An older guy asked me out... but its complicated?

So I'm in a situation where an older guy asked me out. I'm 24, he's 34. Personally, age isn't a big deal to me. But here's the thing.

1. He's got a higher position than me at my job. Not exactly the head boss, but it's in that range. So, it's technically not allowed, or at least frowned upon.

2. For being 24, I'm pretty inexperienced. Because I look younger and feel younger than my actual age, I still feel a maturity difference between us. He seems like he's got his life together with a good job and living on his own, while I'm still living with my parents and never been in a serious relationship before.. lol

But my problem is there's definitely some chemistry there between us.. not to mention I got butterflies and I couldn't stopping beaming after he asked me out as well as when some co-workers he's close with brought me up in conversation that he's interested.

I mean what should I do? A part of me is curious, but the other part of me thinks how would it ever work out due to how different my friends are from his (not gonna lie, my friends are like grown children lol), or how I'm still inexperienced. What would you do?


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  • Are you okay with it never working out?

    This might be a good way to get some of that experience. Scratch that curiosity bump, etc.

    You might cost him his job.

    Or else he's just trying to bang you on the DL.

    How attached are you to the job?

    And if it does work out... win-win.

  • You're not ready for this type of man yet


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