Guys would you make a girl prove herself to you, before considering a relationship?

Make sure she has a job
Make her show you her domestic capabilities
Have sex with her
Make her chase you to prove she likes u.


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  • It's not necessarily proving themselves to you, but more of seeing if they're worth the investment of a relationship. I might not have articulated what I mean very well, but there are like internal checks and balances that guys like to look at to see if they'd consider a relationship. If she has a good job, then she's motivated and not lazy which is attractive. Things like that.


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  • Aside from what BurtonTricks has said in his opinion, I will add another scenario:
    You and the girl were dating, but she breaks up with you because her heart was elsewhere. Now if she decides to come back to you wanting to get together one day, I would make her prove herself then since she was the one that dumped me.

    • Yes I can see that scenario very well girl or guy

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