The downplay of motherhood- and how it is bound to hurt women

The downplay of motherhood- and how it is bound to hurt women

We see this often with the event of new agist feminism which wants to push women out of the household and into the workforce at any cost...We need more women engineers, we need more women CEO's....All of which is great....Does anybody ever hear we need more great mothers? My guess is no.

I'd like to go right ahead and let you know my goal here is not to posture about what is "best for women"- What I merely want to do is put things in perspective to maybe express the idea that what women think is best for themselves early in their lives is perhaps for some of them shortsighted and will end up causing them pain in the future. This is how:

This modern idea separates becoming a parent from self-actualization and making most people truly believe that they will remain forever happy just by having a career and making more money. My argument here is that this is not going to end up rewarding you later in life...Especially not you ladies.

Things change a lot for women in particular, women at some point in time come to a point where they have done what they thought will make them happy; but in the long run those same women may get to an advanced age where they have a career and money but no children, no grandchildren, and sadly after the years less and less family... They realize that their job and their money is not what will actualize who they are and it's too late and there's nothing to do as their best years are behind them... And that's a miserable place to be.

I do not think that every woman SHOULD BE a mother at any point in their life- I really think that every woman to their own benefit should aspire to be-but ultimately what I think is of no consequence. What I emphasized above is just what I think of the trend nowadays which is to undervalue parenthood to push women on careers that simply may or may not be fulfilling for them in the long run- Why concentrate on women with this?

A guy acquires value as he gets older; in maturity, experience, having more money etc he can make a kid anytime he so chooses- For women the clock is ticking, it may well tick until you realize you were lead the wrong way and you're not happy and it's too late to have kids...Not to mention that a man will very often opt for a younger partner in his older years and those younger women are a hard commodity on the dating market (and also favor older guys for some reasons mentioned)- which means older women will have to compete with younger women to date men their own age; the hard truth is it's very tough competition and not bound to end well for women who can barely or no longer have children to men who desire kids.

The downplay of motherhood- and how it is bound to hurt women
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