Help me figure out my Aquarius men!?

I can't figure out these Aquarius men. I am in my second relationship with one, and it feels like a pattern is developing. Initially, I feel like I am the only thing that matters to them. Then, the texts become less frequent. Dates get cancelled. WTH?

So I have two questions. Number one... why are they attracted to me? I am sensitive, gushy, I want to be told how wonderful I am and I want some flowers, dammit. How is it that I attract the most aloof sign AGAIN and AGAIN.

Number two (ha!)... how do I navigate through these mixed signals. My current man says all the right things (In TEXT,) and there is a definite connection in bed (oh, is it dynamite,) but I'll go hours without receiving a text and on the few days we can actually see each other (jobs, kids, etc.) he just doesn't seem that driven to make it happen. I know he likes it when I am there; he is peppy and he kisses me out of the blue and I've caught him looking at me (like when we are watching a movie,) but he never seems motivated to get me there. Am I being played?

Well these responses are absolutely wasting my time. Looks like my membership to this arena will begin and end within the same half hour... as soon as I figure out how to delete it.


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  • Take it from me, Aquarius men are simply undatable. They are lying, cheating, deceitful, cold hearted assholes.

    I'd know, I am one.

    • Thank you so much for that encouragement. ;)
      I'd have to disagree, though. No one person is all good or all bad, but rather a complex mixture of emotions and limitations and possibility created by both their birth and their environments. (I know, I vomit sunshine.) In any case, both these guys are nice guys. I have no ill feelings towards them. I just don't like to waste my time. I want that legendary romance that seems to pop up so often in movies. :)

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    • There's a difference between what two people want and what is possible.
      Nobody can be mushy and overly sweet forever, it isn't possible.

    • I dont think the mushy and overly sweet is what makes a romance legendary. I think the passion does, and after that, the mental compatibility.

      And in all honesty, mushiness can be more of a facade than anything else. This is my fault, of course, because I used imprecise words in my my question. Gushy was not a good choice. I should have said... optimistic? I am an eternal bright sider. This seems in direct opposition to my last few fellas. And then I said I wanted flowers. I guess, what I want more so, is to be appreciated. And, in the opinion of most (including myself,) I am pretty fucking awesome and so deserve it.

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  • It's not your astral sign that defines you or others -- YOU define who you are.

    With that said, just communicate with them and discuss patiently what both your needs are and come to a compromise that serves both of you, even if it means breaking things off.

  • Holy god, so I guess women stay immature forever... its because YOU are NEEDY! What you attract are bottom of the barrel, insecure losers, rightfully so.

    You are one desperate women! Listen to yourself, you sound like a complete attention whore. Get a life.

    • Poor Mr. Hitch. I am sorry that your life is in such a state that you have time to spend insulting anonymous people on the internet. I will hope that you find something more fulfilling to do with your life.

      Best wishes.

  • im the same of that star mumbo with the fish and honeslty i am a romantic but find a lot of solice in myself and need to be alone sometimes

    • That is more than likely what is going on in my situation. I just have to decide if I am willing to deal with it. :)

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  • welp... you might get upset with this, but maybe your first problem is using zodiac signs to find a partner. It's an easy way to lie and manipulate someone.

    • I don't use zodiac sings to find a partner, dear. But when patterns develop in anything (whether they be zodiac sings or not) they should be studied. If we are nor reflective, we never improve.

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    • It's not a pattern but a random occurrence. It is an inaccurate fit to a set of larger data, because high low methods only compare point A and point B instead of the total mass of data. Your personality is a mass of ever changing data points, if you really wanted to be super scientific about it.

      Just out of curiosity, what sign do you think I am?

    • I'm saying you have just a tiny handful of sample points. A best fit line might not even get you close to the personality of your average Aquarius.

  • I don't know, Aquaman seems like a pretty awesome guy to me. Not sure why wouldn't want to date other Aquamen.,_the_new_52.jpg

    • Perhaps he has low self esteem and dating one similar to himself would just reaffirm the assumption that "that's all I can get."

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    • Based on my limited knowledge of Aquamen (gleaned from episodes of the Big Bang Theory;) why yes. Yes he does.

      I'm not really a superhero kind of girl.

    • Aquaman

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