How do you get to know and date a Sheltered Girl?

A Sheltered Girl. She's extremely shy and quiet. She's very Religious. How long does it take to get to know her, etc and go date her? How long does it take to get to know her, etc and to eventually ask her out to date her? Thank you All :)


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  • All you gotta do is make her feel special. Give her random complements and don't move too fast. I only know because I'm kind if like that. I didn't know it was known as sheltered though.
    If she's anything like me she would love to laugh and being funny is a real big plus.
    Don't compliment her body as much unless it's her face or hair. You do have to make the first move though because being more shy makes it hard to hold a conversation. Might take a little longer then normal girls but it should be worth a little wait.

    • Could you give me some tips of how to talk with her? When we are together she is very shy. Thank you.

    • It's hard to really say without knowing exactly how you act, but try to find out what she likes. Sadly, girls like talking about themselves. It's just how it goes.
      Ask questions that don't have a "yes or no" answer. And as I said before, complements are a rally good way to get her to like and trust you.
      Good luck

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  • by befriending her and earning her trust. it's a slow process but just be consistent and patient. good luck! ^-^

  • Talk to her lot and ask her a lot of questions and go slowly.


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