My gut feelings tell me he doesn't love me. Should I listen and leave? I need advice thanks guys?

Been dating for a good 5 months, but i think this guy doesn't really love or care for me as much i would want from a relationship. I think its more of lust or infatuation, i thought i loved him. He was really good looking and i really love the title of being his gf. As days past i realised this is not the kind of relationship i want. I think he is with me because he have not found anyone better yet or he is using me for sex or something else. My girl friends kept telling me he's not a good guy as he is flirty. We are 23 , i kept hoping things would change and with university going on we became distant. Now its been 3 days since he last contacted me. What should i do? Should i assume he moved on? Im feeling confused and hurt. He did hinted me that we would not have a future due to different religious background and considering he's from mid east. He said it wouldn't be fair if we continued the relationship without seeing each other for a year or more. I feel like im in denial


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  • Always listen to your gut feeling because if you feel something is not right it usually isn't. And plus he told you there wouldn't be a future so if I were you I wouldn't let it go any further because the longer your with him the more you're going to get hurt. I know when I was with my ex I felt like he didn't love me the same way and he was becoming distant and I had a gut feeling that he didn't want to be with me and I was right.

  • You are. He told you blatantly, believe him.

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