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Men: Avoid Tinder - the odds are just that bad!


This video shows a man who created two fake women profiles on Tinder, one average and the other one prettier, with professional photographs. Within a day, the average looking woman got about 400 matches and the prettier woman got about 1,000 matches. The test locale was Miami, Florida.

This video is based on Tinder data and shows women are overly picky. Some women stay on Tinder for years, having a relationship a year and casual sex about ten times a year. Not good wife/LTR material.

Unless you are in the top 5% of good looking men, try fishing elsewhere.

Men: Avoid Tinder - the odds are just that bad!
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  • MsgrDocteurTerreur
    Read the bottom section in your PlayStore/AppStore "About This App".
    Below the advantages of Tinder & Tinder Gold it states something like (I translated from Dutch but it should be about the same? xD
    "The people in the photos are models and the photos are used for illustrative purposes only."
    You check that yourself.

    And it makes me SOO angry, because almost 7years ago when I used it on a daily basis, I had descend chats and also meet real people!
    -and also few dates back then- But it Worked!
    it was Free, there was no T , no subscr. Nothing!
    Now I have had some time in wich I was mainly too occupied for a relationship or something, and when I became realy annoyed for Still being alone, I fired up my Tinder again (that was like 2yr ago - when I was already single for 6yrs. 😅)
    Only to find out it's useless for people like me who Refuse to pay for apps.
    I would instead try finding a way to get Platinum,
    -unsuccesfull thusfar-
    And find other apps that DO work -or which can be verified to work-.
    Never Say I Didn't Warn You
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  • CasaNorba
    I stopped using that shit +6 years ago.

    that shit is a joke. I would match with 100s of women on a monthly basis yet only 10 of them use to actually talked and most of them were single mothers and incel bimbos desperately trying to get into a relationship. like I thought it was supposed to be a hookup app.

    yet the ones that do use it for what is for only use it whenever they need free dinner, free favor, attention or anything that benefits them in the long run
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Truthbewithyou
    There are things about Tinder that are not being factored in:

    1. Most guys swipe right on every woman to match with the women that swiped right on them.
    2. Tinder is known for hookups. Most guys do not need a woman to look like a model to be down to screw her. They just need a decent willing participant.
    3. Society
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    • My opinion posted before I was able to finish.
      Back to Society:
      Men get bragging rights for screwing women. Even if most of the women aren't that attractive.
      For women this is not the case. Women do not get bragging rights for screwing a men. Women get bragging rights amongst women for screwing men most women desire or want to be with. This is why women are very picky. Most women want hot guys or guys who are hot to them.

    • MCheetah

      Also 4. Men have to do all the chasing, leading most average looking women or higher to never be in short supply of suitable partners out there, especially if they live in big cities.
      5. Simps exist; inflating even unattractive women's egos to astronomical levels.
      6. Hypergamy: Women almost never date a man below their social class. (Looks are the only thing a man can be "worse" than, compared to a woman. In everything else, the man has to be a "better catch" or else she'll think she can do better.)

    • I mostly agree, but regarding your second point, almost every woman I come across has "No Hookups" in their profile on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and any other dating app, and/or website. Either they're lying, or Tinder (or any other dating app) isn't "known for hookups" as much as people say it is.

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  • purplepoppy
    It shows how dumb men are. A photo that looks professional of a model is always going to be a fake pro. Do guys really think women like that need tinder?
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    • That's not true, lol, sure some of them are fake but not all of them. I would know.

    • Probably the same men who pay for Onlyfans. com, yet, get mad when women make money on Onlyfans. They don't realize they are the demand, and reason why OnlyFans exists lol.

    • @EnglishArtsteacher My aunt had professional photographs done for her dating profile to increase the chance of finding Mr. Right.

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  • Nomina
    I'm in the middle if watching this podcast. It is interesting so far. It looks at relationships, dating, tinder, sex and a bunch of other stuff.

    Fair warning, it's almost two hours long. https://www.youtube.com/embed/-6ZyQKiwMQw
  • lilyanony1
    This is nonsense of course the prettier girl will get more hits. She's an unattainable match in real life, virtually it's less embarrassing then walking up to someone you feel is out of your league and getting rejected.
    That's not a reason to quit, maybe just make choices according to what is more realistic...
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    • Deserter

      Nah, he's got a point. Irl you can advertise your personality to attract someone, not online

    • lilyanony1

      How often does that work out?

    • Deserter

      Pretty good, I've had girlfriends I met at school, through friends, etc. On Tinder you swipe through thousands of girls and you MIGHT get a right swipe back

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  • anylolone
    Tinder sucks even if all you want is to find friendships.
    No woman ever in tinder who says they only want friends is telling the truth, at least gay guys are honest. But what women want from tinder is the same as gay men, all of them, no exception, which would be ok if they were honest.
  • genericname85
    everyone knows, tinder is just n app that is all about making you clinically addicted to using it, like pretty much every software on your mobile phone... it won't help you find a partner. it might help you find a hookup, if you're lucky.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Tinder is a hookup app. I don't understand your complaint considering that you are claiming it's bad for anyone looking for LTR. Well.. yeah. That's exactly it's purpose.
  • CallmeTheKnight
    Tinder is nothing more than a cesspit. Let's not forget that it's possible that they use bots to match with men to give them hope. It's better to meet someone on Facebook or at least in person
  • Wester1967
    Men: Avoid Tinder - the odds are just that bad!Oi vay
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  • jshm2
    Tinder isn't for dating, it's for practicing openers - overheard at a lads night out.
  • Mossberg500
    I'd like to say "Duh." But even though I pretty much knew what was going to happen, I spent a money on a month subscription to try it out. May as well have burned the money I paid.
  • TheSpaceGnome
    I avoid tinder because it's a hook-up app, and I want a wife, not a one night stand. the odds are irrelevant, that app is not meant for actual dating.
  • boobliker
    None of us tell the whole truth all the time and all the white lies are told on here to get lay-ed (YES) so if you want a good partner then put the truth on a page then ask you mum to vet it.
  • zagor
    In the first video I thought the first girl was more attractive. I question his choices on that regard.
  • Evil_Chuck
    I don't even use a smartphone, so no problem there.
  • Better_off_here
    be aware of all dating sites to be honest with you. you just have no idea who you are talking to.
  • emilley_
    Tinder is a dump truck
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  • WowwGirl
    Or income bracket top 5%