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Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them


There are actually high value women that exist but its often hard to find them. Here are some tips on places where you can find them.

Sports League

Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them

Most likely a girl at a local co ed volleyball team is sexy, fit, and has enough stability in her life to throw down some hard earned monthly cash to be on a league. Plus, who doesn't like a fun girl that bowl or play sports? Think about it. Are the hottest girls sitting at home and eating while watching movies...or..are they actually physically active?

Book Or Writing Club

Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them

You may find a girl who is more introverted or more of a home body here. But there is definitely something to be said about the literary bookish type of chic.

Volunteer Place

Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them

A lot of you want a girl who shows intellect and compassion. Often times sophisticated types of women are volunteering. Cancer benefit or art benefit or something is good.

The Gym

Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them

Don't find the thots. Find the professional looking girl who's actually working out. The one that works out after her job at the corporate office.

Worst Places:


Protest rally

Do High Value Women Exist? Yes! Where to Find Them
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Most Helpful Guys

  • tartaarsaus
    Eh define “high-value”.

    There’s no reasonable reason to define a sports club or gym as a place where the probability of finding a “high-value” woman is significantly higher as opposed to a rally or a bar. Surely, you realize that really a lot of intelligent, attractive people with their life together visit either of those.

    This take is simply so ridiculous with no reasonable definition or considerations about what constitutes a “high-value” woman, which makes any subsequent argument on what the places are with finding “high-value” women with a particular probability redundant. And it completely lacks any sort of argument why those places would be places where you’re more likely to find “high-value” women.

    Also, it forces “high-value” women, which may be a super broad concept of “has a job, life together, physically attractive” into a specific lifestyle that is likely very limited.
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  • Juxtapose
    I think trying to measure someone's "value" just ends up either being classist or based on a strange meritocracy.

    "Social/dating market value" feels like such a sociopathic way to look at humanity too. Sometimes people you least expect pleasantly surprise you and vice versa.
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    • zagor

      I think you're overthinking this. I believe what he means is a girl with ethics, an education and a functional personality.

    • Oram52

      That's just reality!!

    • OpenNudist

      I drive a 2020 Dodge Charger. In Essence does that mean that I am a better person? No it definitely does not

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Good advice! I don't want to toot my horn, but I'm usually at the gym, library, and I volunteer with dementia victims.

    I do also go to bars though, for a little socialising. I met my boyfriend in a hotel, in the ski room, I was having a fight with my ski boot, trying to get off and he came over and yanked it off haha.
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    • Apope16

      If you are going to the library AND the gym? Yeah. Sounds like you are the type of girl I want to date. A bookworm Belle Disney Princess who takes care of herself. When can we get married?

    • Yo no way! Tell Joe Biden I said hi

    • chris0977

      @DonCachondo he might want to feel out the situation before he forgets

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  • DellBell
    High value women? What do you even mean by that? I think every person has a different perspective when it comes to what makes a high value woman
    ... if you mean somebody that is kind, honest, ambitious etc... then I would recommend a dating site.
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    • I have not had good luck on dating sites actually! I think it all comes down to luck, honestly. Right place, right time, with the right person.

    • DellBell

      That's true :) I met my boyfriend on a dating site... the best advice I can give you is to be blunt for what your looking for also some women tend to put what they are looking for in a guy... I hope that helps, I recommend badoo, you never know ;)

    • Apope16

      Thats very good advice. But some women get offended or scared of blunt guys.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Young farmers club (yfc) good place to find landowners. Any girl with a collection of horses is worth a punt. Polo clubs good too.
    Marinas, what guy doesn't want a girl with a boat.
    • Red_Dragon

      I have heard chicks that have horses are great.

    • Apope16

      That sounds hot.

    • TheAfrikan

      Well so on point. any other place they love being at.

  • thegirlfromthething
    As a non-thot gym-goer, I would warn guys not to approach me at the gym. I’m “actually working out”, not trying to socialize romantically or platonically. I don’t even want other women to start friendly conversations with me there.
    • Torari

      You wouldn't complain if you met your "soul mate" at the gym. You only mind being approached if the guy approaching isn't attractive to you.

    • @Torari I would only say yes to a guy who approached me at the gym if I already knew and liked him. One of my biggest pet peeves is people talking to me for a non-urgent reason when I’m clearly in a rush or doing something that requires concentration. So if I don’t know him and the first thing he does is annoy me, even a physically attractive guy will turn me off.

    • zagor

      That is how I've always felt about the gym. I've seen girls I would have liked to talk to but don't want to invade their space. I know when I'm working out I don't feel particularly social.

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  • Porcelaine
    All of these places can have very good women but also very bad. This is the worst giude ever
  • Nice points. I don’t necessarily think meeting a woman at protest rally is a bad thing. At least she stands up for what she believes in.
    • Apope16

      Chances are she is protesting because she doesn't have a job during the day. You are more likely to meet a woman who has less income or stability.

    • That’s true

  • chris0977
    My favorite Is the insinuation a woman at the gym, because she has a high income career is "high value".
    • Just Absolutely No Comment, Laughing Uncontrollably

    • chris0977

      @OpenNudist this poster has little conception of reality - seems like all he did is read a bunch of for-profit advice columns in magazines:

      "Most likely a girl at a local co ed volleyball team is sexy, fit, and has enough stability in her life to throw down some hard earned monthly cash to be on a league."

      How being on a volleyball team equals stability... what he fails to mention, knowing many women on leagues, is many mom & dad pay for volleyball, phone, car, go out drinking/partying constantly... I want to watch a reality show based on the OP's dating life that must be hilarious... "she drinks wine, that means she's sophisticated, and can afford it, which means she's stable & well put together... then reality sets in lol...

      Particularly surprised he's in his 30s and still can maintain these fantasies... would think he must've only spent his life with his head in books & barely had any real experience/interaction with women (or potentially reality) of any kind.

    • You're an Idiot who has no concept of Reality

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  • Adam1978
    You need to enjoy the activity yourself for said place to be a good candidate. So most of these goes out the window for that reason only. If you put yourself in a spot you don't belong just to hit on women, you should really question your own worth. Because you are wasting it in hope of finding a woman there.
    • Exactly! For example, if a guy is at my gym trying to talk to me, he better be a gymrat AND be able to keep up with me.

      Don't just go to these spots and assume it's okay to just talk to a woman because you think you can.
      Share a common connection with us!

  • DianaWest
    so a woman that is not that hot or does not work at the office is dirt under your boots? don't say shit like "high value." the only thing that makes someone lose their value is their behaviour, not their income or their looks.
    • OpenNudist

      I love strong independent Girls personally and Professionally. I love Girls who are Smart, Individually Independent, Have a great sense of humor and are sure of themselves. Anything else added I can honestly assure you that I can work with Lol 😁😍😉

  • silvermoon84
    Great post! I’m normally the bookish type and I’m always at the library, bookstore or book club 😊
  • Red_Dragon
    I don't know bro. I like girls who like girls who like girls. I wouldn't go to a protest but I'll gladly take a girl who does go to them or would.
  • Cherokeehp
    I don’t like to use the term “high value” because people aren’t objects and all life is priceless, but there are people in this world that are more desired than others. Obviously an attractive, physically healthy, and mentally healthy person with a pleasant personality, and good job is more likely to be desired than a unattractive person, unhealthy, unpleasant, person with no job. Typically desirable people are the type of people that actively work on self improvement and you can typically find them in places that allow them to better themselves physically, mentally, or spiritually. Gyms, book clubs, and volunteer places are really good examples.
  • Torari
    I've found high quality women everywhere. Including bars and night clubs.
    Though admittedly i've never been to a protest so i haven't tested that.

    But the most high quality women percentually, i've met at the gym, and on the hiking trail.
    • OpenNudist

      This is Rapidly Decomposing Into A Dating Forum, LMFAO

  • TheAfrikan
    Nice information for sure. Those places do match up that n nd of class. It seems you hv one already.
  • Avicenna
    I met an ex girlfriend (Swiss banker) at a jazz festival. Met a medical student at Carnival (Fasching).
  • blank_expression
    I guess a woman with a signed-off organ donor card that rides a motorcycle really fast might become high value for lack of any provided definition.
  • I-C3_ME
    Can we make a movie about this? Newt Scamander: high value women and where to find them
  • not329446
    Judging from the replies I read guys have a rather low opinion of what a woman is worth. You are making yourselves as well as others look bad.
  • OpenNudist
    If by "High Value Girls". You Individually mean "Gold Diggers" Yes they do exist and have since the Dawn Of Time LOL
  • mrgspoter
    Wow something obvious and misleading not even sure what your talking about or why I wate my time typing..
  • TheFlak38
    None of these places are made for high value women. Besides the writing club everything else is for women to virtue signal and try to draw the attention of thousands of men. It's all about "heeeey look at meeeee! I'm shaking my ass when I play volleyball! I volunteer for far Left NGO's and take care of little pets from Africa and the Mideast! Can't you see how good I am? Yeeeaaah I'm special!"
    This is not a high value woman. She's a piece of shit and she will treat you exactly like the skank I can find in every night club. In fact sometimes these women are worse.
  • gaygod_19
    What exactly does high value mean to u?
    • Apope16

      It is subjective. But namely a physically attractive woman who has a solid job with salary and benefits. A woman who has her life together and has her own place and can get along with people socially. Essentially similar to what you would say is a high value man.

  • angeliquedevereux2
    I love writing so yes i agree with this list 👌
  • bamesjond0069
    Church bible study is the best place.
  • AcidT0y
    Nah bars are great, you're talking mad
    • Apope16

      Semi alcoholic thirsty chic raging multiple guys in her bed at once per week... not high quality. Guys. Be better than the bar. Be more sophisticated than that. Maybe a winery or a wine tasting.

    • AcidT0y

      Dude what fucking bars are you going to? 😂 they sound very different from the ones in my town

  • -Asca-
    What the hell is this?
  • Tom204
    It's true
    • OpenNudist

      I Own a Dodge 2020 Charger, I am sure that would excite Some Girl or Guy just Not Me!!

  • They exist all over the world.
  • Anonymous
    Ummm no to all those.

    Sporty girls are usually sluts... which is why the olympic village is known as a fuck fest.

    Book clubs and volunteer chicks are more likely feminist/social justice nut bags.

    Gym girls are often narcissistic attention whores.
    • OpenNudist


    • OpenNudist

      Especially the pornstars that cost 140,000 thousand dollars per appearance to blow every single Congressman in the Republican Party Lmfao

  • Anonymous

    “Think about it. Are the hottest girls sitting at home and eating while watching movies... or.. are they actually physically active?
    Why is that? Is that because girls “sitting at home and eating while watching movies” tend to gain weight more than the girls who are “physically active”?
  • Anonymous
    I hope you find those high value chics 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Anonymous
    I get the impression you don't really know what a high value woman is.
    • Apope16

      What do you think is a high value woman?

  • Anonymous
    meh this sounds straight sexist to me
    • Apope16

      How is complimenting women as high value sexist? Like what?