Would a guy agree to go out with a girl he wasn't interested in?

I've had a crush on this guy for almost a year now, and I finally got the courage to ask him to hang out. He agreed and I got his number, but I'm afraid he only said yes so he wouldn't have to explain why he didn't want to go out with me. He didn't seem very enthusiastic or excited about it, and I feel like I may have put him on the spot and he only agreed so he could get out of it guilt-free and not hurt my feelings. He's shown signs of interest for a while, like staring and looking away when caught, showing off (not in a negative attention-seeking way), "accidental" touching, that sort of thing. We've never really talked before because I've always been a little intimidated by him. I'm not sure if I've completely misread the situation and made up this whole delusion in my head, or if I'm just nervous and talking myself into thinking it's a delusion and something was or could be there. The last thing I want to do is humiliate myself by believing in something that never existed. But back to the original question: Would a guy agree to date a girl if he wasn't interested? Would he have only agreed to get out of an awkward situation?


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  • To answer honestly: yes, some guys do, do that. However, it is the exception, not the rule. If you felt like he was interested and he agreed to go out with you, more than likely you were right, and he was interested. As far as him being less enthused than you expected, there are quite a few things to keep in mind:
    - He may not have ever had a girl ask him out, in which case you would have caught him completely off guard.
    - He may have minor issues with gender roles, and regardless of how much he likes you, it made him slightly uncomfortable to get asked out by a girl.
    - He may have been trying to play it cool, as most guys tend to.
    - He might be the kind of guy that just doesn't show enthusiasm that way.

    All this is beside the point: you got the date. You're passed the point of wondering if he likes you -- now you're at the point of proving why he should. No point in worrying. Remember that if you are having a good time, he probably is too.


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  • Yes, a guy would go out on a date with a girl he isn't necessarily interested in. If he doesn't know you for example, all he would have to go on is looks. So going on a date/hanging out with someone is a way for him to get to know your personality.

    • We haven't interacted much so I can see that being the case. Thanks :)

  • U really have a crush on this guy... don't overthink it.. U're too young for that.. Just enjoy the date and wait for him to make the next move... if he doesn't he isn't into u..
    To answer ur question the answer is yes but unlikely

    • I've accepted dates with guys I wasn't particularly interested in, so it makes sense that guys would do the same; I just wasn't sure if they did it as often.

  • Perhaps...

    • Anything is possible, maybe he's just bored, maybe he actually is interested in that girl, maybe you're jealous that he's going out with someone, maybe you should shut up. Maybe I love you.

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  • yes he would. for you to have been crushing on him for 1+ year and have asked him out, obviously you had a high level of interest in him. he has to know that. so there is a chance that he could have said yes just to see what kind of sexual favors youd be willing to do for him since you like him so much... its a possibility and not unheard of.

    • I'll see how the first date goes. It's probably too early to tell exactly what his motives are, but I can see that as a possibility so I'll be cautious.