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The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunked

The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunked

The term high value man/Alpha Male as it is perpetuated in social media is by no means a positive thing. Don't be fooled. These are umbrella terms people hide under to feel like they belong. Yes, for each person the words high and value together hold various meanings but I am speaking of the slang term "high value man/alpha male".

For the people who think such things exist I say to each his own. However, notice that humans are prone to trying to find ways to separate who is better and who is not worthy then subsequently prone to creating a type of cult based upon what you can do to be worthy of being in the group of "better ones".

Do you remember Animal Farm by George Orwell when the pigs said that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others?

Leagues, High Value and Alpha male are all bases upon which tyranny is created and accepted. Look at history, history reminds us of what happens when people get to having a mob mentality that they are somewhat better than others.... 400 years of slavery, the holocaust.

Every human has intrinsic value. The ones you choose to mix with are your choice but that has nothing to do with whether your life or my life is more valuable based on our lifestyles.

Beauty is subjective not objective. To each human their definition of what is beautiful and attractive will differ. Because although we are all experiencing a life on the same earth, our interactions with other humans, our experiences, our environments are different. 7 billion people are experiencing earth each in a different way. Obviously it would be unrealistic to then assume that all people find the same type of physical characteristics and personality traits as attractive.

Each person's limitations of what they believe they can and cannot do in life is based on their own mindset which they have developed through their life. If I set out into the world believing myself to be less than others, chances are people will treat me as less than. That has nothing to do with being an Alpha Omega Phi or Lambada believe it or not. Pushing yourself into these types of boxes society creates for you to fall into is not what I would reccomend.

At the end of the day, to each his own and I hope you all learn to love yourselves, value yourselves as you are and relinquish the chains of brainwashing into such ridiculous mob mentalities. Just live your life, love who you love and walk in peace.

Warmest regards,


The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunked
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  • Anonymous
    I feel like you didn't debunk anything but have a need to debunk these term for whatever reason. All I get from this is that you think its unfair.

    High value male A high value man, or HVM for short, is a man that is seen as highly valuable either to society or in a relationship (romantic/familial/friendship) to the opposite sex (women). In most cases, the term is used to refer to a specific caliber of men that women value the most in the dating market. These men often fit certain archetypes of an alpha male; or have acquired certain attributes that fit into the currently-desired interpretation of a modern man. These men are typically high-earners, of a high social status (or simply, not low status), traditional, fit or in shape, a desirable height, hygienic, successful in their own right or with a clear future vision of success, confident, assertive and masculine; funny, likeable, caring, intelligent, loyal, spontaneous and level-headed/emotionally strong. Typically these men will not fit all these characteristics, but for most women, an acceptable amount or the most important of these will suffice and classify them as a HVM depending on their preferences. Usually these men play the field and do not settle down or inversely don’t date at all; unless they find someone truly viable as a life-partner. There is a shortage of these men and a surplus of women who desire them, which is what often encourages being non-monogamous. “Who’s that guy over there?” “Oh him? That’s Calvin, he’s an attractive, young, high-earning entrepreneur that embodies everything else a women could want in a guy. A ‘high value male’ if you will.” Alpha Male Many people beleive an Alpha Male is a man who is the leader of a pack, dominant, or an agressive male. Fuck these stone age definitions. I will define a true ALPHA MALE in modern society, simply in three parts:1. A known statistic today is, for every 1 male who has sex there are 2 women having sex, the reason for this statistic is becuase alpha males are the ones who are having all sex, while Beta males sit on the side lines watch this happen.2. Modern Alpha males dictate their own reality, Alpha's effortlessly change brain patterns of poeple around them, women and men around alpha's feel their strong character and charisma and naturally gravitate and follow thier leadership skills, this is why women beleive everything we say is knowledgable or humerous and subconsiously fall into our laps.3. Alpha's are frequenlty being considered self-centered assholes. However this could not be further from the truth. We as Alpha males do not cater or sympathize to emtional garbage from insecure women and Beta males, that is not a part of our reality. We see situations in life as our personal stage and have full knowledge and understanding that we control the reality around us, there for the ladys will always have sex with us and the guys will always want to be us. Becuase I am an Alpha Male I can make friends with lots of women and have sex with all of them and not one of the women would feel devalued or any less of a friend to meThe Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunkedhttps://youtu.be/UMvwYcZXRVY
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  • jennifer_bloom
    I know people who look good on the outside, but their morals and souls and confidence is totally trash inside and they abuse those they date, so it’s better to look at character and not status, some high status people beat up their lovers.
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  • ManOnFire
    I too get sick of hearing all of these kinds of titles and groups that are really spawns of MGTOW and Red Pill talk. Most of these guys' definition of "high value men" are more often than not based on the image of a wealthy man who looks like James Franco or some dude. It does not equate to being a good man in character or personality. Most alphas are not even great men, they're just men who try to force their power and like to poke at other men but alphas usually get in their feelings really bad if you do to them what they do to you. That's not strength, and it's not being a man either.
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    • MrOracle

      No one said that "high value men" were "good" or moral - most are not. Regardless, the market - women - still almost universally assign high value to such men, and the dynamic they have with such men, and vice versa, is markedly different than with other types of men. That's a thing that exists and is easily proven.

      Of course there will be exceptions - there are always exceptions to any generalization - but that doesn't invalidate the rule.

      One of the most common things that people do when they don't like the facts of a generalization - usually when they perceive that the generalization works against them - is to attack the validity of the generalization as a whole.

      Generalizations exist because the generalization WILL apply to the vast majority of people. Everyone wants to believe that they are the exception, but history shows that the rule almost always turns out to be true.

      Those billion dollar mega hotels in the Nevada desert are a testament to the fact that lots of people think they are an exception to gambling statistics, and yet they leave lots of their hard earned money behind.

    • ManOnFire

      @MrOracle And that's okay. But my mantra is always to not even try seeking women who want those "high value men." One thing I can attest to in my own life is that when you have these women in your atmosphere regularly like at work or school, when you pretend they don't exist, they start getting interested in you. However, I don't want them and would never try to jump through hoops to bevwhat they want.

    • MrOracle

      I agree with you, but the reality is that the number of women seeking such men is so high that most men have ONLY those women available to them (to try to date - they rarely date long-term if at all). That's why Kevin Samuels, after years of coaching men to be better, switched to coaching women - he recognized that nothing he could do for men would change anything with women nearly all going for the most in-demand men. These are real problems that need to be addressed.

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  • Chthou95
    Beauty is subjective, yet women find 80% of unattractive. All women are hypergamous to an extent you need money and other resources to attract them. Men have to create value, women must protect the value they automatically have
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    • SweedyPie

      Your logic is flawed. Also, when you consider that different parts of the world have different cultures, norms and values, you cannot generalize all women into that made up statistic. I for one am not like that at all.

    • Women are hypergamous across all cultures.

      The 80%-20% Pareto distribution tends to apply to just about everything in life.

    • Chthou95

      In general is a real thing. Women in general go for certain things. And you can't use exceptions to dismiss the general rule

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  • MCheetah
    I can understand the logic and rationale of what you're saying, but my own subjective life experiences says otherwise. It's like trying to say women don't like men who are tall, men who are arrogant, men who are successful, and so on... Yes, SOME women may like men under six feet tall, men who are modest in personality and don't brag, and men who work at Target or SUBWAY... But they are not the norm.

    Whether you call the most prideful and successful men "Alpha Males," High Value Men," "Chads," or anything else, is irrelevant. Society, especially women, rewards these people, while people who can believe they're excellent all they want, will get ignored, for not fitting into society's norms. Hell, I know this ALL too well! I think I have an exceptional, albeit imperfect, mind. I'm not some know-it-all, and many may disagree with my opinions, but I do think I am not the run-of-the-mill Joe Schlub or sheep in society. Do women, or society at large, care? No.

    I also don't believe that most people believe that "every human has intrinsic value" either. Most people treat each other like trash, and always have. Most human beings are selfish, stupid, and opportunistic, in my opinion. Not to sound Blackpilled; I just happen to co-exist among them every day on this planet.

    "At the end of the day, to each his own and I hope you all learn to love yourselves, [and] value yourselves as you are."

    That's a very nice, sweet message. Not a very realistic one. But a nice one.
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  • Lliam
    I tinink some characteristics that make up a high value male would be being masculine, gentlemanly, bright, motivated, hard working, energetic, capable, kind, compassionate, understanding, generous, honest, loyal, protective, authentic (not affected), communicative, fun loving, funny, ... stuff like that.

    Notice that I didn't mention height, 6 pack abs or six figure incomes because, although those things might be a bonus, they aren't what it takes to get a high value woman unless one's definition of a high value woman is a materialistic, beauty queen, gold digger.

    I think using the term leagues is valid. It has to do with things like looks, charisma, and wealth.

    There are different levels, just like in sports. A lot of guys might play baseball, but very few are going to make it to the minor leagues – Low A, High A, Double A, Triple A – let alone the major leagues. Some guys aren't good at baseball at all.

    So there are different leagues in each sport, but there are also other sports.

    The same with life. Some guys are just super handsome. Some have a lot of charisma. And some are born into wealth or are successful at making money. And there are different levels within those categories. Some guys are high level in more than one. But just like in professional sports, people have different opinions on who is the best.

    Face it, even the prettiest girl from a small town is never going to marry a prince. And their chances of marrying a business mogul, celebrity, major league athlete, or a guy who was born into wealth are slim.

    There nothing wrong with aiming high. It shows ambition and healthy self esteem. But some people make themselves miserable whining about their inability to get a partner who is out of their league. They focus on externals like looks and wealth at the exclusion of more important human qualities.

    People with wholesome values and modest lifestyles are often happier than those who are driven to achieve wealth and status.

    People who want to be "alphas", to dominate, to have more, more, more, with multiple estates, expensive cars, yachts, private planes, expensive planes, jewels, expensive clothes and high status are often rotten on the inside. Their self esteem is dependent upon dominating others.

    I’d rather play sports (life) for fun and have a happy life rather than shooting for fame and fortune. I don’t care about the opinions of critics. It’s not a competition. Alphas can have their lives as long as they don't try to dominate me.
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  • Kaamraj
    The article is a statement with nothing to back it up. Humans are highly heiarchial and have been such for millions for years along with their closes relatives, apes, monkeys, and most mammals which live in packs. If you study evolution you will find that until marriage and monogamy was made popular, for most of human history nearly all females reproduces while only 10-20% of males got to do the same, meaning most of the children were fathered by the same 10-20% of men with the rest of them losing and genetically dying out.

    If you look at wealth distribution, you will find that it's highly unequal, political power, also unequal, female attention, also unequal. Nothing in this world is moral, you have to take whatever you want and end up with what you deserve.

    Now returning to female attention, and the assertion that "beauty isn't objective" - that is easily debunked by studying female swiping patterns on dating apps, where it was found that most women (the average woman) found most men (average man) sexually unattractive. Meaning their selection was highly skewed or only 10-20% of men were attractive.
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  • Кураж
    So you are saying a promiscuous, verbally and physically abusive, jobless man, who loves Trump, hates women and minorities and cheats in every relationship is equally as valuable, good and worthy as a charismatic, well put together man with egalitarian values a stable career and a postgrad in medicine?
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Interesting thought. I think there are leagues and the like for those who believe that there are. I used to think this way. Not anymore. This (leagues) causes despair and suffering. Because you want to be like someone else. This is comparison. The only comparing you should be doing is "am I better today than I was yesterday?"

    Other people have said I'm handsome. I just say "thank you" and be on my way. In college, women (I've been told) were checking me out. I didn't notice (I've gotten brain dusters because of it (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=brain%20duster ).

    As you alluded to, we are all more than just a label. While those are easy to use and put people in a box, it doesn't capture the true essence of a person. It takes time to discover who a person is, what they're capable of, what drives them, etc.

    @Lliam does make some valid points though.
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    • slatyb

      I used to say there are no leagues but in some ways there definitely are. People are attracted to their equals in intelligence and emotional maturity.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    There are some objective baseline standards to beauty. Beyond that, specific interest modifiers are subjective.

    I don't like to assign anyone a label of Becky or Stacy, until she does something extreme that puts her in one of those categories.

    I have noticed what makes me attracted in a gal, versus what keeps me from walking away, versus what makes me walk away faster.

    First attractors:

    - Has an IQ of at least 110. Derps have a harder time keeping me interested.
    - Body rating of at least 4.5 / 10. Will trust a 6 or 7 more than an 8-10, but won't refuse the higher ratings if she has sufficient good character to go with them.
    - Youthful soul / energy
    - Introverted, but not to the extreme.
    - Nerdy interests, but not to the extreme.

    Secondary hooks:
    - Common beliefs / politics
    - Committed
    - Honest
    - Common interests
    - Slow to judge
    - Nurturing
    - Wise with money
    - Dependable
    - Eloquent
    - Determined
    - Rational

    Red flags:

    - Flaky
    - Dishonest
    - Cheater / overly promiscuous
    - Manipulator
    - Irresponsible
    - Stasher
    - Childish
    - Excessive materialism
    - Excessively judgmental
    - Hoarding disorder
    - Excessive vulgarity
    - Incorrigible
    - Ungrateful

    Labels like "Becky" and "Stacy" grossly oversimplify matters, and don't allow for inspection of all parameters.

    I've notice that even the infamous site "Incel Wiki" has made its category system more complex, to account for the fact that the more popular labels don't account for much.

    Based on that site, I'm a high-tier Tanner or a low-tier Brad. Full-blown Stacy, I instinctively don't trust. Stacy-Lites, I'll consider.

    Given how the terms evolve on Reddit, however, within a month of me writing this, my use of the labels might no longer be accurate. One reason I try not to get all my life advice (or even most of it) from Reddit.

    None of these terms seem to have a place for describing men who had a loved woman that was close, lost her to some tragedy, and can't quite find it in him to move on, in spite having tried. The "married to a ghost" type. Just nothing in the scales to account for it.

    Which tells me the scales were written by someone shallow, who bases everything on looks, money, and volatile material success.
    • This reply is helpful, informative and thoughtful.

  • VanillaSalt
    Your perspective seems very knowledgeable. I like the insight you provide on the subject however your wrong. The fact is some people are better than others, some men attract more women, and labels are best used to group similar somethings not to find a niche where you fit it. For example labeling yourself a player is not the same as people labeling you a player.

    There are people with higher value then others. I do not carry the same worth as Michael Jordan, Bill Burr, or other men that have accomplished more in their like i have or have any interest in accomplishing.

    Alphas exist too though they get categorized wrong so often it seems they dont. Fact is Alpha is also a labeling term that covers a wide variety of traits showing men as better then most. At what point does a man have enough traits or even enough of a trait to qualify?

    These labels have verifiable traits their linked to so their not debunked or anything of the sort. Real truth? When men get confident it goes to their head. Women like men with confidence by hate the arrogance that comes with it. Women want the good and then get angry when they have to suffer the bad. For example standard beauty being what it is most men arnt seen as handsome while most women are seen as beautiful. Women can't understand when a mans wanted by most women why should he settle with you? You have to beg and bribe him to be yours thats how it works. Dont think you dont have to earn and keep him the same as he does you...
  • mantelk
    The whole alpha male beta male nonsense is a certain sick unaesthetic mentality that has been created. I consider myself a sigma male if anything. I don't want to have anything to do with such classifications. An alpha male is more often than not a bully (which are weak people on the inside) and a beta male is supposed to be a weak person. You classify people into such stupid categories and deprive them of the respect and love they deserve. I know in American cultures being a meathead is revered but a lot of these kinds of people belong more in zoos than in society. The man who came up with the term Alpha Male, talked about all this. It was a scientific term based on observing animals (particularl chimp) behaviour. Almost never is the Alpha Male the biggest and strongest physically. They are rather the wisest who have more say in the tribe. It is usually a wise older chimp that everyone respects. If the biggest toughest chimp was to attack this wise chimp, the entire group would attack him. It is not about power and money and status and physical strength. It is about wisdom. Human beings have their own individuality. You can call someone a beta male and make them feel bad and call someone an alpha male and make them feel good but the truth is they are both good at different things. You keep judging fishes by their ability to fly and birds with their ability to swim you are going to degrade and damage everyone. Instead of seeking to be meatheads or falling in love with them or overvalueing them perhaps work on your awareness and consiousness. Deep down you guys know what is right and what is wrong but somehow in the age of pimps and whores everyone has fooled themselves into thinking all the nasty things are appropriate. Have some class people. Grow up alittle bit.
  • bamesjond0069
    The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... DebunkedThe Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... DebunkedSo you think these two men are equal value in dating? Lmao. One isn't higher value than the other? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 tell me women prefer the keyboard warrior just as much as thor. Please.
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    • Jltakk

      Yeah, for real

    • Extreme examples. But change that second one with Harry Styles. Skinny dude that uses dresses that right now has more fans that Thor does.

    • @This_Is_My_Opinion8 fans does not equal sexual value. Gay dudes are quite popular with girls, doesn't mean all the women want to marry a gay.

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  • Snsl153
    Exactly, and I'm glad someone finally said it; it's all rubbish! High/low value, "leagues", Alpha-this, Beta-that - it's crap, the lot of it.
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  • Friendlybro79
    I think everything you said about alpha males, or the idea of this, can be true to those particular males that behave this way, but are pretty universal to the potential in all people to behave such a way. You even make a mention to "notice how humans"... humans being all not just males. Although you mention the idea of a high value male you also make mention to human behavior in general. Not sure what there is to debunk.

    I will challenge everyone to notice how segregated into groups we place ourselves.
    Men vs women
    Race vs RacePoor vs RichHaves vs have notsIt's a terrible human trait that many perpetuate by constantly categorizing ourselves onto "teams" almost. I think it's partly impossible not to do this to a degree as to describe each other's but the sooner we get to the idea we're actually more alike than different, then we will see less complaints about each other. We're never going to all think the same but again we need a more united human interest group thought than every man for themselves. Eventually our species will have a moment where we either join together or go instinct. Survival of the fittest will apply to the entire species one day not just some of us if we continue the way we are going.
  • Guy13
    You are dreaming. There’s definitely Status amongst men and women as it relates to marriage and “baby Mommie/Daddy”. You sure not 15?
    by the way, I noticed Holocaust reference in your post. The worse Holocaust ever are the abortion rights women and men using the Womb as a Hitlerian Gas Chamber exterminating millions upon millions
  • DonkeyDan
    Excellent MyTake, couldn't agree more. Did you know that Animal Fram was written as a reflection of Soviet communism, just thought that was an interesting point.
  • Jltakk
    One look at dating app statistics debunks this. Its a truth women don't seem to want to admit because it makes them look bad or shallow but its okay to be honest about your standards. Men aren't stupid (for the most part), they see the inconsistent behavior plain as day from women.
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  • ChrisMaster69
    Good My Take.

    Personally always hated these Alpha male bollox things.

    If you look at Military Rank structure, there is pretty much always someone holding the ‘lead’

    A Private might swagger around town showing off his muscles and 6’6 body and say he’s an Alpha, however his 5’6 Corporal owns his ass and he says he’s an Alpha, equally the Sergeant at 5’6 and slim in HER girlie body owns both of their arses.

    Invariably these people that use it are only Alpha in their own little doggy minds.

    The same applies to the rest of the stupid names.

    it is also used by guys to do that toxic shit of shaming other guys, which is just pathetic.

    If a person is a leader, decent manager, they never need to say they are an Alpha, as people respect them naturally and just do what they say when they say it.

    Respecting others and others respecting you is what it should be about.
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  • Ghostluck
    I don't live or even respect the Alpha/Beta crap, but unfortunately far too often people will use that as their meta for an argument, in which forces you to play along. I never felt I belonged in either of those categories because honestly, I do my own thing. I am a loaner.

    Here is my thoughts if we were to assign a real definition to Alpha/Beta.

    Alpha: A Man who will not only protect his woman and children with his very life, but will provide for them as well. He puts his family before all else. He is brave, will defend at all costs.

    Beta: Your typical thugs and wannabes. Usually very vocal about being a dominant male and almost always doing things that makes them appear to be one. Sadly, they are hiding the truth, that they are Beta Males. These are the men who beat their women, who feel they must control their women, who must dominate them in the bedroom and make them call him, "Daddy." in the bedroom. He will never protect her, he would throw her in front of a bullet if it would save his life. He would sacrifice her to save his own skin. He does not respect her, she is a tool to him, but yet he continues to pretend that he is dominant and an Alpha. The truth is, he has no idea what an Alpha Male's role truly is.

    Then you have men like me, a woman once called me a Sigma Male. She explained it to me, but I had to look that one up. Sigma Males don't give a damn about societal standards. We live alone, prefer to be alone. We are not followers nor do we allow anyone to follow us. We do our own things. We do not compare ourselves to others because no other can compare as far as we are concerned. We are not interested in the hierarchy. We typically have jobs where we work alone, no boss over our shoulders, no men to command under us. We are protective of our loved ones and will live and die for them. Sexually we can be whatever we like, because we don't hold ourselves to a certain standard. We have things in common with true Alpha males and nothing in common with Betas. We are not a part of the pack like Alpha Males, we dwell alone, without a pack until we create a family of our own. We don't follow Alphas, we don't try to lead them either. We go our own way and make our own life. We have nothing to prove and don't give a damn either way.

    Now, that is just if I had to actually put real meaning to the terms. Otherwise, I don't subscribe to any of that nonsense.
    • "make them call him, "Daddy"

      Clearly no woman ever called you Daddy. We don't have to make them, girls just feel it and do it when you've earned their respect generally. Its called being a leader in your personal relationships.

    • Ghostluck

      @bamesjond0069 You are trying to convince me? How pathetic for you. Don't even try me, man. You're talking to a man, not a naive girl. Take that silly nonsense to away from me, my man.

    • You seem like a naive girl. My bad.

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  • Kiran_Yagami
    "Beauty is subjective not objective." is the real lie. If there were true, then there wouldn't be such things as beauty pageants or fashion models. In reality, the vast majority of people have a consensus on what is beautiful and what is not. There are a few contrarians here and there, but they are in the minority.

    "Each person's limitations of what they believe they can and cannot do in life is based on their own mindset which they have developed through their life." It's ironic that you say there "no such thing as alpha" yet adhere to the alpha mindset. There is no such thing as equality in this world. There is what a man can't do, a what a man can't do. If you aren't 6'4" or taller, then you can't be a professional basketball player. Maybe you should try to be a lawyer or a CEO instead. Elon Musk will never win a boxing match, but his measure of success is greater than most men who have ever lived. Success exists on multiple avenues for multiple types of men, and your mindset and how you work within your own limitations will ultimately decide whether you end up at the top or the bottom.
  • MzAsh
    There’s a big difference between a “high value man” and a quality man.
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    • Ryfyle

      250,000$ is indeed a big difference.

    • @MzAsh what do you think is the difference?

    • MzAsh

      Well, a “high value man” as defined by KS and popular narrative, is a wealthy man with status. A quality man, as I define it, is a virtuous man of great character and high relationship market value - Husband material.

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  • LukeLugh
    The term "alpha male" is a semantic vagary spawned from social media slang. The only "alphas" are the wise. These semantic vagaries are unhelpful in terms of self-improvement. We should discard these vulgar expressions of greatness and focus on building our character and developing wisdom.

    Science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized life-Kant.
  • sp33d
    It's not a myth and there's no need to 'debunk' it. You even make historical references, which is not exactly in support of your overall thesis.

    Although, I don't subscribe to the greek alphabet hierarchy talk, it's not fair to say it's all hogwash. There are people that swear by it (or pretend to at least). The complexity of life is too much for some groups to handle, so one could regard these extreme simplification attempts as a coping mechanism.
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