What does it mean when a guy says "were seeing each other"?

I've been casual dating this guy for about 3 1/2 months. I see him once a week we've already ran into problems with me finding out about when we first met him cheating on his gf with me and now I just ran into him with another girl which he denied and said he was drunk and doesn't remember. I know he sounds awful but I can't help my feelings. When I sleep over his house he's very loving and makes me feel so special. The other night he was talking about me telling my friends something and he said tell your friends the guy your seeing etc.. What does that term mean to you I'm just so confused


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  • When you're seeing someone it means you Frequently see them. There's a pattern. It does not require things to be serious, at all. It's just about how much of a given it'll be to see them again.

    NOT seeing someone means it always has been up in the air if you're ever going to see them again.

    Me Seeing Someone EXAMPLE:
    Buddy: "Hey Torsh, what are you doing this weekend?"
    Me: "Hmmm, no plans. Me and Traci will be hanging out Friday or Saturday, but don't know where we'll be going -- no plans on that. Why, what are you up to?"

    In that example, me and Traci don't have to set "dates". That's the key. It's a given. We both know we're going to see each other in a matter of days -- it'd be weird if we didn't. Hence, we're seeING each other.

    You were casually dating a guy for 3.5 months. Congrats, you have been seeing him for 3.5 months.


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  • Guy your seeing = Something there but not exclusive in my opinion
    In that scenario you wouldn't call him your boyfriend and he wouldn't say you are his girlfriend.

    Side note: Sounds like he is playing a bit so don't get too attached. His cheating on her with you should raise at least a caution flag with you. He will do it again. Bet money. If you are enjoying the dynamic then enjoy. I want you to not be surprised if you catch him cheating on you. You may have already.

    Trust me on this.


  • Simply that. A guy that you are seeing. It means he has no lasting commitment to you (at the moment) and that he doesn't view you as a girlfriend. If he just got out of one relationship he might not want to jump into another one.


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  • A guy who cheats with you will cheat on you.