How not to lead a girl on?

So girls come on to me all the time and the issue is im a really nice guy and i feel like i tend to lead a lot of these girls on, how do i be nice without leading a girl on?

Say if we were out clubbing/bar and its really obvious that she's coming onto me and asks my opinion on her new dress or something like that, how do i react to this? i don't want to upset her or anything but i feel like i lead them on by being a nice guy


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  • #1 Write a book on your secret of attracting girls and sell it to the shy G@G'er guys pining away for love.

    #2 Just talking to girls is not leading them on. If you BS and lie to them just to get a taste them, then drop them... tat is leading them on. If they ask you for more and your no interested, just thank them, tell them your flattered but taken. Or tell them you will have to decline their offer. But always thank them for their proposition and interest. But also then tell them to write a book for the shy G@G girls to show them how to grow some ovaries and approach guys.

    • Ahahah #1 is great

      Thanks though thats great advice, i don't wanna hurt them when i let them down so saying im flattered or thanking them for their interest seems pretty good cause i did'nt really know how to react.

      If its a girl i see regularly through friends and she's asking about how i think she looks whats a good compliment that won't lead her on for exmaple?

  • Do you flirt without knowing it / not consider what you're doing flirting?

    • Absolutely thats my issue i don't consider it flirting what im doing cause i don't really know when im flirting unless im actually trying to lol

    • perfect way to put it though i just dont really know when im flirting with a girl

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