Big gap between first and second date.. so does the first count anymore?

Went on a date with a friend a couple months after her ex dumped her. We had a great time. He heard about it and started talking to her about the "possibility" of getting back together. She went along with it and realized he was just stringing her along to pass time until he met someone else, so she has stopped talking to him completely.

Anyway, I figured she needed some time to get her heart straightened out and gave her space. She has asked me if I am open to the idea of going on another date. I told her yes and for her to figure her schedule out so I can plan something.

So, since there is a gap of almost 3 months between these dates, are we starting all over again? She talks about the first one a lot, so I know it is still on her mind.


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  • Haha she reminds me of me. I had ex's come back. But they are ex's for a reason. I think she is unsure of what she wants. Good thing giving her time to figure out herself. I do exactly what she does. Why because i'm being cautious. It doesn't hurt to take things nice and slow. And funny because the guy i'm seeing said the samething as you. He was talking to me on the phone asked when was the second date. Said its so long since the first one, he said we might have to introduce each other again on the second date.. Haha because his a duffler :P

    • Well, to be honest, I didn't wait for her. It was clear a week or so after our date she was seeing him again on some level. So I started dating someone else. That lasted about 6 weeks. So half of this time I was seeing someone. She found out about it right at the end. It was after I split with this girl she began really evaluating what was really going on with the ex. She ended it with him about 2 weeks later and that brings us to the present.

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    • Yes. Absolutely.

    • Aww, good luck! I wish you guys the best :)

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  • More or less. But it's irrelevant. She's into you for the time being. Roll with it.