Why does my boyfriend always makes the situation about himself?

A few nights ago, my boyfriend wanted to play some games with me and as much as I normally love playing games, I couldnt play because I was just sad. Once I told him that, he let out a huge sigh and told me why are you so sad when I know your stronger than that. It actually made me upset because I just wanted to relax for a bit since we actually do play games more than 4 times a week. He then started to say im not good enough to make you happy. I didn't know what to do cause he started crying and it was me comforting him..
The next day, I was feeling better and we decided to play some games. As we were playing, he seemed different. Normally, he likes me asking him questions about anything just so I can get to know him better but when I asked if I could ask him something he said no. I said okay.. Then he said im joking just ask. I was feeling a uneasy about asking him because the question was if he actually liked me asking him stuff. I told him to ignore it because its not important. He let it go and we started to play again.
This is the part that is relevant to the question. So as my boyfriend is exiting the game and getting ready for work I asked him for a favor that is important to my secret. Then he said what secret... I looked at him and I said to him I told you a few weeks ago? Do you remember it? He said no and told me so many way different things. He told me stuff that I have legit never told him before. I asked him if he was seeing someone else because the secrets he was telling me werent even about me but someone else. He immediately got quiet and start bashing on himself saying he's such a terrible person for not remembering what I told him and that he doesn't deserve me. I told him your not terrible and I can tell you the secret again but he was just making it about himself.
Why is he doing this? I can't seem to understand. Its like he's making everything about himself and even when Im sad he doesn't even want to comfort me without doubting himself.
Why does my boyfriend always makes the situation about himself?
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