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When it comes to texting, who should be the one to initiate the texting? If you meet a guy, and you swap numbers, should the girl wait on the guy to text? If he does text, should you text back right away or wait? I have always hard you should wait and make the guy wonder because it makes the chase for the guy more fun. Is this really true? Do guys get annoyed if a girl keeps on texting them?

Also, I am talking to this guy right now, and we have talked a lot through texting, sometimes off and on all day long. He's usually the one who keeps texting me to keep the conversation going. A lot of the messages are us just flirting and playing around, while some others are somewhat serious. Does texting all day chase away/annoy guys? Or should I just keeping texting him like I normally do?


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  • Answers, in order:

    1. Either one!

    2. No, go ahead and text him. I usually just call her first, though.

    3. Wait any reasonable period of time. Depending on how busy you both are, "reasonable" could be anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of days.

    4. Not usually. Boys who "chase" are usually more interested in you as a conquest or some kind of exercise in self-esteem improvement. Men who are actually interested don't like being jerked around and would rather be straightforward. (There are some exceptions and special cases to this rule.)

    5. Sometimes. It's annoying if a girl texts incessantly, or demands an impractical amount of time and attention, or keeps texting me constantly after I've made it clear I'm not interested. Most of the time, though, it's fun getting text messages from girls.

    6. Texting all day can annoy guys, but often we like it. See #5.

    7. It sounds like he is playing along with your current pace of text-messages, so why not keep it up?

    • Thanks that was very helpful!!

  • well sometimes I just don't feel like txting so I get annoyed of txting her txting me all day but then agian after 5 months of txting it gets old after a bit. we would talk more on the phone but don't wanna go over on minutes and unfortuately for her and I its long distance. but back to your queston. can guys get annyoed of texting yes we do. but that's after long periods for months straight. so it sounds like you guys are almost at the point to start setting up dates. if he doesn't ask then ask him there's nothing wrong with a girl who knows what she wants.


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