How often would a busy man call the woman he is in love with?

If you were a very busy man with a lot of responsibilities and a high pressure job, but you were in love with someone. How often would you call/email/text her? I mean, would it be every day. Every couple of days, several times a day? If you went a couple days without contacting her would that mean you didn't like her that much or you were just really busy?


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  • I do have the same problem, me for example if I really love her so much I would think of her all day. it always happens this way, at the beginning it would be something like texting her on the morning, at my lunch break and after I get home, and of course calling her late at night and we talk for like 2 or 3 hours in spite of the fact that I have to get early next morning.

    after couple of months this become hectic and I start seeing my self loosing my job, you can say it is something in me! I know I wouldn't loose it but I just get that terrible feelings that I'm giving my girl a lot of time so I start texting her once a day and some times I call her late at night but for like 10 mins.

    I thought about it deeply and found that I used to show a lot of care at the beginning cause I wanted her to get involved with me in a relationship, it doesn't mean that I'm playing!! but come on I'm human and under pressure all time. after a while things become like a very lousy routine so I have to keep it up and running. as I told ya at the end I do show her some care but not as much as I should give but I make it all up to her at the weekend when we go dating and spending the night of Fri and Sat at my place. so believe me if he really loves you he will be thinking of you as much as you do, but being under pressure may result to not to ask as much as before. the most important thing is does he make it up to you at the weekend! if not than there you go, may be he is not in love with you any more!!! :-)


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  • Hey,

    Some guys read these dating guides online, which basically tell them to talk to you passionately for a day, then ignore you for a couple of days, then talk to you again, give you a good time, and then wait again.

    The purpose of this being to make you guess like you are guessing right now! You don't know exactly what he's feeling toward you, and that puts him in a good position if he wants you.

    It could also be that he's really busy, but nowadays with emails and text, even a busy guy can drop a line or two everyday without problem; he still eats and goes to the bathroom, at the very least.

    Have fun there!

  • You know, it all depends on the guy. But you can obviously see where the guy's priorities are with where he spends his time. If he's too busy to call, text, email, or just leave notes, then obviously you're not as big of a priority as you think. Sounds like there is a big communication gap between you. Sit down, talk to him, let him know how you feel. For me personally, my girl is up on the top of the list. She comes first before anything. And any real man would do the same.


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  • I'm going through a similar situation right now. I am dating a cop, who has two young children at home. I started talking to him when he has 2 weeks off from work so we'd talk for a long time, text a lot, call etc. Now that he's back at work, it's a bit different. He may not be able to text me as much as he use to, but he'll send me a quick message at night or on his break or something. This weekend has been pretty bad in terms of communication since he's with his kids. I think that he's just reall busy and to just relax. If he has a busy job like a cop(lol) and has kids I think its understandable if he doesn't text/contact you for a bit. Wow, I just realized this post is a year old, but this question and the comments really made me feel better. I was starting to worry lol