Guys, does the silent treatment ever work?

If you don't feel like reading, the short of it is: does it?

If you're interested in why I'm asking and feel like reading...

The long of it is: The guy I was seeing a few months ago started talking to me again after we ran into each other. He instigated it, although it wasn't until a day later that I got a text saying "I know you probably don't want to talk to me but I just wanted to tell you it was really good seeing you yesterday. Even though it was brief and from a distance. Happy Friday." The reason he thought I wouldn't want to talk to him is because he's actually the one who ended things -- refer to link

Anyway, aside from being very flirty via text since, he came out with a mutual group of friends this past weekend and told a friend that he still has the same feelings for me and would like to talk (this was said while he was sober). Sure enough, at the end of the night, he grabbed me and kissed me despite his distaste for PDA. When I told him I missed him he responded "You have no idea...I think we need to talk when we're sober." then continued the making out and flirting. He turned down coming home with me so I know he wasn't shooting for an easy lay or bullsh*tting me, BUT, he hasn't made an effort to actually 'talk' since.

I understand that he's very busy with both work and spring classes coming to an end this week, and is probably trying to figure out when/what he's going to say so I can be patient with that. What's pissed me off is when we were texting about random stuff yesterday, I sent him a pic of the massive amounts of nachos I ordered (b/c we're both nacho fanatics haha) and he asked who I was with and where his invite was. So I told him it was just my roomie and tried to make plans with him next Sunday and he says "I'm not here next Sunday. Anywho, have fun." I took that as a cop-out and left the conversation at that. An hour later he texts me "God you're frustrating. PS say hi to your roomie". I was genuinely shocked and peeved because I am not the frustrating one here, so I asked him why and he didn't answer. After an hour of him not answering I told him he was the king of frustrating and went to bed. Nothing. Today I jokingly said "You can't call someone frustrating and then not tell them why. Spill it" and still NOTHING. So it's safe to say I'm pretty pissed, I know he'll text me eventually but I'm thoroughly annoyed. I don't know if he's actually that busy or if he's doing this on purpose so I'm debating giving him a taste of his own medicine and going the silent treatment route even though I don't like playing these stupid games.


Also feel free to fire away if you have any guess as to why or how I could possibly have frustrated him...
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To specify, the silent treatment clearly works on girls (if your aim is to drive them bonkers and have them pissed off at you). I'm asking if it works in regards to making you men smarten up and realize that you might lose us if you don't.
Guys, does the silent treatment ever work?
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