What's the best thing to do when a guy is playing games?

I've tried playing them back but it never works. You end up hurting each other with this never ending game playing but the problem is I always have guys playing games with me.

Whether it's acting interested and then ignoring me for a week or two or you know all those silly games.

What do I do?


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  • Forfeit the game.. One of you just walk away from it or call it truce..

    • But then I will never win anything.

    • Your out to win?

    • I mean like I won't win a guy.. All of them run games so if I don't somehow play it back I'll be single.

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  • Look in the mirror.

    Why are men turning away from you.

    When I was in the Military, people used to tell me that when you point the finger at somebody else, you've got 3 more pointed back at yourself.

    What I mean is that if it were me, I would find out if I were doing anything wrong.

    Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying: Any man who can admit his faults is quite a man. The rest goes along the lines that a man who acts to correct his faults is an extraordinary man.

    Hope that helps.

  • Leave! It's an unhealthy situatin.

  • When a girl plays games with hot cold I turn cold and ignore them. Then they get all upset like I did something. No time for kid games

    • So i should just leave when I suspect game playing? Then I'll be single forever lol every guy i meet plays games

    • Not all guys are like that. Silence is golden I don't advise dating someone who plays those games but if you him just ignore him and watch him come to you.

    • Okay thank you

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  • A guy has been trying to play games with me and I've been ignoring him. Silence is the best answer.

  • You tell him straight up you're not into it.

    • But what if it's in that awkward "I'm not sure if we are dating or in a relationship" phase.

    • Well I guess if you don't want to play his game you better be telling him beforehand. You gotta be clear at the very beginning.