50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Yes, there is a list! A well protected, closely guarded document that goes beyond ‘what to wear on the first date’ and delves deep into the things that really matter to the tough ones. Men chase women and women woo men, that’s the way it has always been. But does that have to be so black and white? What about all the shades of grey i.e. those things that men hide when chasing women and the things that women must know when on a men-wooing spree. Now, this is not some ‘out of worldly’ info that was left on earth by the Martians! This piece, my dear friends, is a compilation of things that your men won’t share with you, for reasons aplenty, but expect you to know. Look at this piece as a storehouse of Grandma’s Secrets; and trust us, they know it all. After all, the subtle art of seduction took roots ages before we even walked this planet. Go on now, read the following pointers and try to understand what are the things guys wish girls knew. From space to sex, we have it all right here.

Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

1. Asking girls out is a big deal for us. So, just because we are acting cool doesn’t mean we aren’t shivering inside. It won’t hurt to appreciate the effort.

2. Going on a date is a 2-way thing. Taking an active interest in helping us decide the place would go a long way in letting us know you are in.

3. Yes, dolling up takes time and is really flattering but please, please be on time. We may not say this up front but being late isn’t fashionable and no, it isn’t sweet either; no matter how you look.

4. Also, being ‘fashionably late’ isn’t every guy’s thing. More often than not, we like people, including us, to be on time. Especially when we come to meet you!

5. So you are a vegan..big deal! I like my meat and you going all “Eww..” doesn’t add any feathers to your ‘green’ cap. Just let me keep my choices.

6. We aren’t all pigs. And even if we are, we don’t go out with Miss Pigs. So freshening up and smelling nice for a date won’t hurt. But please, hold it on the makeup.

7. Don’t be an open book. We like a mystery.

8. Ex-talk is a turn off; even worse than bad breath.

9. Keep the conversation alive. Unrequited flirting never turned on any sensible guy.

10. We don’t ask a personal question on dates. And while asking about our best friends is ok, whether or not we get along with our dads is really none of your business on the first date.

11. Reach for the bill but don’t pay. We’d like to be with women who are independent but establishing our chivalry is equally important.

12. Eat as humans please; we don’t date birds. Getting too finicky about food is not classy anymore.

13. Future talk on the first date should be restricted to career and general fun things. If you discuss marriage and kids, don’t be surprised if there is no callback..ever!

14. You want me to listen, pay attention to me too. My game talk is as important as your girl talk.

15. Drink. Don’t get drunk!

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

16. Guys don’t dislike sharing food. It is just annoying when you order a healthy salad only to dig into our fries and desserts the moment they arrive. We won’t judge you for eating.

17. ‘Am I looking fat’ is a double-edged sword. A ‘no’ is never believed while a ‘yes’ would only be another soup; please spare us the agony.

18. Shopping is our hell. And asking us for opinions that you know you wouldn’t agree with is hardly an ego boost. Also, a little secret – guys don’t get colors. We don’t know teal from turquoise or steel grey from metallic grey. There are 7 colors in the rainbow and that’s where it ends for us.

19. We like our space. We love you but we love ourselves too. So, frowning upon that little beer time with the guys or a little quiet time on weekends or even a while longer in the bed alone is a human rights violation. We don’t frown on your shower time, you don’t get to frown on our ‘lone time’.

20. If we like you, we would want you all to ourselves. You talking to anyone else is out of the question. It isn’t a way of getting our attention; it is just making us insecure and we don’t like being that way.

21. When we love, we love. Screaming ‘I love you’ from rooftops or whispering sweet nothings have to be a one-time thing; real men have other things also on their minds.

22. Yes, we try to impress you, but to an extent; after that, it is full-on moves. So while a lunch date could be an attempt to get your attention, a long drive after dinner is a pretty straight “your place or mine”!

23. Do you want to gossip? Bring it on! Just don’t expect us to participate always.

24. Feel free to compliment us as much as you like. We love to hear how well we are doing; it does the fragile male ego a lot of good you know.

25. You may be a sucker for romance novels and the stories they tell but in the real world, if you like a guy, you can tell him that.

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

26. What shopping is for you, driving is for us. It’s not about getting from A to B; it’s about a guy and his machine bonding.

27. Speaking of machines, our first cars and bikes ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts. It doesn’t mean there is any less space for you in there.

28. We know our machine and we know our directions; even when we don’t. No back seat driving, please.

29. Just like you can’t tell us what your friends talk about, we can’t always tell you what we guys talk about. It does not equate to hiding things from you.

30. Being cute or a little silly at times is fine. Being cute and silly all the time is lame.

31. Don’t play too hard to get or you won’t get anything!

32. Remember that male ego? Well, it DOES NOT like being compared to your ex-boyfriend or other male friends! In fact, comparing ‘present’ us to the ‘past’ us isn’t pretty either.

33. Face it... Porn rocks!!!

34. Men live for 2 things – catfights and girl-on-girl action.

35. We know all humans fart; we just choose to believe that women don’t. Please let our Utopian world be!

36. Game time is our time. Once my butt is parked is parked on the couch with the TV in full view, don’t expect me to budge till the game is on.

37. If we stammer or seem to be suffering from spoonerism while talking to you, it means we really like you.

38. Miniskirts vs brains?? Brains win!! Though miniskirts put up a darn good fight.

39. ‘Fine’ & ‘Whatever’ are not the words you end conversations and/or arguments with.

40. Most of the times we don’t mean to hurt you. Even when we do, we end up doing things wrong.
Guys never kiss and tell...is what we’d have you believe.

41. Guys aren’t psychic; subtle, strong or even obvious hints have no effect on us. You have to say what you want to say.

42. Sex? Hell Yeah!!

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

43. Even better when you initiate.

44. Contrary to popular belief, sex is not the only thing on our mind; there’s food too.

45. If you don’t like my mates or family, don’t give me a tough time about it.

46. Guy’s night outs are just as important as girl’s day outs.

47. Toilet seats are not complicated pieces of engineering… if it’s up, put it down!

48. Fit women are a turn on; female Arnie’s? Not so much.

49. Anything said six months ago is inadmissible in an argument. All comments become null and void after seven days.

50. Brad Pitt gets paid to look good. We do it for you. Appreciate the effort!

And now that a fair amount of relevant information has been passed on to all the willing readers, let’s talk commandments.

The 10 Commandments

Thou shalt not play word or mind games with us.
Thou shalt not interfere in the beer & sports time
Thou shalt respect the time I spend with ‘the guys’
Thou shalt not hurt the fragile male ego. It’s FRAGILE!!!
Thou shalt not use tears as weapons.
Thou shalt not ask us questions through the bathroom door.
Exes are in the past and thou shalt keep them there.
Thou shalt refrain from using us for making others jealous. It isn’t cool!
Not all guys are jerks!
Checking out other girls doesn’t tantamount to cheating on you.

Men aren’t as complicated as they are made out to be. Just a simple willingness to dive into that beer filled brain, weird as it is, is enough to give you insights into a male mind’s functioning. Don’t believe us? Try the above points out and be as subtle as you can be. Drilling your guy with direct questions can never get you anywhere!

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Based on my long term relationship with my boyfriend I have to differ. Some of these points may be valid for you personally, but doesn't serve well as a generalization.

    3 &4. My boyfriend is ALWAYS late and almost always makes me wait on him when we are grtting ready to go out.

    6. My boyfriend takes me as i am. There are days i can't be bothered to care and he doesn't think twice about having me on his arm. But there are days i really put effort into my make up and he always compliments it.

    7. I opened up to my boyfriend very early in our relationship. We skipped a lot of the bull shit chasing that can sometimes happen at the beginning of relationships. It made us stronger, faster.

    8. My boyfriend i openly discuss our exes. Past relationships is how we develop what we currently want in our relationships. We share our experiences and discuss how that shapes us as a couple

    11. We usually go dutch in dates. Occasionally he treats me. Occasionally i treat him. His ego is hardly damaged

    12. While no, im not afraid to order a lot of food, sometimes he orders stuff i didn't know i wanted. And he takes this into account while he orders.

    14. We genuinely take interest in each others conversations. Occasionally we do hit each other with "I'm sorry hin, i know thia topic excites you but I really dont care about it"and thats ok

    15. My boyfriend definitely takes care of my drunk ass and sometimes i take care of his

    17. When i ask how i look in something i want a genuine answer. Sometimes clothes aren't flattering, tell me!

    18. My boyfriend almosy always takes me shopping with him or we organize to do our shopping together. Its fun and having someone to help you pick items never hurts. I like my bfs opinions and suggestions and vice versa

    19. My boyfriend doesn't know what personal time is, he's either with me or with friends or with family. At the beginning of our relationship he struggled to grasp that i needed alone time to recharge

    20. Near the beginning of our relationship we had a plain discussion of "ok. We are now mutually exclusive"up until that point, yeah i was talking to other guys

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    • Anonymous

      21. My boyfriend has no problem screaming to the world his love for me. In fact he probably says i love you 10 times more than i say it

      22. My boyfriend again had a frank discussion about sex. When each of us were ready for it. Yes he was ready sooner than me, but when I expressed that i needed more time, he didn't try and persuade me.

      23. My boyfriend is my best friend and im his. We gossip like 13 year old girls

      26. My boyfriend likes his car, yes, but he no car nut. He only drives us everywhere because i HATE driving

      28. Im a great co-pilot thanks very much

      29. My boyfriend and have mutual friends. My boyfriend pretty much tells me everything , play by play if i wanted.

      32. Comparing yourself to your past is how to measure growth

      33. While my boyfriend and I have been honest about our porn viewing we share similar views. Most of it is annoying and obnoxious and why watch porn when you have an amazing real life partner?

      34. No. Just no.

      35. Everyone farts, get over it

    • Anonymous

      36. Hobbies and passions are fine but its not your religion. My boyfriend is able to prioritize and isn't so shallow that a hobby rules his life

      40. What kinda toxic bull shit

      42 and 43. Sex doesn't happen unless its a mutual feeling at the time. Sometimes you just aren't in the mood and you are under no obligation to give in. Thats some manipulative shit

      44. Grown ass adults can feed themselves

      45. If i think someone is toxic in my bfs life, i tell him

      47. Like a forest, leave it how you found it. If my boyfriend can lift it, he can put it down again. Besides guests dont want to touch our toilet if they dont have to.

      48. Like i said, my boyfriend takes me as i am. Im not in ky current fitness goals and who knows if ill reach them

      49. Absolute bull shit.

      Male egos are only as fragile as the mans insecurity

    • Anonymous

      Lastly, I could easily take your list an apply it towards men

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  • LMNOP123
    This list is very gender stereotypical.

    For one, I don't care for shopping nor do I ask if I'm fat or care about marriage or kids any of these 'girl' thoughts or questions. I don't care if a guy loves his car or wants to watch porn or hang out with the guys. I don't play mind games with anyone or use tears as weapons.
    And what is this girl talk or gossip you speak of? My female friends and I talk of dinosaurs and taxidermy.

    On the flip side, I know plenty of dudes who couldn't care less about the game or cars. Not every guy's favourite drink is beer and a lot of them I know aren't always thinking of sex or food.
    I'm guessing you'd be surprised to learn dudes are generally the more sentimental ones in relationships. There's been surveys done to test this.
    Many many emotional guys. All the dudes I know tend to be the more emotional ones. Hell, a friend of mine has the worst case of baby fever and marriage I've ever seen. He's even worse than the movies!

    And no, none of these dudes I speak of are gay.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Leviathan_Charmer
    So maybe half of these I wish girls knew. A little more than half are true.

    But a lot are just not true– at least for me they aren't. And I'd rather girls did not assume they're true. Gossip is not fun, catfights are just pathetic, and dont even reach for the bill; and I can't drive, don't give a fuck about sports, and don't have any guy friends.

    So, this list seems like more of a "what this type of guys wished you knew" list.
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  • passinby
    Great take and an entertaining list and I realize you put some thought into it but other than 42, and maybe 48, none of these things occupy space in my head. If it was that complicated I would have quit a long time ago. “Men aren’t as complicated as they are made out to be.” No, I am much simpler, primal and basic than this list.
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  • Logorithim
    Good Take, especially 38,40, 43, and 48.
  • MarilynMansonsSlvt
    So you get to do whatever you want, but women don't? Fucktard.
    ~ Mrs Manson
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  • Mornin23
    Bro, this is straight fucking facts. Especially the colors thing. And the hints thing. I had a situation where a girl was hinting and another girl had to tell me it was going on. And the driving. And the shopping. This is just great, actually.
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  • SarahsSummer
    50? Plus 10 commandments? A bit much AND a bit redundant don’t you think?
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    • Reggieray


      Remember, if all of this stuff starts really mattering to your guy, it's because the sex isn't good. Otherwise, 90% of it doesn't matter at all, and we're much cooler when approaching the other 10%. Also, it's been my experience that though it will not completely take away woman's need to obsess and overanalyze, it will definitely improve her frame of mind and lower the frequency and intensity (provided that you actually satisfied her) of the madness.

      So, for all of us, if we take care of biology, and do our best to be considerate of each other, we will be ok.

      Simple, but not easy...

    • @Reggieray or as the mytake writer says “Men aren’t as complicated as they are made out to be“
      As long as we follow the above 50 rules and Ten Commandments... SMH.

    • Reggieray

      True, this guy is tripping and needs to get laid. 60 Only really applies to those who are bad in bed, men or women. If you take care of each other in bed, solving the rest becomes easier. 60 issues magically drops to 6 or less. Doesn't mean men and women don't still have relationship needs, but issues are easier to address when you've directed that base drive where it rightfully belongs. It's easier to discuss things in a positive frame of mind.


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  • Unit1
    Ehhh... Speak for yourself. Too long to read.

    I immediately disagreed with:

    Not being an open book - Get out with that childish shit.
    Not paying for the bill - Go all the way or don't go at all. Splitting the costs is the way to go.
    We live for what we make it to be, not for your 2 reasons.
    I don't like beer or 99% of all alcoholic beverages.
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  • VixenRach
    This was a funny read but I doubt any girls will actually take this mytake seriously lmao 😂😂
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  • jenxxl
    what an amazing list. i totally agree with them and rarely agree to things when it comes to men. do a list for girls
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  • Resevoir315
    Read #1 and already knew this was gonna be a good list
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  • TheHillsRAlive
    Love it... thank you for taking the time to write it alllll down :D
    I'm guilty of 15... I need to remember to stop at 2 glasses of wine...
  • skateranon123
    I'm a dude and literally like 80% of this I don't do
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  • Seppelson
    I think it depends on the guy. I personally don't care about sports or cars and I would orefer to talk about dad issues than carier stuff.
    I am not into fit women
    But the rest is ok
  • DJZest
    This was written by a beta-male who somewhat understands what being a man is. Somewhat.

    Get over being emotional, you weakling.
  • ronaldo75
    My Number ONE.
    Stop downplaying and overestimating the male mind. We have feelings just like you do. We have emotions and we are NOT DUMB.
  • Parkwayvwhitechapel
    Now i want to see the girl version
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    • I'm gonna make one
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • adamski24

      We have that one too on file, think they are going to post it over the weekend

    • It has only one thing. #1 No matter the situation, women are right and men are wrong.

  • Mhya_Faith
    I loved this! Especially how it talked about how hard it is for guys to ask girl out sometimes, we as females can forget that.
  • LeoElias
    10, 13, 19

    I've had friends ruin it with girls by doing those things. They go on the date. After never hear from her again. The fucking idiot thinks that's what girls want to hear. In fact had a friend ask a girl how many dudes she fucked before even going on a date with her. I've seen more guys fuck up on those steps than women. I've been on a lot of dates and no chick has ever asked me any of those questions.

    #19, girls definitely are more clingy than guys. But I've seen my friends and overhear other guys who are extremely clingy put their girls on a leash.

    I just think that is fucking weird and unhealthy. I get it but at the same time you are too insecure. To anyone who is dating someone who is clingy someone who can't breathe air without you definitely has mental problems. That is not normal. I just recently ended it with a chick who was borderline psycho clingy with me.
  • LegateLanius
    Nice take. I don't care for a few of them but overall, coolies
  • clampfan101
    I don’t agree with all of these, but good take still.
  • boulshyte
    im sorry but u gotta shorten that to a top 5 list, who has the time to read all that
    Disagree 1 Person
  • sweeto32
    hahahahah i love the 10 commandments thanks for the insight, i blew it up with this guy i was on a date with i talked about my ex and i got drunk... i did not get a second date and i knew that i messed up hahahah but i was not totally healed at the time over my EX thats why i found myself mentioning him in every situation so i have stopped going on dates and its true we make most of those mistakes you pointed out! thanks 100 points for you guys are not as complicated if you find the right one u won't even see their flaws you will fall in love with it... i only want a guy who loves me and cherish me the rest we will iron it out
  • NapKweenNinteyFive
    Good take, gotta good kick outta reading this lol
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  • Nxtawm
    Cool take, really interesting
  • Sweetgirlasking
  • Bubbles45
    Wow cool myTake
  • JimRSmith
    Good Take, I doubt I could have listed 50.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
    their mind games are nothing
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  • steph249108
    What the fuck lmao what year is it again?
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  • sunnyday35
    This was really good.
  • PianoTrees
    I agree with all of these
  • Laurajane69
    Wow wow wow wow
  • BillieJean1070
    Shop with me or else!
  • Lance1965
    Good list but I disagree with a few of the points.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Groan. Please don't speak for me.
  • CINDY16
    I already knew all of it
  • DeenJoch
    I cannot agree more...
  • Philyouup
    Awesome! Love this! pretty much on point!
  • Montana07
    • Nik1hil

      What do you do with a plumber! When they show up at your house after your requested call?

    • Montana07

      @Nik1hil um huh

    • Nik1hil

      I am sorry,.. Your face reminded me of a crazy women I once knew,..

      She answered this question in a hilarious way,...
      So I asked it,..

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • SouthernGirl23
    Great take
  • Muhammad1999
    This take is legendary man , you nailed it.
    Disagree 1 Person
  • yogita8
    well said
  • justanaveragelady
    quite the list lol
  • Anonymous
    Lmao at 10 commandment. This is good. I still can't figure out this guy im crushing but i think he playing.
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  • Anonymous
    16. Guys don’t dislike sharing food. It is just annoying when you order a healthy salad only to dig into our fries and desserts the moment they arrive. We won’t judge you for eating.

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  • Anonymous
    Keep in mind this is coming from ONE man

    He doesn't speak for all of us, girls. Ge that in your heads too
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  • Anonymous
    Full of BS. Guys ARE complicated.

    I've been always an upfront, always say whats on my mind, always be.
    But what do I get? He doesn't know/not sure about what he wants. Blah.
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    • englisc

      Neither men or women are complicated - the trouble is that in trying to understand the opposite sex people take too much notice of words rather than actions. People lie. Being direct and upfront is good, but expecting other people to do the same because you're like that is like jumping into a lion's cage and expecting him not to eat you because you didn't eat him - that's not how it works.

      When a guy tells you that he isn't sure what he wants, 99 times out of 100 it's bullshit. You know when you like someone right? You either like someone a lot or you don't. The reason they tell you that is usually just because they want to keep it casual and to have sex without commitment, but they know that if they admit that and you want more you'll move on. They're just being purposely vague to string you along. Simple.

    • Anonymous

      @englisc he introduced me already to his parents. I am the first he ever brought to the house. also introduce me to his best friends and their girlfriend. But when I want to introduce him to my parents and friends, he refused. Said he is not sure blah blah blah.

      Oh well, I dont like complicated things. So, I dumped him.

    • englisc

      Well that's definitely the best thing to do in that situation.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Add one other. Say thank you and MEAN it when a guy buys something or does something nice for you.
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