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These dating and hookup sites actually work!

These dating and hookup sites actually work!

Hey everyone! Have any of you ever been curious about all those sites and apps that look like scams that say that you will find a one night stand or a hookup on them? For the last few weeks, my mission has been to find out if any sites out there are not scams, not full of bots, and actually free. I spent way too many hours creating profiles, swiping, and chatting with scammers to not share this information with you! Among about 50 sites and apps, here are the apps that work- for free! (Not in any particular order). Note: I tried hookup apps, dating apps, threesome apps, sugar daddy sites, kink sites, cougar sites, etc. Also, I am a 19 year old guy, which is important, because guys are much less picky. For example, a decently attractive woman should have no problem finding a hookup on tinder, and won't really need to try anything else. If you are a girl, there are a few reasons to try other sites though: on tinder, you should be explicit about wanting a hookup only in your bio, otherwise you will be flooded with messages from guys that want to date. Since it's more explicit, you may want to go to a less popular site, so your chances of being recognized are lower.

1. Tinder

Obviously. It's by far the most popular site. Even with the free version, I was able to get quite a few matches and set up dates. It's not fantastic for hookups, if that's all you are looking for. When you make an account, you are boosted for the first 24 hours, so you should get a decent amount of likes. After this period, you will notice that new likes come in very slowly, as you aren't shown as often. If you have no success in a week or so, I recommend trying something else, or upgrading to gold (not plus), or buying boosts.

2. Bumble

For more serious dating. If you want a casual relationship, this is not your best bet. That being said, it's alright for dating. There seems to be a decent user base. However, I have found that I get significantly less likes on this app than any other, and strangely enough, girls seem very reluctant to start conversations here, which in my opinion defeats the whole purpose. Nearly every match opened with "Hey" which is annoying, however, I received a handful of good openers.

3. Hinge

Definitely for serious dating. The app works really hard to make conversation starting as easy as possible, which is a relief. Another really nice feature is the ability to message anyone you come across in the stack. It's not super popular, but I was still able to get some quality matches.

4. Hily

Not bad as far as dating apps go. This one allows you to message all of your likes, and allows you to see two people who liked you every day. It comes with an initial free trial, which helps too. It also has a go live feature, which I found to be pretty much useless. The matches I have found here tend to be more geared towards sexting and casual encounters.

5. Plenty of Fish

I found this app to be ok, and very similar to Hily. You are able to message anyone that appears in the stack, and you can also join live sessions hosted by people you want to date. At the press of a button, you can join the stream for a short time and "speed date" with them. I did not find this feature to be all that useful, but it seemed popular. Very few matches here, and did come across some bots.

6. Clover

This is actually pretty good. Despite looking like a normal dating app, this one is pretty good for sexting because you can match with people from far away for the purpose of "chatting". The local matches seem more hookup oriented as well, and I was able to get some decent matches. A feature that I really like is the "Date" feature. It allows you to pick girls you are interested in going on dates right out of the gate. If they accept your request to date, it takes you to chat to plan out the details. It's a great feature for anyone who would rather meet in person than online. Note: the Date feature is actually for dating, not just hookups.

7. 3rder

Of all the hookup-only sites and apps, this is the only one that was free to use and not filled with bots. In fact, in less than a day on this site, I was contacted by a couple who was looking for a third in their relationship. A video chat confirmed that they were real, and they actually wanted to fly across the country just to have sex with me. And yes, they were actually an attractive couple. Unfortunately, I was on that app mostly for research purposes, so I did not accept the offer.

Conclusion: Every single hookup only, or sex related or app ended up being a complete scam (except 3rder). Some sites weren't confirmed scams, but were either just filled with bots or had no users nearby. A word of advice, if a site is not free to message, or asks for a credit card right away, it is almost always a scam. There are some exceptions, however. Some sites, like match.com for example aren't scams, and may even be worth paying for depending on your purposes (for match.com, eharmony, and similar that is middle aged or older people looking for very serious relationships). The only dating app I have payed for was Tinder for a short while, which I will say can be worth it (get gold, not plus, so you can see who likes you and instantly match). Some sites that may be worth the money if you are looking for sex only is AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Seeking Arrangement. I only mention that these sites are likely not scams is because of their tremendous popularity compared to other, similar sites. Use at your own risk, though, as all these sites are susceptible to having bots.

Let me know if you have found any other sites that are legit, and I will add updates to this question. Please like and share this to help spread the word!

And remember! No site or app anywhere is safe from scammers. Please never send personal information or any pictures you wouldn't want all over the internet unless you trust the user. If it seems too good to be true, it is. After talking to tons of bots and scammers, here is what I recommend: ASK FOR SNAPCHAT. If the person you matched with refuses to share, or asks to chat via text or email, it's probably a scam. That being said, don't ask for snapchat in the first message. If it is a real girl, it can come off as too forward.

Hope this was helpful to someone!



These dating and hookup sites actually work!
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  • Xoxocutekitty
    Hinge promotion here. Of all of the dating apps, I've liked Hinge the most. While, I have been able to meet and even engage in some fulfilling relationships on some other : okcuid, tinder, POF, bumble, I have found that the user experience on Hinge provides working professionals the ability to more easily meet other working professionals. I have found that before I was getting constant messages from students, which when I was a student was okay, but now that I am working, I am looking for someone who is also in a similar "State"of life.

    Most Hinge profiles actually have all 6 photos, which is rare for tinder, and it has conversation starters which makes it easy to see how people "would respond in their own words" in real life. So many other sites its either like no info, or if the person has too much liberty, walls of text of they aren't looking for (again not helpful).

    I have also found that the people I have met on Hinge have a stronger expectation of putting work into the relationship because the other person is more humanized. You aren't getting a ridiculous number of unsolicited messages or matches, and you actually have a fair bit of personality data, as well as a slew of other "checklist" identifiers such as age, height, eye color, religious background, smoker/ non smoker, drinker/ non drinker, has or wants (or doesn't want) kids, or other very objective "deal breakers" that has nothing to do with the other person.

    Its grat not having to awkwardly ask, so do you want kids before you die, on a first/ second date, just so you know you aren't completely barking up the wrong tree if you in fact do want to have a family one day (just not today lol). I think it says a lot to intentionally put "wants kids someday" on your dating profile. Yes, it doesn't necessarily mean with you, but it means, hey I might be the kind of person looking to stick around with someone for a while.

    I met my boyfriend on Hinge. We've met each others families and live together and are saving up to move into a nicer apartment when we have the money. We want a corgi and want to be homeowners and it's really nice to be able to dream with someone you trust, let alone be out of the revolving hookup scene.
    Is this still revelant?
    • J_Fitz

      Thanks! I definitely should have mentioned it. I have used it for a while and I do think it is probably very good for someone looking for something more serious. I liked that you can comment on any of the conversation starters or pictures, which makes starting conversations SO much easier. Starting the conversation is in my opinion, the most difficult aspect of dating apps. I would really like to see more people use this app because it is innovative.

  • chrissykerdock
    you forgot adultfriendfinder eventually you'll find someone to meet up with... you have to chat for a week at least to find out what they're like... sometimes they're bonafide nuts or drug addicts that's stuff you got to find out.
    Is this still revelant?
    • J_Fitz

      I did mention it... I just found that the free version does not have enough features to work. Were you able to find success for free or did you pay?

    • i'm a girl and i got free membership for awhile

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  • sassy777
    Adult friend finder and Ashley Madison are a huge scam. Personally victimised. I had a boyfriend obbseessed with wanting a polymory relationship. Finally find a chic and he leaves me for her. The worse part was it was for her nastyhabit and nothing more. Saddly you have to set that type of behavior free. Anyway.

    As you were doing your research did you notice the same girls are on all the sites? Also , do you get emails from JENNIFER?
    I had the most success with bicurious until I bought the subscription. Then it got awful and when I cancelled it they locked me from ever using it again. That was upsetting I had couples in Georgia and Florida (I'm in ohio) wanting to pamper me and send me home or be their pet. Lol
    That's the best I have. Also I hate the way my search engine and email gets flooded with thousands of YOU MISSED A FUCK VITE OR JESSICA YOUR NEIGHBOR IS IMPRESSED HER CAT EVEN LIKES YOU. I use to question my boyfriend all the time. Since we have been broke up they still come in.
    On bumble I pretend to beat man and women are thirsty. They are nasty and desperate lol. Great topic. We could talk about this anytime. 🙌
    • J_Fitz

      I created a new gmail account just for the purpose of dating apps. I haven't tried bicurious, because I'm definitely straight... Be very careful about sugar mommas and sugar daddys contacting you. They are almost always scammers. So never send bank info- ask to use venmo or cashapp if you get to that point

  • Utter rubbish you clearly haven't used them at all welcome to the life of a man on tinder only done by a woman and even the woman struggles. https://www.youtube.com/embed/DZTIbHIsIYw
    • J_Fitz

      Thanks for sharing the video! I never said it's easy haha

  • kitty71
    Why would anyone want to find a hook up or date now with this virus still outside? I mean if we can even have some physical closeness how can a person go out and meet a stranger that you dont even know where that stranger had been.. Sex and hook up and find a boyfriend is the least of my worries now. not a priority as mostly you hrdly can go out and gather with friends or go to bars or any crowded place
    • Is the best time to hook up. You gonna all be free no jobs and be indoors all the time.

    • kitty71

      @curiouscuriouser Yes but the people u hook up with are strangers you dont know where they came from or who they had came in contact with in the past or weeks before. Remember that this virus can get to you even if you are asymptomatic

    • Everyone will get the virus regardless of what you do. The virus is a more infectious and slightly more deadly type of flu. Practically all human beings will get the flu at one point in their lives. Social Distancing is meant to slow down the spread not stop it. You cannot stop it until you have vaccine and there is no vaccine for common cold or flu. The best they have is some kind of drug to lessen the effects. Flu type viruses mutate way too quickly to have an effective vaccine. There's like at least 6 types of Coronavirus. So might as well enjoy life just use your brain and be careful.

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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Wait.. Your title says 'these sites work' but in your summary you write "Conclusion: Every single hookup only, or sex related or app ended up being a complete scam"

    A bit contradictory?
    • J_Fitz

      Every site that advertises as a free, hookup only site is a scam in my experience. The apps and sites I have mentioned are not in that category

    • Ah okay.

  • brennanhuff
    I think you need to live in a big city to have good success with them. I've had matches and some where it went well with the convo only for the women to not want to meet up for coffee or whatever. I think a lot of women may want to be open to meet, but when it comes to it, change their mind. But I have gotten likes and two months ago, like 17 likes, but never came across any of them. I don't like tinder for trying to trick people too. I got tired and paid for the month thing so I could see my likes, only to see that the women were, well pretty big or not so attractive, It's a mixed bag, and have had attractive and not so attractive women match me. But tinder, more often not so cute women. But I hate how dating apps like place women who are cute but not even really hot, like they are out of your league.

    I don't just swipe right on such women and will swipe right on a decent looking woman if she has a interesting profile or seems cool. But I just figure the cute girls, I'm not gonna get matched with on the apps. Not because I;m not attractive, but because I feel pretty girls more often use them to attention, but not trying to see dudes on them. Plus the tons and tons of likes and just guys they swipe through where I might not be seen. And they will be super picky. But it's annoying too, because while there's tons of competition and I'm not jimmy Garroplo. I still feel I can match many guys or the competition is too much for me. And that's the other reason for not caring for dating apps. It's weird, as I'll see cute girls and know I most likely won't get a match, but they aren't like super hot and the irony of me having dated, sex and ex girlfriends that are just as good looking and more so than these girls.
    • It's a weird universe. I'm apparently not that attractive for online dating physically, yet I've had attractive women in their early 20s all the way up to 50s check me out, flirt, get touchy, some get googly eyed. I had a cute girl who could have gotten in trouble at dunkin donuts working there give me a large free coffee and didn't charge me. I'm not Chris Hemsworth and don't feel that way, but I've been told by enough people I know and don't know, women and men, that I'm a good looking guy to know I'm not lacking physically, yet it seems like dating apps imply that. It's just a different universe. But my guy friends who are good looking guys have done well on bumble. so go figure. I've had women give me input, get good pictures, funny profile and yet, some matches but no dates. Oh yeah, FYI, I'm more than looks though, I focused on it because that seems to be implied with online dating. I don't focus on my personality because I have even more confidence in that. I don't know if you'll find me handsome, but I do know, I will and can not only make you laugh your ass off, smile, but also charm your pants off. I've made points about how women have looked at me though to show it was their reaction from just seeing me, and not me talking to them. So to show it was a purely visual reaction and not my personality causing that, which one might make a point to why someone would do well irl and not so for dating apps, But that's not the case for me

  • RiJox
    Have you tried POF ‘plenty of fish’ ?
    In USA that app got me very exited.
    I met very sexy black guys 6’3 and 6’6 😍🙌🏾
    Tinder I don’t really like it, overrated and you gotta pay
    Bumble is cool but the guys can’t text first and you gotta pay
    Lovoo was fun back in the day, a friend of mine had it - I never had it

    Best way to connect is per person though, 😊😍😈 I prefer that way
    • J_Fitz

      Yeah POF is number 5 on the list haha... If you liked POF, you might like hily, as the apps are very similar, but hily has more active users. Lovoo was not included in this list because free members are limited to one message per day.

    • sassy777

      I had a guy from tinder ask me if I wanted to f*** in his truck on the side of the road. Like whoa your wife would get mad if you brought me home? I shut it down and never got curious again. Whew how are girls safe doing that?

    • RiJox

      Ok, I would check it out if it’s available in Europe

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  • Ljd213
    Let's be honest, these dating sites are leaned towards women and a little few tiny bits and pieces for men.

    This is a scam for the average man.
    • J_Fitz

      I wouldn't say it's a scam... More like the sheer volume of men compared to women allows women to be much more selective than men. The companies I mentioned aren't necessarily scams, it's just that the odds are not at all in the favor of the average Joe. Girls know this too, and take advantage. I even once saw a tinder bio that said "Girls do what we want, and guys do what they can"... It made her sound like a b****, but that bio stuck with me.

  • Heartonmysleeve88
    I am looking for something a bit more substantial so I don't really go on dating sites as I find all of them to be quite fake.
    • J_Fitz

      I find that a majority of people on dating sites are looking for dating- not hookups. Generally I think they are best for short term dating. For your purposes, I recommend tinder, maybe match. com if you are willing to pay, and maybe bumble

  • es20490446e
    They never worked for me, and I'm good looking.

    I dare I tried everything, and more importantly I don't have problems attracting girls elsewhere.

    Real life is just the best. Both can see what they are getting, it's not as serious, and the people is of greater quality.
  • nelly83
    Dating apps don’t work most of the time. Why? Because people mainly message each other due to looks. When you’re selecting who to date purely based off of looks, don’t be surprised if you just date for 3-4 months before you stop seeing each other anymore.
  • roody
    I met my partner of almost a year on Tinder! We have a really healthy relationship so it is possible!
  • VanillaSalt
    Here’s my response... watch the video trust me...

  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Actually, if you have a Prime account like many of us, THIS is the site to use :)
    • J_Fitz

      lol wtf is that?

    • Go check it yourself. They even have free returns, unlike Tinder and such. I even found a pretty nice girl used for only 97 cents! Bargain! :D

    • J_Fitz

      Are these people prostitutes or just people actually looking for dates?

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  • navyrobin
    I've tried Bumble. I met four guys there in person that I ended up having relationships with (only one was long-term). I feel like it's one of the healthier apps if you're looking for a normal relationship. Tinder is definitely more for hookups.
    • J_Fitz

      Really just about any dating app will work for women, especially if they are attractive. I am not the biggest bumble fan, just because I have had much less success there than most other apps, and I don't know any other guy that has had any success there either. If yo are looking for a relationship, I actually really like Hinge. I forgot to add it, but it's really good.

    • navyrobin

      No not all dating apps will work for women. It will depend on what she is looking for. And I haven't tried Hinge but I might try it in the future!

  • Alfleria
    I’ve tried POF maaaaaaaaany years ago. It was so simple back then. And you can talk through email only I guess. Lol. Roughly 8-9 years ago. But it leaves good memories for me. Since I found a guy that I loved there.
    Anyway, next tried tinder maybe 2 years ago. Nothing good came up from there. Got lots of likes for sure until I decided to give up on tinder because mostly they’re looking for hookup.
    Then I moved to ok Cupid. Out of those 3, I love Okc the most. They will asked you some questions, then they will look for matches that has compatibility with your personality. So the more questions you answered, the more precise the match gonna be.
    • sensible27


    • Alfleria

      Plenty of fish

    • sensible27

      by the way, on okc you can answer as many quest as you like. The trick that somewhat worked for me was find someone who's been there longer and answer the questions they've answer (the one's you're interested in). I'm pretty selective but if you're not it might not be as helpful to you.

  • They work but I do not recommend it as a first option. You would be better off meeting women face to face. You need that interaction in person more than doing online.
  • genericname85
    strange all the girls i ever meet on those apps seem to be wiating till marriage xD i'm exaggerating of course but like 99% explicitly say that they don't want any sexual fun but looking for their hollywood prince
  • CasaNorba
    no shit they work, the problem with them isn't if they work or not. the problem is that as a guy you gotta spend all the money and deal with drama in the long run
  • Twalli
    FYI, I don't have a snapchat. So you can ask for that all you want and I can't give it to you. I do have a Facebook as you typically need one for Bumble.
  • DavidHart
    Thank you for this.
    Looking forward for any further updates.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I met women on Match. com and had multiple year relationships with them, so I would say that worked. I tried eharmoney but no go
  • Jessie91331
    I gave up on dating sites... did tinder, pof and bumble... led to quick 1 and done hook ups, but I usually found guys looking for girls that would do things for money.
    • Lmao nothing wrong with that... but ya know online dating a all about looks... men that are less than 8 NEVER get matched on tinder outside the first week.

    • Please watch this it’s so flipping hilarious... and fucked


  • poneglyphs
    tinder sucks ass
    • J_Fitz

      It is certainly challenging to say the least to be successful on tinder, especially since it is both used as a hoopkup app, a dating app, a find just friends app, an advertise my onlyfans app, etc. If you are serious about finding what you are looking for, tinder gold is nice, but I don't recommend more than a 1 month subscription.

  • zagor
    I don't know if it's still the case, but a while back most of the Ashley Madison ads from women were found to be fake.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Sometimes i want to be 40, so i can be a sugar mum who date younger men. Why there is no app where young attractive male gold diggers can date sugar mums
    • J_Fitz

      Another user has suggested an app called cougr for that niche. I have downloaded it and if it seems legit, I will update my post. So far, it does look like it has potential... While free users can't directly message people in their feed, you can comment on their pictures, which is similar except your messages can be seen by everyone. I have noticed some younger women on that site as well, but it looks like most are not there for the app's intended purpose.

  • Jltakk
    You've had matches that actually commented? That's rare. Tried them all for years at a time, premium accounts and all, and I can see how others might find them successful. Mostly met people that weren't looking for relationships, they were cool. OKC was the best one, had far better results and found people of similar interests to mine there more than any of them. Tinders probably second, but there's far more bots and chat girls in there than the other apps. Also, far less responses. The OKC format I think works better because profiles have set questions and makes opening discussions much easier.

    Bumble and POF are two extremes on the spectrum, Bumble is more conservative in its approach. If you want a long-term relationship (like myself), you might like it there. Never had a single response there. POF was mostly hookups (at least in 2012), but it was awful. Other apps like Badoo or Hily can work, but they are also filled with bots.

    tldr, they caaaaaan work.
  • Interesting take. Although POF and Tinder didn’t work for me. Maybe because I look too young for most of the women?
  • Absolutelybonkers
    I have just started using Tinder seems like an awesome app
    • It's because of how the algorithm is which in the beginning which makes you believe you will have lots of matches. The replies to messages will be even less then after a while the matches will slow down a fair amount. It tries to pull you in vy thinking its amazing because if it was more reality based in the beginning a lot of people dill see no difference or slightly better difference tan offline.

  • scott04sa22
    I tried all of those. it didn't work for me.
    • J_Fitz

      Sorry to hear that man. I do see that you are 34 years old, and if I'm not mistaken, some apps are better than others for different age groups. The ones I listed seem to be aged almost entirely 18-22 years old.

    • Yeah but there are people around my age are on there too.

  • Lman3000
    Blow it out your ass, unless you can prove it worked, ya know with physical proof, your full of shit
  • robocop666
    on one of those I saw a singles night that had a few fat women and all men. 3 fat women in a room of men is sick.
  • Slim57
    Not for you average guy, I've been on them for years and only dated 2 girls
  • lehoanglinh2022
    I like Zalo from vietnam. Anyone in Vietnam and want to date on Zalo with me
  • mrgspoter
    Nope not really how many did you met off eatch site?
  • vikky95
    Good research. And the last two point are true reality.
  • DonCachondo
    Define "work."
    • J_Fitz

      Possible to be successful... Nothing is guaranteed to work unless you are an attractive female haha

  • guynextodoor
    best dating app in the shadow- girlsaskguys
  • FictionalCharacter
    You are right as hookups
  • zombear
    Thanks for the report. Stuff I'll keep in mind 🙂
  • iambae
    Yes but most of the women on them are beat
    Good my take 😎👍
  • Silverio_Stieger
    Ask for WhatsApp works too
  • princessde
    Yes but only for sex to be blunt. Not love.
  • NatalieKeller95
    these only work if you're not ugly or disabled
  • becreative321456987
    They work for objectively hot men and most women.
  • robertKugler
  • Guanfei
    Only if you're and/or rich.
  • KingJared24
    Free how and who do they actually work for?
  • Nachowedgie
    No, they're a scam
  • Anonymous
    Older mature women also can have hookups with younger men. Cougar lifestyle is also can try. cougr. net
    • J_Fitz

      Thanks for the suggestion! I am checking it out right now, and if it looks decent I will update the question!