Would you date a guy who is a bouncer at a bar?

yes, no? why or why not?

I recently met a bouncer while I was out a week ago. I normally don't approach bouncers but I was really attracted to him and thought it might be fun. He's 23. I'm a bit older than him. Now that I got to know him I am not sure about dating a guy who works in a bar. He is always around women.. And he told me the other guys who work there hook up with girls all the time. Ugh..

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Most Helpful Guy

  • If you want to ask him out, then give him your number. If you're a girl thats not afraid of asking him out, then do it. Maybe he'll call you instead. But remember that if his friends sleep with a lot of girls at the bar, then he probably does too. It'll be complicated to establish if he wants to go out on a date with you, or just fuck you. It make take some time, but I think the only way to do find that out would be to go out with him on a few "non-physical contact" dates, like no fucking afterwards. If he's able to do that, then maybe sleep with him on like the 3rd-4th-5th date or something. If he just wants to fuck, he'll probably be frustrated that you're not fucking him on 1st date and will disappear. Then you'll have your answer.

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  • If you like him do it! Who cares what his co-workers do and what others think. go on a date and see for yourself where it can lead!


What Girls Said 3

  • seriously i won't date that guy

  • If he's good to you then go for him

  • if you just want to have fun,
    Go date with him