Just started seeing this girl is it weird to say can't wait to see you?

We've only hung out once at a party last weekend that I invited her to (we've been texting for like a month though) but she seemed interested and said she'd love to see me again and invited me to a party tonight. I want to show my interest and say I can't wait to see her and maybe depending on her response gauge her interest but is it too soon, would that be weird to say?

So she ended up not replying when I said can't wait... not sure what to think...


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  • I don't think it's weird. She'll either find it sweet or think that you're just saying it, without thinking too much on it. But if you have doubts you can just say ''Can't wait'' and see what she says. Depending on her reaction you can add that you can't wait to see her, or that you can't wait for the party.


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  • Not weird at all. It shows that you're interested and you know she's interested because she told you she wanted to see you again.

    • Yeah every once in a while I'm not sure if she's losing interest though because most nights she just randomly stops texting me and if I leave it to her to initiate she doesn't for over a day and then I have to.. She also doesn't reply to any of my snapchats.. She is in the health field and says she has lots of homework so that could be why though.

    • Yeah, she could be busy or just not big into texting. I'm not really into texting myself. It's better to gauge interest when you're face to face.

  • It's not weird but to show your interest, just say something along the lines of "It would be good to see you later at the party tonight". She invited you to the party & you're going, so she knows you're interested already.


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