I care about her, I have a brother-and-sister love with her, I feel sorry to her, but I do not want to be with her. What should I do?

I have special relationship with a girl. Our families are friends for three generations, and both have three twins - six kids, one deceased on both side. She is the first in her family and her younger twin brother died, I am the second and my elder twin sister died. That girl is only minutes elder than me, so we became like brother-and-sister, and many people think we are siblings.
Years later, also days ago, we went to trip with some friends. I lived in a two-bedroom suite with her. One night we all got drunk, and I wanted to undress and have sex with her. I said "your body is beautiful" and "I want to fuck you". She was scared at first, but told me she agreed but I "need to take a condom" when I pushed her on kitchen table.
Then we had sex. I choked her neck, spanked her butt, and pulled her hair. She was quite cooperating, and we slept together after that. Next morning she told me she agreed to have sex with me because she loves me deeply, even never had sex with her ex boyfriends, and does not want to be brother-and-sister anymore.
She also told me not to worry, since the sex was with her own consent. But I still want to maintain this brother-and-sister relationship with her. I want to protect her, but not in a boyfriend way. She is a good girl, and treated me like her own younger brother. We helped each other, so that we could conquer the nightmare of losing siblings.
She wants me to consider about our relationship again. Do you have any advice or suggestion? What do you think I should do to refuse her? Or do you think I should refuse her?


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  • Well, you started this :/ I'm just being honest here... I mean, if you want to have that brother-and-sister relationship with her, why would you want to have sex with her? I mean, I'm really confused why you did that... just why... :/ well I get it that you're drunk that day, but... So drunk that you don't even realized it? Do what you have to do.. Refuse her, I know that you don't wanna hurt her feelings, but she needs to know that you want the other way around. If she loves you, she would understand :)

    • She has a beautiful body, both on face and build, and I just broke up with my ex girlfriend, so felt bad and hard to control myself.
      I know that is totally wrong, but do you think if I refuse her, she will not maintain our current relationship anymore?

    • I am afraid that if I do so, she will think I do not respect. But this is even not an issue, compared with making her feel sad and even doubtful on males (such as thinking no more cares about her).

    • Oh come on, no need that pity-ness on her, if you refuse, it's okay. Stand up for yourself, just say no. Just explain the whole situation why you slept with her in the first place, and it doesn't mean anything. ( does it? ) tell her that its just a mistake because clearly your not sober while doing it, and tell her the truth. Its the right thing to do. Even though she'll get mad, she'll understand.. I know she will

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  • Refuse her.


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  • Honestly, this is 100% your own fault. I'm not saying that to be rude, but most brother's don't find their sister's body attractive and get sudden urges to have sex with them, alcohol or not. You made a shitty mistake and unfortunately are going to have to deal with the repercussion of your actions, which is that she is going to be hurt and likely feel like you used her for sex. All you can do is do your best to explain yourself and hope that she isn't completely destroyed by it.

  • I am feeling this is a big no no.

    • What do you mean "this"?

    • The situation.

    • Which situation? Do you mean maintaining brother-and-sister relationship? or something other?

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