How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date


Hello! I know a lot of you find it hard to hide the nerves during a first date. First dates are quite important, as they can determine your chemistry and hint to potential dates in the future. If you really like the person you are on a date with, this can often trigger even more anxiety, and all you focus on is what you say and do, and of course, what you wear. Keep reading if you want to learn how to rock a first date with little to no nerves!

In all honesty, I have only been on like one or two dates, and that was with my first boyfriend whom I dated years ago. Still, these tips helped me a lot, and I am confident they will work for you, too!

1. Practice a little before you meet up.

As dumb as it seems, it can actually help you! Take some time to find a few good questions to ask. The internet can be a good tool in this case, or you can find out a little about this person and ask questions about them.

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

2. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

It does not really matter how formal the date is. If you are meeting up in a fancy restaurant, wear a dress or outfit you know you feel good in. You do not want to be uncomfortable! Nobody wants to wear an itchy sweater or adjust to their strapless dress all evening. If you wear something like this you will be distracted from the actual date. Also, be careful when wearing heels. These can get uncomfortable as the evening/day passes!

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

3. Make sure you have enough time to get ready.

Sometimes, prepping for a date can be a lot more time-consuming than most people think. If you suddenly change your mind about an outfit or your hair just won`t look right, you won`t have time to do anything about it if you get ready thirty minutes before! Man or woman, boy or girl, I would suggest at least two hours. If you didn`t have time to get ready, you will feel very conscious on the date. It`s better to be ready early!

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

4. Smell good!

Smell is amongst the most sensitive senses humans possess. They also leave significant first impressions! Put on a good scent, and it will blow your date away.

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

5. Be honest with them.

It can be easy thinking your date will like you even more if you make yourself seem better. If your date asks you a question about your past, your family or hobbies, it is very important to speak honestly. In addition, if you did not find the date very exciting or the person was not who you expected, it can help to just be honest with them about it. If they became interested in you, it`s better to cut the cord than leaving them hanging or hopeful.

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

6. Tell your date that you are nervous.

This is pretty much the same idea as #5. If you tell the person you are nervous, it can help lighten the mood and possibly make your date feel more comfortable. Possibilities are they are probably feeling exactly the way you are! This can make awkward silences less awkward because they know already that you are feeling nervous.

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

7. Prepare for the first kiss.

Some people feel ready to kiss on the first date if things go really well. If you think this person could be kissable on the first date, prepare for it. Smell nice and have a good breath! If you do not want to kiss them, no problem. It can still give you a lot of confidence knowing you have nothing to fear if this should happen.

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date

This is what I had in mind! If there are things you disagree with or want to add, let me know!

How to Be Less Nervous During a First Date
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    I have an entirely different set of anti-nerve medicine
    1. Think about death. It’s coming. And it’s not going to announce itself when it’s here. Can’t avoid it. Focus on enjoying what you have and regret nothing. You can’t fail at life if your only true goal is to experience it before your turns over
    2. We’re all pretty similar. Your date for the night probably isn’t ridiculously unique. Everything that you love about them can most definitely be found elsewhere. So if you fuck up the only thing you could potentially lose is time. And really you won’t lose that time it will just be spent differently than you’d hoped going into the date.
    3. There are infinite possibilities and you’re always living in the one with the best outcomes whether or not you know it yet. There’s no way to live two lives at once so comparing the life you’re currently living to a hypothetical alternative is nothing more than entertaining a thought. And your thoughts could definitely be wrong. So focus on the situation you’re in and seek to find happiness in it in whatever way you can
    4. Investigate don’t impress. Don’t make the date all about you. You want to be loved? Then just be you. Fully. Don’t attempt in the slightest to impress your date. Just behave how you normally would. It’s their job to decide if they like you not yours to make them. So you do your job and focus on seeing if you like the other person. That’s the only way to find actual compatibility. Otherwise your both just dating each other’s made up personas and eventually the cracks will show.
    5. Remember who’s in control of determining your worth. If your answer isn’t immediately clear you have some introspection to do.
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  • My last first date was in February, because I am now living with my girlfriend.

    I have probably been on 150+ first dates and experience is a great cure for first date anxiety. Almost all of my dating comes from online dating sites, and the most important thing is to be honest in your dating profile. I have had women show up and they were 10 years older than stated in their profile, or their pictures were taken 100 pounds ago. Those were awkward first dates and they were also last dates.

    Yes, in advance, think of things you can talk about. Her family, education, employment. Stay away from religion or politics unless those topics are absolute deal breakers for you.

    Practice how the date ends. If you don't feel it and don't want a good night kiss, know how you will handle that detail. If you don't want to see the person again, know how you will tell them instead of searching for the right words when you feel that you are "on the spot."

    AND. . . go easy on the cologne/perfume. You don't know if the person is allergic to fragrances and what you wear may be quite offensive to them.

    Good advice here!
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    • LeoElias

      I recently went on a second date with this girl... I think she was from Poland. Probably an hour into our dinner date she brought up politics. She asked me who I voted for and I told her then she proceeded to make fun of it. I don't know if she was trying to tease me but I could feel the distaste she had for Americans. How badly she hated everything American yet she's in America... she started making fun of Hillary and Trump while I sat there with no comment. She asked my opinion about what Trump is doing so far and I gave her my opinion, then she proceeded to laugh and talk shit about it. I asked if she likes Trump and she said, "I don't like him but he isn't a bad guy. He's doing some good" So l said, "You know what everyone shit stinks. I know America is in the spotlight, but every country has their problems. Don't look at our shit and act like you are perfect. How about you worry about your own country since you love it so much." And she got angry at me and said,

    • LeoElias

      "You don't have to be rude and take anger out on me." Being the gentleman and I guess being the bigger person I took a step back and apologized even though i wasn't in the wrong. It was obvious we didn't click but somehow made it to a second date. After the date I didn't message her, deleted her number. I was done with her and she ended up messaging me for another date and I ignored her. It's not the first time I've met a immigrant that hates Americans so badly.

    • @LeoElias Last year, I dated a lady from Ireland who had been in the US for 29 years but never become a citizen. She had permanent resident alien status. She was a nice, articulate, intelligent, and attractive lady. We had three dates and each lasted about 6 hours - late afternoon activity, dinner, drinks and live music afterwards. We then had an interruption of a few weeks for illness, family visiting, and Thanksgiving. Our fourth date was scheduled and I called her that morning to finalize our plans.

      She said, "I looked at your Facebook page and I see that you are conservative. I just can't date someone like THAT!" And so she broke up with me. Because I am an evil, cold-hearted conservative. Our fourth date - the one that got cancelled - would have started with Christmas shopping for kids in foster care. It is part of my church's evil, cold-hearted activities.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • StingRayxoxo
    I’ve never thought to practice but you do see that often in movies or tv shows. Not just for dating but for job interviews or speeches.
    #4. I always smell good (at least in my opinion). Wearing my favorite perfume leaves me feeling very confident and excited.
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  • Logorithim
    This is good advice. I've never been nervous on a first date, but when I already knew that I really liked the girl, I was very excited,
    • Tdieseler

      when you like the girl already, maybe. I've learned to kill that nerve.

  • prettynormal
    I never got nervous on a first date. I believe it’s because I was always asked to go on the date... so I was sure that they guy liked me at least a little. That gave me confidence... so no, I wasn’t nervous. Plus, I knew he would be trying to impress me so that puts me in some way “above” the situation.
  • SkipStop
    It's hard to find that line in between being too honest and too fake. The truth will come out eventually. At least most of it. But being honest can kill the connection at the start. Think twice before you speak.
  • ATuairiscean
    Number 1 caught me off guard - I agreed with the idea but when I saw the term "Practice", I had visions of practising imagined conversations with them (maybe a bit of over preperation) while a bit of research on their social media is fine :)
    Just that little quibble, all the rest is good advice
  • Massageman
    Great take. Re #1. Be prepared with a few "open-ended" questions/requests which require thought and a conversational answer such as: "Tell me about your favorite - - - - -" rather than "Is - - - - - - your favorite?" which can be wrapped up with a "yes" or "no". Then it might be a shorter trip to picture number 7!
  • Lovi87
    I've never been on a date. It was basically, "Wanna be my girlfriend?" or "Will you go out with my friend? she likes you." and we'd end up together. Probably why I ended up with people I didn't like because I didn't get to know them first. Oh well. Was young xD It's how I thought it all worked lol.
  • chrisbigman
    I personally just remind myself that you are at your best (obviously since nobody is perfect) and that they can take or leave me. I'm not going to stress whether the person likes me. Either they do or they don't. I can't nor do I want to control that.
  • Awsomedudever
    Just be your self we think that's attractive. Why do woman worry so much is man we are not judgmental like you woman are.
  • Hariss
    Hoping to have the first date someday, yet to experience that, don't have any words to add at the moment.
  • Krazzymike321
    I wish I could find a date!! By the looks of it, I'll be single going to prom... its 5 months away, but for the 3 years, 3 months I have been in high school I haven't dated a single person, and no one has crushed on me.
  • Pejtu
    I feel no stress when I've been dating before i found my girlfriend
    Why are people afraid what the fuck , i really dont understand :)
    Or meaby im fucked up i dont feel stress :D
  • 9teen
    I'm embracing my nervousness. It makes me talk a lot, alert and blush. Clumsy too, I don't know if that's something cute or terrible lol.
  • Lorna71
    Have a quick drink to take the edge off then go enjoy your date ☺
  • Q-tip-boy

    Being nervous is natural. So let it happen..

    Don't try to act like a perfect individual. It would put me off.
  • Tdieseler
    I think 4 and 5 were the only ones i couldn't disagree with... from a GUY standpoint.
    the rest is up to chance. and women... are the WORST kinds of people to play that game with. Im NEVER nervous on a first date anymore. I used to be that guy... date to impress... then i found something out...

    "women will either be impressed or not... regardless of what you do"

    so i dont make any fucking effort. I've spent close to a thousand dollars on a first date... just to never get a second... and I've spent 25... and it lasted.
    Point is (if any guy reads this)... women are fucking crazy. DO YOU!! if you are a cheap skate.. be a cheapskate and if you are a splurger... splurge... it all bottles down to if she picks you.. right? so why pretend?
    Fuck nervousness... if you hate ties.. dont wear one. if you like your hair shaggy, Do it. if she doesn't like what she sees... oh well. oh... and guys... NEVER pay for the first date lol... just a tip
  • Skateranon
    I think it's cute when girls are nervous on dates. My partner and I went on our first date and she was a bit shaky and I found it very cute
  • genericname85
    i just make it "meeting a friend" in my head. like i'm not even intereste in anything romantical or sexual. it becomes just a normal meeting then and i'm not nervous at all.
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    The best way not to be nervous is to go into every date situation with the mindset of "I am the prize. It's up to this person to impress ME."
  • Shahid757
    I think this take can help even a dumb person to overcome the nervousness.
  • betaTester
    >Prepare for the first kiss
    yeah I usually prepare for a lot more than that 😉
  • giovannimontolivo
    Be shredded if you are a guy. Be beautiful if you are a girl.
  • numerouno85
    What about ladies wear your grandma panties so your not temped to make sweet sweet love
  • Rexxx
    I only do friends with benefits and I'm not nervous.
  • yuvi2012
    Be confident in yourself and that is all u need
  • Hannajenky
    Put your phone away
  • Eternal_Blizzard
    That was helpful...6one especially
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
    nice take
  • Gavyn
    Interesting Take!
  • Nice222
    I still get nervous lol
  • Anonymous
    I think I was was someone's worst first date once. It was someone I had met on a dating site and we were meeting for the first time for a drink and light snack after work. I had been on my work project for two months and, of course, that night was the first time I had to work late. I called and told her I was going to be late, and had to go straight there rather than cleaning up after work as I had planned. So I got there twenty minutes later than we had arranged, and showed up stressed out and disheveled from work. After about 15 minutes of chatting I was struck with violent diarrhea and disappeared into the bathroom for twenty minutes. When I got out she had paid the tab for both of us and left.
  • Anonymous
    Also try to do something that requires physical activity on a first date. Going bowling, shooting pool, going on a hike, dancing (if you know how to do it), walking and talking, etc. seems a lot easier than just sitting and talking.
  • Anonymous
    Or the best way, get naked. Seriously lol. No better ice breaker!
  • Anonymous
    Very insightful. Thanks
  • Anonymous
    I think it's too early to kiss on a first date in my opinion.. But I agree with the test of the advice
  • Anonymous
    No thanks. Fuck women and feminism
  • Anonymous
    You're not playing your life. You are meeting your next pain in the a** so come there confident and most important know what you want from your next relationship