My boyfriend barely contacts me anymore?

We've been in a relationship for 6 months. Things seem to have been perfectly fine all along but I've noticed lately he doesn't text me. It will be like 5pm and I still haven't heard from him so I reach out and text him first. He always texts me back but it's starting to bother me that I'm constantly the one texting him first.

It makes me feel like he's not thinking about me or not interested in me anymore. And then I feel like I'm being clingy because I end up being the one texting him. I don't need (or even want) constant contact. But I like knowing that I'm on his mind.

He always used to text me first but this entire week I've been the first one texting. Could this mean anything?


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  • If it's just for a week he is probably just busy or doesn't want to text, give him his space, if he's busy he could just be tried.


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  • It could be something. It could be that he is not interested in you or he could be incredibly busy. I know I can only think about one thing at a time and I am super focused at times and do not think of anything but the task at hand.
    Our it could be that he is just not into you much anymore. I would try not contacting him.

    • we spend time together outside of just the texting. when we're together in person it's always great. he says he loves me and we talk about future stuff but he just won't contact me and it makes me feel bad.

  • Has it only been this way for a week?

    • Yeah, it's been this whole week. But in person things are fine. He just always would text me throughout the day and now he only replies to me, never initiates it.

    • It could be that he's either busy or that since you guys are seeing each other in person he doesn't feel the need to text or call you.

  • maybe he's seeing someone else


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