She said yes to a date but sounded reluctant. What does this mean?


I met a girl in college and there was initial smiles and chemistry. She seemed a bit shy in the following weeks when I talked to her and never got a chance to get to know her. She left college early because of money and family problems. Months later, after she left, she gave her number to a college friend for me when I asked for it. I phoned her today and had a brief but nice catchup then asked her out. She seemed reluctant but said yes and then wouldn't set a specific day. She said she'd text me next week when she gets her hours for work.

What does this mean? I ask because there was initial chemistry, albeit months ago, she gave her number knowing I was going to ask her out, she talked to a girl in college, when I only tried to get her email.

I got a yes but I didn't feel good about how she sounded like it was some kind of inconvenience.
One part of me thinks it could be shyness or nerves the other feels rejected somehow. Confused!

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks


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  • It means don't be surprised if she cancels or stands u up


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  • A lot of times, a girl will agree to go out with a guy even if she doesn't like him in that way. Their mindset is "what do I have to lose?" If that's the case, then she'll still go out with you but she isn't quite.. hooked yet.

  • She's probably just embarrassed and shy. Nothing wrong. Just make it clear that you are there for her and not to hurt her in any way. Take things slowly and ask permission to kiss. Be funny and surround her with a warm atmosphere so she gets more comfortable around you.

    • Thanks, I think i'll take the optimistic point of view. Sure why would she give me her number knowing i was gonna ask her out if she didn't want to go. I'll just have to play the waiting game and see.

    • That's about all you can do. I hope I really helped and if you need anything just let me know. :)

  • I'm thinking of two reasons for this.

    One, she might not be interested and only said yes to be nice because she would feel bad if she said yes.

    On the other hand, she might actually want to go, but is unsure if she is able to at a certain time.


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