What does it mean when a guy says thank you for calling me?

I called my boyfriend of a month today. He has been going through some stuff. Sometimes he contacts me on Facebook when he can. When he had to go he said I love you and thank you for calling me. What did he mean by that? And is it a good thing that I called him?


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  • As a hopeless romantic, I think he's hoping that you called because you genuinely care about him, and want to be the person in his life making his world happier all the time.

    He's probably falling too fast, but that doesn't mean that you need to run away immediately.

    Get his true feelings, talk to him, and if you think it's way too soon to use the word "love", let him know.

    It's not automatically too soon, but "love at first sight" is exceedingly rare, so the odds are against it.

    It also could have been a request for help.


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  • It doesn't sound like he is really in to you. If he was and he is going through emotional stuff, he would want you around to talk too. Remember, men are big babies when they are depressed or going through tough times. If he is a highly career minded guy and is very busy, he may hold his career higher than his relationships, if that is the case, he will just be looking for booty calls when he can. If you are looking for a relationship, cut your losses with this guy. You need a guy would can't wait to see you the next time and loves showing you off. Best of luck to you.

    • He isn't a rich guy. And he does want to be with me otherwise he would have dumped me. I think you have it wrong. He just has somethings going on, but thats it. He enjoys hearing from me.

    • Follow your heart. Even when it lets you down, you learn so much from the experience.

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  • Yeah- he said thank you because he likes that u are caring for him and calling him.