How do I mildly flirt?

I don't know how to flirt help


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  • First of all be casual, try not get nervous around a girl. Keep the eye contact mild, you don't want to read into a girl's soul if you don't even know her. Smile from time to time and tease her a little, find little excuses to touch her; For example, compliment her hairdo and touch her hair, or her bracelet. That's the basics. Good luck!

    • How do I tease her and wouldn't she get creeped out if I touch her I mean I am not a weirdo she is my friend and my crush. In my last question I was told to flirt with her. She has also found out about crush through my friend. I need to talk to her

    • If she's also your friend talk to her; Be honest with her and tell her how you feel, ask her how she feels about you, I know it's scary but you can do it! I'm crossing my fingers for you :)

    • Hey opinion owner you were on my other post yesterday on " My friend told my crush that I like her and she is creeper out" you might know my story and I have been having feelings for her for 2years and that's a long time. On that post someone told me to not tell her anything about my crush and just flirt to know the signs and I swear I am not going to date anyone but her.

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