Guy was shocked when I told him I liked him? Good or bad?

So we've been friends since the start of the semester and I really like him so I told him today.
Him: "You.. like me?"
Me: *smiles awkwardly* "Do you not like me?"
Him: "No. I mean, of course I do. I just never thought that you..."
Him: "So.. we like each other."
Me: "Yep."
After a few more awkward words, we started talking normally again. But I mean, he was genuinely shocked. I'm sort of used to guys coming onto me. I realise that I'm attractive (not trying to sound arrogant) but why would it be so shocking that I like him? But the main question is, is it good or bad? Would this mean that he has some confidence issues?

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  • This could either be a good or bad thing. It's all dependent on how he said it.

    Scenario #1:

    He doesn't like you, and he didn't want you to develop feelings for him because he knows he'd never like you the same way. So, he knows nothing good is ever going to come from this. His attitude was one where he had this thought run through his head, "uhhh... this girl likes me... ehhh"

    Scenario #2:

    He cannot believe that a girl like you could ever like him, and he was pleasantly surprised. He had thought that a girl like you would be somewhat out of his league. So, when you told him, he was surprised, but in a good way. He probably had an ego boost because he's impressed by the way you carry yourself.

    Choose which scenario better describes what ACTUALLY happened.


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  • That's not usually a good sign. With the girls I've told I liked, both of them acted shocked and told me that they had never seen me in that light. And they didn't mean that they were suddenly interested in me after my confession, either. It was more like, "Hey, I've only ever seen you as a friend, so let's not screw that up." Translation: I have no interest in dating you whatsoever, so never speak to me of this again.

    Your situation might go differently being that you're a girl, but I doubt it. I doubt it because if he were attracted to you, he likely would have already been fantasizing about you or trying to figure out if you had any interest in him. He wouldn't have been sitting around thinking exactly nothing about you. The fact that he was so flabbergasted means that he never really considered you sexually, and that's bad, because guys typically consider everyone sexually.

  • He may have just never considered that you liked him. No biggie. Enjoy,.

  • Don't be alarmed, he's probably a tad shy, and he wasn't expecting someone that he finds attractive to like him. :)


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