A Guy's View on Texting

When it comes to texting, who should be the one to initiate the texting? If you meet a guy, and you swap numbers, should the girl wait on the guy to text? If he does text, should you text back right away or wait? I have always hard you should wait and make the guy wonder because it makes the chase for the guy more fun. Is this really true? Do guys get annoyed if a girl keeps on texting them?

Also, I am talking to this guy right now, and we have talked a lot through texting, sometimes off and on all day long. He's usually the one who keeps texting me to keep the conversation going. A lot of the messages are us just flirting and playing around, while some others are somewhat serious. Does texting all day chase away/annoy guys? Or should I just keeping texting him like I normally do?
A Guy's View on Texting
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