUR message is one of those trying to get in touch with her about a school project, some meet up, party, something she's selling or anything else related to NOT trying to flirt her. So yes most of their girls on these sites DO have boyfriends. "Just keeping her options open y'know!"

    Much like Facebook, YOU, or in the case of dating sites, women are the product that they are selling. Its a no-brainer that they would charge money for the more 'exclusive' members. Any attractive people on Okcupid for example will be given extra perks, I even screenshotted it where they message you and tell you, our members have rated you above average attractiveness so you will now see more attractive members as well. And just like that, the floodgates of hotties opens up to you.

    Women have made this shity social dynamic, let them wallow in it. Let them write their little "MEN need to man up!" MEN need to get over their obsession with younger women" MEN need to date single moms" MEN need to work more!" Fuck all that... do whatever you want to do dude. Let the women follow or get the hell out of the way. Its a shitty life chasing after and worrying about women all the damned time. there's 196.9 million mi² of Earth out there! Go touch it, poke it, look at it, and pee on it!

  • andreasderjuengere

    You might be right about YOUR area/country and also about the sites that YOU have tried. It indeed must have something to do with your cultural mindset and also attitude towards electronic communication. I sometimes use ''thaifriendly. com'' (a local dating site) for FREE and I get quite a number of hits, met numerous ladies through this, and get laid, entertained or meetings whenever I put some own effort into it.

  • CasaNorba

    kick ass article bro!

    I agree all the way. lets not forget that it really is a lot harder if you're a guy because of the main reason you listed as #5. me must not forget that most of them aren't even in for the dating, they just in it for the hype, attention, status and the free dinner they're expecting to get out that date.

  • Lance1965

    I agree with all of those points but there is also all the fake accounts. Number 5 is a good point too. Most women on dating sites have no real intention of meeting anyone. They only create the accounts out of boredom or just out of curiosity to see who will notice them so you are really wasting your time by messaging them.

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  • zagor

    On a lot of sites you can only respond if you're a paid member. Usually you can't tell who is a paid member, so you may be sending messages to people who can't even read your message.

    Those sites exist to make money for their investors, not to match people up.

  • Likes2drive

    Yeah it’s tuff out there, I’ve tried most of them except tinder, I do get responses at times but it’s a numbers game, there is more men than women on all of them so it’s really hard, I hardly ever get to meet anyone

  • Silver158

    I had a friend who as soon as he was single would install every dating app in existence on his phone. every damn time. lol

    also most girls on dating sites/apps are usually there for the attention and even if they're not they have that much choice due to thirsty guys the chances of getting anywhere are pretty slim.

    It's a good job I figured a while ago I'm more of an in person kinda person. So I meet girls the old fashioned way.

  • AlphaMaleTruth

    All dating sites cater to women and might have assisted in the modern entitlement most women suffer from. In addition the women who are on dating sites are usually full of the old, debt ridden, used up women and single moms. Waste of time men.

  • Goldenskies6

    I’ve had this problem myself as well from guys. In the description I wrote I’m looking for friendship and good communication that’s leads to a good relationship. But most of the guys just want to have someone to talk to and that’s it. And the pictures they post up they either look miserable or drinking beers and/or out partying. And some of their descriptions they write that they smoke and drink socially a lot and how an ex left them along leaving their children with their daddy. And now some of these guys who have a kid to are in rush in a dating scene😒. These to me these are red flags ❌ lack of commitment, communication, and responsibility.

    So, I stopped 😊😎

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  • vishna

    I think it's luck based a lot, which is annoying.

    I found a guy online and we dated for a year, he turned out to be a manchild but whatevs. I found someone lmao.

    I feel ya on 4, but I'm not picky, a lot of guys are very out of shape or post really unflattering pictures and they just do nothing for me. And I don't mind a guy with a dad bod, but yea, a lot of the guys I'm matched with I don't find physically attractive and half of the time it's because their pictures are just horrible (bathroom pics, pics up the nose, not a single smiling picture... wth do you want a girl or not :/) I wish there were tips online to help people present themselves the best way possible.

    about 5 though, often girls are swamped by messages, when I message dudes, I don't expect a reply. It's online dating, I shot a message in the dark-that's it.

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  • BeHappy1985

    I think the real problem here is that you might simply be ugly and aiming out of your league. I've had plenty of good experiences when it comes to dating apps/sites. Luck has nothing to do with it.

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  • beefyburrito32

    For men dating sites are only good for creating depression. You have a better chance a scoring a date with a good hearted women at a bar then on tinder, which is saying something.

  • castratedwhiteguy

    Total waste of time! If you can't score in real time then you just can't score,

  • Sketti

    Pffft luck

  • LegateLanius

    Dating apps suck donkey.

  • laughinglad999

    dating sites are no use

  • Anonymous

    Nice take

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  • Anonymous

    I agree

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