What I Like About Black Men


In case you don't remember my old account, this is the post of my preference for white men: Why I'm So Obsessed With White Men

If you've read the post, or even know me just a little bit, you know that white men are my preference but that I also have obsessions with certain black male celebrities (Hola, Terry Crews 😍😍😍 ¿Cuando puedo ser su amorita? <3 )

What Makes Black Men Appealing To Me:

1) For interracial dating, black men tend to have the best attitude about it. This doesn't include ego. Black men never seem to have a problem with it, and they actually generally treat us the most respectfully, even better than our own guys do. I think it might be because even apart from us they tend to love dating interracially anyway, I don't know, but they tend to make us feel more wanted.
2) They don't discriminate. I know PLENTY of black men loooooove their white girls :) lol and that's my point: generally, if you're appealing to him then he doesn't give a crap what ethnicity you are. And he's not afraid to make you feel loved about it, either. (Examples: Black men will constantly tell a blonde how beautiful her hair is, and they'll constantly admire a latina for her accent.) They generally tend to find SOMETHING they like a lot about you and your culture, and then they dwell on it.
3) In contrast to our own latinos, black men tend to be less stuck-up. No offense to my latinos on that because tienen las ventajas también ✌️ , but any latina who's ever experienced interest from both black men and latinos will verify this in a heartbeat. (I mentioned this in my linked post too.)
4) Along with this, black men aren't very "soft." (physically or emotionally 😉 so sexy) If choosing a partner was all about wanting big rough hands and a man who's bold, I would only ever date black men.
5) HEIGHT!!! I love tall men. There's a reason why most of the greatest NBA players are black. I don't think I've ever seen a black guy under 5'10" unless he was about 14.
6) Physical build. I'm gonna solo out ONE SINGLE PERSON here, so forgive me if this is a nuissance... but Terry Crews is the ONLY man I've seen who can make a t-shirt look so fucking damn sexy. (Excuse my language.) It's his build and his tone together, I can't even describe it. Usually I'm a fan of guys dressing casual but a little more "up" rather than just a t-shirt, but if you can rock a t-shirt like Terry Crews then you're fly. ✌️

LADIES OF GAG, tell me you dont wanna just rip his shirt and pants off 😍😍
LADIES OF GAG, tell me you don't wanna just rip his shirt and pants off 😍😍
What I Like About Black Men

Conclusion: So far I have NEVER gotten the chance to date a black man so I can't base anything on what love life would be like or any of that since I have not experienced it. I've talked to some and have had mutual interests but never dated.
I will jump the loop and say that the stereotype that black men are bigger down there is false, and as a 23-year-old woman who gets dick pics from rude guys all the time, I 100% know that.

What I Like About Black Men
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  • JDavid25
    "I will jump the loop and say that the stereotype that black men are bigger down there is false, and as a 23-year-old woman who gets dick pics from rude guys all the time, I 100% know that.".. Not entirely as the biggest penis average in the world is in some African country.. 😂😂.. As for the rest.. I really just wannabe seen as a good and handsome guy rather than a list of positive stereotypes thrown into a person.. And ha I remember that other post!..
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    • Yes 😁and yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from about wanting to be loved for YOU.
      I didn’t know that, on average? Never bothered to look the data up on penis size either tbh lol I just noticed a variation of exceptions and took note.

    • JDavid25

      Of course.. And yeah yours are not bad, and more towards the nice and mild side.. Paintin "Black" men as more of gentlemen of nice physicality who appreciate you and don't discriminate.. But some other people can go crazy.. 😂.. And yeah the Democratic Republic of Congo has comes in at 7.1 inches on average..

    • JDavid25

      I agree though that "Black" men in general are not specifically bigger..

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  • Agem123
    I'm white myself, but I love black men😍

    This myTake made me think of my boyfriend, who's also black.
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  • Freddy78361
    Kevin Hart.

    Good luck in your search; I wish you success in getting all your stereotypical needs met.

    I wonder why women don't write these types of things about Asian men (Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Siberian, etc.)? It's always just black and white.
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    • People are just racists and love to waste time... That's why

    • 0oGreyo0

      I honestly dont know I dont even I forget Asian and middle eastern even exist. It's mostly black white latino for me . talking about talks

    • Maybe because she's doing one of each and hasn't done the one for Asians yet and since it's COVID she has the time to waste with no med school classes... but when I do the Asian one, I'll make sure to put that they're jealous, just for you

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  • WildButterflyKiss
    I'm curious how people would respond if you wrote "what I don't like about black men". You do realize skin color means nothing more than skin color, right? Two black men are guaranteed to be similar in exactly one and only one way.
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    • Again, science and variables. Two variables don't have to be related, but they CAN be facts. Nothing I said is invalid.

    • Every black man is unique. Every man is unique. If you think dark skin is beautiful, awesome, so do I, but every person is unique, so just finding a black man doesn't mean you'll find all or any of the qualities you described.

    • https://www.medicinenet.com/height_men/article.htm
      The stats speak for themselves. Doesn't mean race and height, as the variables, are directly related - one independent and one dependent. In science, there are actually more data sets that go together but have no correlations than data sets that show us things.
      Kid Version of saying this: I know everybody is unique, which is obvious because it's a one-by-one-by-one individual thing, but tendencies are still there.

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  • bluehen46
    You did not mention it, but curios of what race you are. Won't it be great when it does not matter, but people do now.
    I am not one of these hate black guys, but call things like i see that and disagree wtih much of this

    My take and i call it like i see it.
    1,2, OF course they are the most open to it. Match. com said blacks are the group as a whole least desired by other races ( other than fetishes by LOTS OF WHITE WOMEN) but most willing to date outside of their race. I mean most black men will jump over a black woman for a white woman. The movie get out if looked at critically even says the easiest bait for black men is white tail and for many white women dating black men it seems more ghetto or gangster the better when their are plenty of educated black men.
    3 Dont know much about being stuck up as I know several latino females but most males i know are texans as as redneck as the white guys. On commenting on blondes every man knows women need egos stroked and that is one way to keep a girl
    4. very true, but that can be a bad thing if you look at negatives like wanting to fight at the damn drop of a hat or "brother with an attitude" stereotype.
    5 plenty of tall white guys as well but yes and its genetic but big and bulky and tall you are more apt to be white but thin and fast and tall black.
    6. This goes back to evolution when white people were hunters gathers and blacks where hunting big game in africa. It is very common to find black men lean with six packs abs as its ore natural just like while many top bodybuilders are back or biraical ( too many steroids to really use as a basis) at the natural level many top compeitors are white as size and muscle mass is something many blacks do not get.

    People like what they like and that is fine. In the same survey but by another company they divorce rates. Black M/white F had the highest divorce rate. What is funny is very much less common White M/BLack F tied with Asian M/White F for the lowest divorce rates. Now there can be lots of reasons, but in the white woman black male thing I often say if for the woman if pecker size, pissing daddy off, white guilt, or thinking reparations are being given between your legs then you have a serious problem almost as bad as racism. If a black guy thinks it means he made it in the "white man's world" to date a white woman, likes to piss white people off then he has problems.
    With everything going on in this country today I would hope love conquers all but it is probably the worst time to start a black white relationship but love is love and that is what is important, just be aware there are things you will likely go through and even liberals have their racial issues> they just present differently.
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  • ucanthandlthetruth
    I think your setting yourself up to start having interracial sex. Your dying to do it but afraid of what the répercussions might be. Because honestly, MAYBE 5 percent of the white male population are ok with this. Knowing this keeps you from doing it because if you decide sex with black men isn't for you, you'll have to relocate to find another white dude because now not only is your reputation tainted, so is your body!!
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    • Lmao! No no no 😂😂😂 My first Love was white, and both of sexual partners (He was the first.) were white. I’ve never done it with a black guy,

    • I didn't say you did. I said you want to.

    • Still false. I don’t want to do it, and what you said is actually not my reason why.

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  • Red_Dragon
    Just your typical stereotypes. To me Terry Crews is oddly very different than your typical black guy.
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    • 0oGreyo0

      Is it cuz he's GAy?

    • @0oGreyo0 I didn't know he was gay. Doesn't he have a wife?

    • 0oGreyo0

      That dont mean he's gay. He's let a man touch his balls in front if his wife. What would make a man do that to another man unless he did it before

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  • Jack9949
    Interesting how you mention the dick size part at the end. People are just watching too much porn then. 😂😂
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    • Because everybody talks about it 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jack9949

      And why is it that your getting all these dick pics? Like... wtf is wrong with people 😂

  • DizzyDesii
    Terry crews always seemed undercover to me lol but he's funny. As for height, you must ain't been down south 🤣 Majority of black dudes i know are 5’5’-5’10. I only know a few over 6’2
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  • Iron_Man
    For your information Tua tagovailoa is not black he's Hawaiian I know thats your crush
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  • A1513
    I know why I like black men, but do not want to say. I've never thought about the emotional side of it. At the same time, you know how us guys tend to focus on the physical aspect as opposed to emotional.
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    Cool just like my mytake on black women. Maybe we are more alike after all. 😁😎
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    • I think we’ve established that lol

    • So i am curious. Where do you go for our first date? Coffee? Or pizza? 😉

    • Who says you and I are dating? 😂 Now that part I was not aware of 🤔

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  • sweetpeachkiss
    what i like about black men is dat they really know how to treat a girl and they know what you want and what you dont want and they can be overlyprotective sometimes but im black myself so ik what a black boy wants also. mwah
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    • BlckGrl


    • @sweetpeachkiss you are right.
      And I see BlckGrl has issues with black men. Life is unfair to some people.. Am lucky to have dated cool tempered, sweet, loving black men. Nothing negative to say about those men

    • @BlckGrl ha ik i am i really dont know what they want but they probably want a lot of things from us black girls. lol

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  • modelUN242
    Terry Crews cheated on his beautiful wife with some prostitute.
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  • TeddyGotT
    >stereotype that black men are bigger down there is false
    It's a very weird stereotype, it's like saying all black women have a fat ass... which of course isn't true.
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    I'm half Italian, so I'm black in the front of my pants.

    I totally made myself laugh. I regret nothing.
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  • KingdomForAKiss
    I like both mytakes you wrote!!
    Terry Crews is yummy.
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  • Mehzmeh
    Wait that means I have a shot? Lol... That was a joke by the way.

    I am a black male. For the last 15 years. I have dated out of my race. Mostly because, black women don't find me attractive. Especially where I grew up and moved back to after I got off of active duty. And most black women think I am stuck up. And, say shit like, I don't talk like a black man. Or listen to "black people's music". So, it has been the other race's that love everything about me. Especially, since I, can cook food from anywhere in the world.

    I also know there are black men who are like shorter than 5' 10. Like my father. He was 5' 8". I am 6' 2". One of my co coworkers is 5' 5". Lol. They're out there. Lol
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  • startingfitness
    This is kinda generalized. Black men generally enjoy positive stereotypes when it comes to women, but those same stereotypes also work against them. Your points 4, 5 and 6 are what many women find attractive about them, but those same qualities are what some people use to excuse their irrational fear/aversion of black men/black people in general.

    I know some black dudes like the positive stereotypes, when it does fit them, but I also have friends who do not like those stereotypes and don't like it when women expect that from them. They are cool guys and you will definitely miss out on them if you were to come at them with this type of energy.
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  • Meenejieiw
    White women slowly shrivel and die when deprived of black cock
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    • most women of all races aren't attracted to black guys. All the data shows. Of course black guys love to troll that they do.😂

    • @brie15435544 but white women are whores

    • actually according to stats black women have sex at the youngest age and have the most sex partners

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  • serdaryildirim4586
    Turkish girls do not prefer African men other countries are not very preferred 😂
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    • Yağmur__

      Bi sik bildiğin yok. Hayal aleminde yaşamaya devam et gerizekalı

    • Türk kızı olduğunu belli ediyorsunuz demi kendi insanına laf sokmak işinize geliyor hangi ülkenin insanı şurda kendi insanına laf sokuyor ondan Türk kızlarının bu huyunu anlamıyorum boş konuşuyorsun harbiden tüm Türk kızlarında bu huy var egolu oldukları gibi kendi insanına laf sokuyor sorunlu bir ülkeyiz doğru

    • Eğer bir daha küfürlü hakaret yorumları yazarsan tercüme edip profilini şikayet ederim haberin olsun

  • Sevenpointfive
    i base my attraction on intelligence
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    • Solely? So if she was 500 lbs., had no hair at all on her head but hairy legs, and lived in a box but her IQ was genius you'd take it? You have weird taste

    • not solely. i've had really hot girls that were stupid interested but i'm not interested if we aren't mentally compatible

    • “Not solely”... makes more sense. Everybody has more than one thing they look for.

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  • Bethmelan123
    It always has to be black 😣😣😣
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    • Lol... Read the linked take then

    • I don't have time for that. Write one about Japanese, I will pick an interest.

    • Then at least get your facts right first 😂

  • brie15435544
    You can like what ever you want. Just a few facts. Black guys on average in America are an inch shorter than white guys. Average 5'9'. white men 5'10". in Africa black guys are actually quite short. White men the tallest worldwide. Id post links but im just lv2 at this point.

    Black men may be slightly bigger down there on average but its by like mm. Its not even noticable. There isn't really much difference between the races in terms of dick size. For example Asian guys are really not as small as they are portrayed to be.
  • Jjpayne
    Fun post! :)
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  • 0oGreyo0
    Terry crews IS a GAY BLACK MAN.
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    • Terry Crews is too fine to be gay

    • 0oGreyo0

      Well if he's not gay than he's a wimp that won't defend you. A man grabbed his balls in front of his wife

    • He's also a celebrity. He literally gets paid millions just to put crazy stuff on the news, like all celebrities do. Doesn't change the fact that he's a good-looking man

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  • OlderThanILook
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  • BlckGrl
    Ah hell no! false false false and a bit sad.
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  • Kingfish3447
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I like Terry Crews too. Funny guy
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  • OfDeath
    Ever heard of Kevin Hart? Or Gary Coleman?
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  • SwordShield
    I can see the appeal.
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  • Pulseofsulfur
    I relate to these points as a bi racial black man
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  • alance99
    Nice 🙂🙂
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  • KittyMilk
    Take me threw this white world
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  • Jasoft
    Your decision
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  • Anonymous
    White men are the tallest race, especially european white men.
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  • Anonymous
    you really are delusional if you think that. when I was in Cleveland years ago I saw a black woman who's face was busted up with a black eye her black boyfriend gave her which must of been the night before or two nights ago because it was a fresh bruise on her face. and I know a few other black guys who cheated on their girlfriend's and one who even sexually assaulted women which is why I'm not friends with him anymore as well as robbing a cash register from his job at taco bell and given an ultimatum by his boss to either pay him back or go to jail. naturally he paid him back instead of going to prison. then you got all these black thugs blasting their ghetto shit music in their shitty cars all crazy hours of the night and day with their loud bass. you really don't know what a good guy is even if one fell on your lap and you won't realize it until you're dragging around a few ankle bitters around your waist looking for some poor sappy beta male white guy to take care of you and your bratty loud screaming kids which by the way I've seen happen a lot white girls and black girls dragging around a few ankle biters on the bus with the kids screaming and crying and their fat out of shape mother screaming and talking loud to them her female friends and on their damn cell phones and wanting to hook up with the next bad boy she sees while looking for that pathetic beta male to take care of her and her screaming brats
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    • Anonymous

      and that is pure life experience talking

    • Anonymous

      something which you clearly don't have at your age

    • BlckGrl

      Thank you so much. Black men actually treat every woman of other races better than us. They hate us

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  • Anonymous
    I like Latinas.
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    • Good for you

    • Anonymous

      I'm black myself. I never dated a Latina. Maybe one day it might happen if I meet one I click with.

    • Go to Puerto Rico. That day will come faster than you think. Tell you what... Spend one week in a hotel in San Juan. You'll have the best experience of your life, my friend.

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  • Anonymous
    It's also a myth that they are taller. I used to work at a warehouse with hundreds of black guys and I was taller than 95% of them and I'm only 6'1. They are just happy to get away from black women usually but evidence suggests that the good treatment they give to white women doesn't hold up over the long run.
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    • BlckGrl

      They eventually give them the same treatment as black women. Black men usually like other races or women because they see them as a trophy and they want to breed a certain looking child.

  • Anonymous
    My question is why? I mean why be with a boyfriend that can't satisfy you but you don't want to leave him. Is it because is to late to break up with him or break his heart? Cuz I ask some girls before why not stay single. They say I like him but his dick is small that is the only downside. I am like 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

    When I date a female once they see my ck. They like oh no I am sorry that 😲. Can't handle it. I am like what in the world, everything is all backwards. 🤦‍♂️
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  • Anonymous
    Nice! It's refreshing to see someone on here not hate on black people for a change, thank you.

    I think men of all races are wonderful, but black men are great too!
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  • Anonymous
    🤣 sumbody lied to you sista. Black men aren't it. I will say Terry crews is decent but black men in general no!! Do not do it to yourself. As a black woman i will say..

    Most them come from broken families
    Mentally and emotionally unstable
    Victim mentality
    They hate their own race
    They are "mr me too's" meaning they always follow a trend and dont have a mind of their own.
    They always disrespect women listen to their music they call women "bitches and hoes 24/7.

    If you want a good man get you a latino or white guy.
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    • 0oGreyo0

      1. Victim mentality black women main ones talking about oppressing.
      2. Broken families lol YOUR BLACK HAHA you come from the same "Broken families"
      3. They hate their race ( white and latino men are It lol. No You hate your race because all you can get is A broke thug black man. You could never get a Obama, or therey cres or attorney Daniel Cameron
      4. They call women bitches and how's. Nicki Minaj and cardi b and Megan the stallion do it all the time.

      ENJOY ADAPTING TO WHITE SOCIETY lol. And let's be clear you can only pull are broke beat up white man lol

    • @0oGreyo0 thank you