Guy not texting on vacation?

I've been seeing him for 2/3 weeks. We've talked every day and he loves texting me good morning. He went on vacation and I told him I can't wait to see him when he gets back. He said we would def meet up when he got back. He snap chatted me that morning on the plane and at night. The next day he texted me 'whats up witchu' and I said I was at a water park and how was his night out. Then he said his night was good and clubs there are nuts, asked how the water park was. I kind of felt like I didn't want to annoy him on vacation AND a little insecure that he had been out. I updated my snapchat THEN two hours later replied to him... I didn't know if I should say anything witty or anything. he saw the update before I texted him. So he knows I bothered to update before i texted him back. Anyways he hasn't responded since. I know he has been on snapchat but he hasn't even looked at my story updates nor updated his or sent me anything. I said something like 'Sounds nice haha. It was fun, at home now getting ready for concert'
Is he mad or is that just petty? I will admit I really like someone I've only known 3 weeks and now worried he's over me.


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  • Moving fast in any relationship is never a good idea. What you're feeling and thinking right now is exactly why. Just relax, take it easy, he's on vaca not the moon. You're tormenting yourself over nothing. He's either in or he's out and fretting won't change anything except your blood pressure. Just give him some breathing room right now. He'll be back, and when he is you'll have all the time in the world to evaluate what's goin' on.

    • I didn't ask him to text me good morning like that... like he's my boyfriend already. How do I tone it down?

    • Well if you sincerely want to tone it down you could try just asking him when he gets back. You know, something like, "Hey I really like where things are headed between us, but I feel like maybe we're moving to fast. How would you feel about slowing things down a little?" Then if he asks what in particular tell him about the daily morning texts and such.

      Another option would be to ignore some of the behavior that you feel isn't appropriate for this new relationship or to answer him in a monosyllabic fashion. But I don't recommend this because it will likely only manifest insecurities on his part.

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  • You need to just chill. He's on vacation and he has things to do. He doesn't need to be checking his phone every 5 minutes. He'll be back soon. Don't freak out about texts/snapchats.


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  • Relax girl. He is not yours yet. Be chill, he is probably having fun on his relationship. Try not to annoy him too much and let him enjoy himself. Then when he gets back, talk to him about his vacation and yours. Act calm and confident and relax and he will be yours.

    No he has not moved on.