I always make my boyfriend sad?

I am sensitive to a lot of things. My boyfriend hurt my feelings and he got really sad about it :(


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  • So, are you saying you're overly sensitive to things that probably shouldn't be getting upset over, like burnt fries?


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  • No. If he's alwats hurting yiur feelings he's baking yiu saud and he's being a passive aggressive price about it trying to make you feel guilty Bc he doesn't feel like making an effort.

    It works this way. Someone dies something it hurts you tell them and if they care they don't do it again.

    Why does he continue to do things that hurt you?

    The sadness on his part is an excuse to keep doing it. As long as he feels bad he feels ok about it.

    If he can't help hurting you yiu guys are a bad match.

    If he can help it and he dies it anyhow he's a jerk and you're still a bad match.

    If it is that you domehow randomly get upset about everything then that's something you should see someone about.

    You've given absolutely no information as to what things he does or what things you can't stand so it's really hard to give accurate advice. But from the little yiuve provided that's what I'd say.

    If you want you can give some examples for us to think about.