Does she like me or is she using me as a rebound?

There's this girl that I used to talk to a lot, I was being an ass at the time and she thought I only wanted sex from her so she stopped talking to me.
A few months later, I tried to apologize and I told her that I liked her a lot and wanted to work things out and be friends first. She told me she had a boyfriend, I tried to convince her to give me a shot, but she wasn't budging and said she liked the guy.
Yesterday night, I messaged her, told her I was apartment sitting from a friend and asked if she wanted to come over. I picked her up and we had a pretty good time, cuddled a lot, watched a movie on Netflix, talked and joked around, and gave each other massages. Some things ended up happening and it got sexual, she ended up giving me two blowjobs and some other stuff happened. I had a good time and dropped her off a while afterwards.
Does she like me or is she only using me as a rebound because her and her boyfriend are broken up? Should I text her? And what might she be thinking of the situation?


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  • That's a tough one, she could be but she also could have some feelings for you. You have to be straight toward with her and ask her that's the only way you're going to know unfortunately, I mean if she's spending time with you, watching movies etc giving you blowjobs she has to like you a bit not unless she's a skanky type of girl and that's how she rolls :/

    • It was the first time she's ever given one and she's still a virgin. We used to sext a lot and stuff but shut that all down when she felt like I only wanted sex.

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