Why do I attract girls with daddy issues?

I consider myself a nice guy and everyone says I'm kind hearted and over all nice. Whenever I meet up with a group of friends I always end up making friends and ultimately being around very attractive woman. I don't find myself overly handsome I'm a larger fellow but I don't mind it, but these girls are gorgeous. my guy friends get jealouse til I start telling them of the girls insecurities how they wonder who I'm texting. how much we argue or how emotional they get when they drink I'm at a perfect 5 for 5 with girls who have never had relationships with their father or never knew him. So my friends started calling me daddy issues. Not all of the relationships end up being sexual we end up being friends almost like dating but I try and just tell them (happens more than ones) that we need to stop spending so much time together and it sets them off angers them or act as if they've been betrayed. My friends (guys) tell me I should use it as an advantages but I was raised by a single mom and have a younger sister and don't believe messing with a woman's emotions for my own benefit. Even if they are beautiful


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  • I'm not sure. But it's good that you have some respect for them, more than your friends apparently have of them.