I don't find my boyfriend attractive after he gets his hair cut?

So my boyfriend gets his hair cut really short at the beginning of every summer, and I absolutely hate it. I'm not a fan of buzz cuts anyway, but it just looks really weird on him and doesn't work with the shape of his head at all. I've told him several times that I find this haircut incredibly unattractive yet he continues to get it every freaking year.

Now here's the issue: I genuinely think this haircut makes my boyfriend look borderline ugly so I'm obviously not as sexually attracted to him during this time. He gets angry because I don't want to have sex with him as much, but I've TOLD him that I hate his haircut so what does he expect me to do?

I'm not expecting him to revolve his appearance on what I like but I don't get why he can't just choose a better cut to get.

Am I being a bitch or should he stop getting the cut?


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  • Depends if he has a work or school related reason for getting such a haircut or maybe so he isn't as hot. If he's doing this for no reason then you're in no way being bitchy.

    I have to wonder what his hair looks like when it grows back because I don't know how you can consider him ugly without it- it's hair. Does he have skater hair or something that covers his face? Not like his face changes when he gets a buzz cut.

    • I'd post a pic but I don't want to invade his privacy. His hair isn't like Justin Bieber hair but it's usually pretty close to how the guy on the right looks. So longish and shaggy.

    • Have you always been attracted to men with longer hair or is it only him you prefer with it?

    • I never thought about it until now, but every single guy I've dated has had long hair.

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  • well he probably gets mad because you're taking a simple haircut to the point of withholding sex. im not saying who is in the right here that's just from his POV the best I can fathom. I think you both can chill out a bit lol.

    • I know it sounds stupid but it really does make him look different. If you were use to dating a girl with long hair and she decided to get a pixie cut once a year I guarantee you would care.

    • im positive I would care too but ill always be considerate to her feelings, and I go back to the golden rule, if its not nice then don't say it.

    • Fuck the golden rule.

  • Your preferences are not common for being a girl, I know some girls that prefer long hair on guys, but most girls I know find a guy more attractive immediately after his haircut:


    It's clear that he prefers to get a hair cut, so if he stopped doing it, it would something which him do just to please you. I prefer girls to have stereotypical feminine features, especially if she doesn't want me to have those features, so if I were him I wouldn't be confortable having my hair longer than I want just for her. I love long hair on girls, the longer the better, but in the other hand, I wouldn't be confortable if a girl preferred to get a haircut and she hadn't got it just to please me. You can think that we are rewarding each other for having our hair longer than we want but I can't have that vision. As opposed to it, if a girl have her very long just because she prefers long hair on her and she wants me to cut my hair shorter than I want, I would feel quite confortable cutting my hair shorter just to please her. I wouldn't get any reward, she wouldn't cut her hair shorter, but her interest on having her hair much longer than mine would turn me on.

  • Why don't you just accept him for who he is and respect his opinion, it is his hair let him do what he wants

    • I'm not even mad about the cut, I'm mad because he gets something that he knows I find unattractive yet expects me to still be all over him.

  • Hi:) how much less ugly do you find him with the other haircut?

    • I think he looks super hot when he has his hair long! Like at least an 8/10.

    • Easy girl^^

  • Christ, no wonder divorce rates are so high. What has happened to people.

    • Quick, somebody call a waambulance! Woe is you, suffering at the center of this drama.

      Your great grandma probably struggled through the depression, working her fingers to the bone to get food on the table and probably never complained once. Her grandparents probably had relatives dying in the civil war.

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    • It's funny you mention that because my mother has a kidney disease. And my grandmother died of lung cancer. Don't be so quick to judge someone you met online, Buddy. If you only knew the kind of shit I've gone through... lol don't even get me started.

      And may I ask if you spend all of your time thinking about how to find a cure for cancer and the meaning of life? Chances are that you don't. Everyone worries and/or thinks about seemingly insignificant issues. Doesn't mean we don't all have big issues to deal with as well.

    • @Asker My apologies, I may have been a bit overly-judgmental.

  • You should just make it clear to him that you don't want to have sex as much because of his hair being like that. He might not have put two and two together if you haven't told him you cut down on sex when he has his hair cut that way.

    • I completely understand. My fiancĂ© had long hair almost to the middle of his back. It was thick & full & just beautiful. He used to do man buns which I find extremely attractive. Just recently, he got a major cut, buzzed on the sides & a little longer on top. I cannot stand it, it looks so ugly on him. I am no longer sexually attracted to him becuse of this. It may sound crazy but I know I will be attracted to him when his hair grows back the way it was. We have been together 4 years & it was short when we met but never this short. I'm actually having anxiety about it & I really don't know how to let go.

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  • I know the feeling. I just convinced my boyfriend to start growing his hair out because he's going into the RAF and needs it fairly short, something I've never liked.
    Try to suggest other styles to your guy and sometimes being blunt about it is best. My dude is really tolerant so he wasn't too bothered by me saying I really disliked his hair but suggested compromises (e. g. sticking it down for cadets until he enrols). If your guy still refuses to stop getting it cut that way, your behaviour is something he'll have to get used to..

    • Finally someone who can relate! You're lucky to have such an open minded boyfriend, mine's can get a little defensive.

  • lmao honestly he isn't gonna change it if he really likes the buzz cut but if it bothers you so much then break up with him? I don't know it doesn't sound worth it over a hair cut it just sound ridiculous to be honest

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