5 Rules For Dating After Divorce

Are you back on the dating scene? Follow these rules so you have something more than your footie pajamas and cats to keep you warm at night!

Mind Your Manners

5 Rules For Dating After Divorce

It is no longer cool to race to get the last cheese stick and food should not be seen while chewing or talking.

Keep Most Things Private

Your thoughts about money, your children, your boobs, you get the picture.

Remember You Don’t Share a Checkbook

Order the Lobster and kiss a 2nd date goodbye unless you’re willing to go dutch. Which is perfectly acceptable.

Playing Hard to Get is Over

Return calls, answer emails, let him/her know that you think they are awesome.

So Is Being Easy

Get to know each other outside of the bedroom


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  • I love the playing hard to get part, if someone is taking time to pay any attention why pull away if you know your interested in the guy or girl m. Last thing I want hear is not seeming too easy. There are ways of doing it without ignoring calls, and pretending you don't care. It's called setting boundaries. I don't to hear that he/she is afraid of getting hurt or a broken heart. Yeah yeah, try taking a look at a wedded couple for 20 years then gets a divorce and shit goes south. There will be people out there who'll temperarily for you. But the right one will come in due time. STOP PLAYING HARD TO GET FOR STUPID REASONS. If your not interested tell'm.



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